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How Diversity Makes Us

Team 10:
Rida Sawani, Rawan Habra, Kiet Phan, Kaylea Beekmann,
Hector Valdez

→ What is diversity?

→ How does diversity make us smarter?

→ Social diversity in a group can cause discomfort.

→ Diversity enhances creativity.

Racial Diversity

→ The workforce is predominately white

→ Hispanic and Asian American workers increasing

→ Perception of diversity changed

→ Laws help the fight for diversity

Racial Diversity

→ Boosts innovation

→ Provides unique information

→ Fosters creativity

→ Enhances perspectives
Ethnic Diversity

→ Produce
Cause discomfort
better outputs

→ Encourage
Create lackmore
of trust

→ Allow
to grow
Gender Diversity

→51% of the world population

→Double-standard against hiring women

→Blind applications

→Pay gap

→Number of women in college

Gender Diversity

→Increase sales revenue

→Relate to a wider consumer base

→Increase success of teamwork

"Men have pockets to keep things

in, women for decoration.”
- Christian Dior
Sexual Orientation Diversity

→ Evaluate current environment

→ Create an open environment

→ Improve workplace relationships

Deep Level Diversity

→ Looking beyond what we see

→ Preparing for a new environment

→ Establishing a common identity

→ Overcoming stereotypical beliefs


→ Introduction and background

→ Racial Diversity

→ Ethnic Diversity

→ Gender Diversity

→ Sexual Orientation

→ Deep Level Diversity

Question for ethnic diversity

A person’s race should always reflect their ethnicity

A. True

B. False

Answer: B
Ethnic Diversity will likely lead to 1. Racial diversity CAN boost
A. Better output A. True
B. False
B. Feeling of discomfort
2. People from different backgrounds can
C. Better preparation bring unique information to a group
a. True
D. All of the above b. false
Answer: D
Questions for gender diversity:
The Christian Dior example highlights the importance of gender diversity in
Answer Choices:
A. Increasing Profits
B. Increasing Teamwork Success Rates
C. Increasing Consumer Base
D. Increasing Revenue

Answer: C.

Blind applications can be used to reduce _____ bias when hiring.

A. Racial
B. Gender
C. Cultural
D. All of the Above

Answer: D.
Which of the following is an example of deep-level diversity?

A. Age

B. Species

C. Personality traits

D. Bioluminescent fish

Answer: C

What is one way to increase organizational citizenship behaviors?

A. Dress up as Krampus every casual Friday

B. Steal paper clips from the HR department and blame it on Sales.

C. Offer employees you like 11 months off work

D. Create an open environment inclusive of all people and backgrounds

Answer: D