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Operations management

Individual Assignment

Prajakta Talathi
Identify Order Qualifier, Order Loosing Sensitivity
Criteria and Order Winners
Order Qualifier (Denoted by Q) - A product or service that is required in order for it to be
considered by a customer

Order Loosing Sensitivity Criteria (Denoted by QQ) - Some Qs are more critical than
others; their absence can lead to losing the order

Order Winner (Weightage given according to its importance) - A characteristic that

will win the bid or customer's purchase

1. A Fast Food Joint, having franchised 150 outlets

Characteristics Type
Taste 40
Reliability Q
Quality Standard QQ
Availability from Breakfast to Dinner Q
Service Provided 20
Price 30
Quality of Delivery QQ
Robustness of Menu 20
Cultural Sensitivity QQ
Menu Spread Q
Perception of Consumers about the Joint QQ
Hygiene Q
Brand Recognition and Image QQ
Payment Options 10

2. A Call Centre with 400 employees operating in India, for a US based Insurance Company

Characteristics Type
Performance 30
Available in Shifts Q
Reliability QQ
Language Fluency for English and Spanish Q
Training and Retraining of Employees Q
Infrastructure Q
Attitude of Employees QQ
Labour Cost 20
Company Stability 30
Relationship 20
Quality of Service QQ
Experience of Handling Insurance Project QQ
3. A Taxi Service in Singapore having a fleet of 500 cars

Characteristics Type
Car Type Q
Comfort of the car Q
Price 40
On-call or online booking service 30
Certified Drivers QQ
Polyglot Driver; proficient in English, Chinese, Mandarin, Tamil QQ
On time arrival if pre-booked 30
Change available while exchange of money Q
Different modes of payment QQ
Facilities in car like AC, Charing points, Music system, etc. QQ
Advanced Technology like GPS, common in Singapore Cars Q
Safety measures like GPS, power breaks Q
Adherence to Traffic Rules QQ
Attitude of Drivers QQ
Environment Friendly cars Q

4. A Courier Service Company

Characteristics Type
Fast and Efficient 30
Reliability 20
Safety of Package 20
Past record of the company QQ
Locations of collection centres Q
Destination locations QQ
Online Tracking 10
Home pick-up and drop 10
Availability of packaging and transport Q
Price 10
Brand Image and Perception QQ
Service Q
5. A Rent-A-Car Agency having 100 cars

Characteristics Type
Eco-friendly cars 10
Attitude of Driver QQ
Regular Maintenance of Cars QQ
Price 35
Variety of Cars 35
Service Q
Track Record QQ
Booking options Q
Dealer Network QQ
Reliability QQ
Safety options provided in the car 20
Ratings QQ
Facilities like AC, music player, etc. Q
On time arrival QQ

6. A Car Wash Company having 200 franchisees

Characteristics Type
Customer Relationship 25
Performance Q
Price 20
Car Wash options QQ
Time taken for washing QQ
Quality of wash QQ
Customer Complaints 10
Staff hospitability and attitude 10
Relationship and trust 25
Delivery quality QQ
Pick-up and drop Service 10
Service Q
7. A Casino

Characteristics Type
Location 30
Attitude of employees QQ
Government License QQ
Ambiance Q
Esthetical value 20
Tie up with Financial Institutions Q
Entertainment Options like games, music, etc. Q
Variety of Food and Beverages Q
Exchange Currency availability 25
Spread of casino games QQ
Reputation and image of the Casino 25
Experience QQ

8. Mobile Phone Service Provider

Characteristics Type
Network Reliability 40
Network Quality 30
Plans and Tariffs 30
Helpline Service QQ
Established Provider QQ
Do-not-Disturb Features Q
Advertisement Q
Market Credibility QQ
Brand Value Q
Reliable Billing Q
Internet and multimedia connection Q
Service QQ

9. A Travel Agency dealing with the Corporate Client

Characteristics Type
Hospitality Q
Travel Plans QQ
Ability to provide customized plans 25
Reliability QQ
Price Q
Tie-ups with related services like hotels 25
International Reach 25
Relationship 25
Brand Image QQ
Interpersonal Skills of the staff QQ
Organizing Schedules QQ
Features provided Q
10. A Recruitment Agency for Corporate Senior Management Positions

