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(Lecture No, by Shri. Prasad Deole on 10th Sept 2018)

In the earlier session, it had been told that the form of Ganapati could not be
conceptualised in Pashyathi form but it was actually seen by Ganaka while
chanting of “Om Gam Ganapataye Namah” and that is now the established
form. It has become easier for us to today to meditate upon as we already have
been given the form, the beeja mantra, the Maha mantra and as long as true
devotion exists it would be possible for us to see the real form while during
chanting. It is said that Gurudev used to see the form and then do chanting
“Nama Shivaya”. It is said that Shiva has been described as being white in
colour. It becomes easy to meditate on Ganpathi as Lambodhara, who is
described as being red in colour. There are the five elements which constitute
the mantra they are the chanda, the beeja (“Om Gam”), the form and a Maha
mantra (“Om Gam Ganapataye Namah”) and the Rishi who has authored this
mantra. When all these five elements converge a power is generated. There is
also a Veda to support this as a Praman which is appearing in the 89th topic in
Veda as seen by Ganaka Rishi who is the Dhrashta. Dhrashta is one who is
endowed with the power of clairvoyance and therefore he can see the real form
whereas all the others pictures of Ganapati are by the way of sense of
imagination of the human beings. So Ganaka’s description is vivid and
authentic as it had emerged as a revelation and out of meditation and
concentration. Repeating the beeja mantra (“Om.. Gam”) and the description of
the seed the qualities of the “seed” will be seen. The seed contains the
fundamental element of the tree and in which the entire variety of characteristics
of the tree is packed within, it has the fruit, the leaves and branches of the tree,
the potential and it has the cause. What seed is sown, the fruit of that tree shall
be reaped. In the similar way, if one chants “Om Gam” the fruits pertaining to
“Om Gam” would be obtained. It would also sufficient if one is able to chant
only the beeja mantra instead of the Maha mantra. Every seed of particular “Om
Gam” is a thought and every thought is constructed from each of the 6 elements
which are: the word, the sound, the form, the feeling, the meaning and the
energy. About 60 to 70,000 thoughts pass through our minds in and out. This
has a huge impact on our body systems. The negative effect on our bodies in
case of fear, anger etc. impacts our Prana Shakthi which gets depleted and one
feels tired on account of this. That is the reason why a Mantra has power and if
given by a guru its strength is enhanced. The real transference of Power from
the guru happens under silence.
The verse no 10 starts with the statement that this is Ganesa Vidya. The Vidya
has two meanings Gyana and Upasana whose, connotations are different for
different situations and how it is to be recited. It has a meter, Chanda which is
Niscrut Gayathri. Chandha in Sanskrit means one that which keeps the God
hidden into. It is by way of recitation with the Chandha and only by way of
correct meter, right pronunciation and true devotion, the God will be revealed.
So, most of the devotees prefer to chant hymns or mantras. One should also
know the rishi who has authored the mantra have a deep sense of gratitude and
humility to respect the rishi.
In “Om Gam Ganapataye Namah” the last word refers to salutations or
renunciation which means Na Mamah or nothing belongs to me and everything
is yours (God) or Thy will is mine. “Om Gam”, the beeja mantra, Ganapathaye
is the Devata, Namah is for renunciation. If we can only reflect upon each of
these aspects mentioned while chanting, then the power of the mantra would be

............................................. to be continued in next verse.