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PARROT 98 | The Complete Beginner's Guide to Drawing RENDERING CATS Ginetta arent sacs for el drawing ae le pated fr 0 tering and graphic that it makes quite an impact, even in black and white. The flexibility of pencil allows you to draw both the fine hairs on your household tabby and the bold mavkings of a Bengal tiger. Just dont make the mistake of concentrating so much on the pattern of the fur that you Tose sight ofthe animals form, Study the diagram below, and keep it in mind when drawing your Feline portraits. 7 {staan the for ts ot says esytoseethecasform deat bl canstowiinte pate ote stipes JO™ edhe sofa iste soncote spe. cnet Une ofalowtefoms ot es and bod Then re stot stots eth shang wth te peel owing the atangen strom atte Trmiesgrtacrsantomy watt (Goh 2 yordmvomacnanytatartwse OZ, ‘Ritostip ttre bad ne Syette ncasirepers teowanputor mae nee teleost ee ote (ctor atl pme an Sra Studying the rte oo ‘npr so dee ke largely ct traced ogee, tee. Lused alt pped perl tolaynthe pate ees, ‘aig tem lon tbe tigers, “xprssngCharactr Cot oxpesons ae sot of furtado espe he exaggerated Sato ‘gooted gr Woking fom a pot, use the ‘oundtp olan and concealed on Feng he tes ofthe muscles aod the eyes and mize Drang Hens Kisen ply a0 appealg subj, atthe ae “mete ceo om fs ‘Selced tee to fom pelos Using an HB pent state by breaingont erm n ofe ‘ingle shapes ander rend the ‘utes. tuned the sie he pened ‘osugestbe ur pater ater than fearing eae spe peri.