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Daily Lesson Plan/Learning Guide

Course, Unit Theme and Grade U.S History, Gilded Age, 11th Grade

U.S. II Standard 1.1:

Students will assess how innovations in transportation, science,
agriculture, manufacturing, technology, communication, and
Utah State Core Standard and marketing transformed America in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
Objective U.S. II Standard 1.3:
Students will analyze the causal relationships between
industrialization and the challenges faced by the growing working
classes in urban settings.

Essential Question(s) What conditions are too inhumane to allow in a civilized society?

How do activities, materials etc. Student interest will be engaged by hearing how issues from the past
connect to students’ prior are still relevant today. This will be extended by allowing students
knowledge? the freedom to consider how these areas must be solved
(academic, interests, learning styles,
motivation, Funds of Knowledge)

(formative and/or summative)
Student rubrics of speeches, personal rubric of speech, student
speech outlines

Learning Activities: Time will be given at the start of class to prepare final details before
(Include description and time they deliver their speeches (10 minutes)
frame for each activity) Students will deliver speeches comparing and analyzing topics such
as housing and food issues during the gilded age, today, and the
solutions for a minimum of 3 minutes. (50 minutes)
In tables, students will share their favorite solution they heard during
the speeches. As a class, the students will share the one their table
agreed on as the most tenable for the class to discuss.

Accommodations made for Student and teacher rubric will be distributed to class before hand for
struggling and accelerated learners all students to see and understand how they will be evaluated in
(grouping patterns, content advance. This will offer an ability to respond appropriately to
literacy strategies, etc.) expectations and deliver the speech in a better manner than if given
verbal instructions.
Resources Student Rubrics

How has the prior day’s

assessment shaped your