Characteristics Type
Performance 15
Timelines Q
Experienced Professionals Q
Network and Contacts with the industry 40
International Reach QQ
Past recruitment record QQ
Excellent communication skills of the staff QQ
Interpersonal skills of the employees QQ
Commission rates 10
Relationship 20
Global Environment Exposure 15
Reliability Q
Preventive Maintenance for any Consumer Durable
Preventive maintenance (PM) has the following meanings:
1. The care and servicing by personnel for the purpose of maintaining equipment and facilities in
satisfactory operating condition by providing for systematic inspection, detection, and correction
of incipient failures either before they occur or before they develop into major defects.
2. Maintenance, including tests, measurements, adjustments, and parts replacement, performed
specifically to prevent faults from occurring

The primary goal of maintenance is to avoid or mitigate the consequences of failure of equipment. It is
designed to preserve and restore equipment reliability by replacing worn components before they
actually fail. Preventive maintenance activities include partial or complete overhauls at specified
periods, oil changes, lubrication and so on.

Let us see the Preventive Maintenance for Eureka Forbes, Aquaguard, Enhance product.

While the water is completely purified after the above 3 stages, Aquaguard has one more benefit. A
unique Intelligent Purity Sensor. This electronic eye monitors the purification process and stops the flow
of water immediately, if the level of purification is not 100%. This method follows Preventive Poka Yoke.

Maintaining your Aquaguard Total Classic

Tips for a long relationship with your Aquaguard Total Classic
1. The key work is cleanliness
Keep the area around your Aquaguard Total Classic clean and dry. Keep the spout clean and close it with
the cap provided.
2. Keep the Sediment Filter clean
To ensure that it works well, have it thoroughly cleaned by a Eureka Forbes service technician during
every routine service.

Figure 1: Know your Aquaguard

3. Activated Carbon
To ensure that the Activated Carbon works effectively, insist on having it thoroughly cleaned during
every service.
4. Back flush the Sediment Filter

 Disconnect the EVA tubes from the inlet and outlet of the pre-filter
 Connect the tube from the tap to the outlet nozzle
 Leave the other nozzle of the pre-filter open
 Turn the tap on to maximum pressure and let the water flow for about 10 minutes
 Reconnect the inlet and outlet nozzle as before. Do not interchange the inlet and outlet of
the pre-filter as the candle may get clogged

Maintenance of Aquaguard Total Classic

 Do not place any heavy or sharp objects on the purifier
 Ensure replacement of Clarity Cartridge and membrane after approximately 6,000 litres of water
 Ensure replacement of Taste Enhancer Cartridge after approximately 12,000 litres of water usage
 Ensure that the water valves are cleaned thoroughly by a trained Eureka Forbes Service
 Replacement should be done by a trained Eureka Forbes Technician
Important Suggestions
1. Please do this

 When your Aquaguard is not in use, please keep the outlet spout covered with the cap
 Switch off the main switch when your Aquaguard will not be used for more than 3-4 hours
 Store water from your Aquaguard in clean containers. For hygienic reasons it is preferable not to
store water for more than 2 days
 We recommend routine check-ups of your Aquaguard at least once in 6 months.
 If your Aquaguard has not been used for a long time, allow 2-3 glasses of water to flow out
before collecting the water for use

2. Please do not do this

 Spill water on any panel of your Aquaguard as this may lead to electric shock
 Store water from your Aquaguard in matkas and candle filters, as the water can get
 Connect ordinary pipes, tubing to the outlet spout to collect water from your Aquaguard
 Use an extension box for power connection
 Connect hot water supply
 Install your Aquaguard close to a gas stove or cooking range

The Eureka Forbes Technician should be called every six months for servicing the Aquaguard. At that
time he will check the filters. If the filter is too dark, which means the water is very dirty; you will need
to change the filters. Eureka Forbes Technician will clean the filters as well. If your water is pretty clean,
then changing the filters once a year is also fine. Most importantly change filters whenever you find
them too dirty which means they are not able to filter water well.

For criteria, random Googled the industry

For Preventive Maintenance, read the user manual for Aquaguard Total Classic and other notes to
prevent damage to the Aquaguard