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Learning outcomes
• Identify the basic information available per
Problems: element in the periodic table
% COMPOSITION • Solve for the average atomic mass of an
• Solve for the atomic weight of a compound
• Solve for the % composition of a compound
• Define the mole
• Solve problems involving mole concept

Using the Periodic Table

Computing for the average atomic Computing for the average atomic
weight weight
mass number exact weight % abundance
Problem #1: Chlorine Problem #2: Silicon
12 12.000000 98.90
mass exact % mass exact %
13 13.003355 1.10 number weight abundance number weight abundance
35 34.968852 75.77 28 27.976927 92.23
37 36.965903 24.23 29 28.976495 4.67
30 29.973770 3.10
The answer for chlorine: ?
The answer for silicon: ?


Computing for the molecular Computing for the molecular weight

weight of a compound

Dihydrogen oxide is a transparent liquid

Table sugar, C12H22O11, is a combination
vital to the survival of all living things on
of two monosaccharides: glucose and
the planet. What is the atomic weight of
fructose. What is the molecular weight
this compound?
of table sugar?

Computing for the molecular Barium oxide is a white,

weight of a compound hygroscopic, non- flammable
compound. What is the %
1. Calcium phosphate composition of barium oxide?
2. Ammonium oxide
3. Cuprous nitride
4. N-pentane
5. cyclopropane

Mole Concept
What is the % composition of
table sugar?


The empirical formula of a

compound of uranium and fluorine
that is composed of 67.6% uranium
and 32.4% fluorine is What is the mass of 8.25  1019
UF6 molecules?

Yuki loves to dip fried longganisa in vinegar. She knows that

Ibuprofen, the active ingredient in the compound that gives vinegar its sour taste is acetic acid,
which contains the elements carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.
Advil, is made up of C, H, and oxygen She performed an experiment wherein a 5.00 g sample of
atoms. When a sample of ibuprofen, acetic was burned and gave 7.33 g CO2 and 3.00 g H2O.

weighing 5.000g, burns in oxygen,

13.86g of CO2 and 3.926 g of water
are obtained. What is the simplest
formula of ibuprofen? 1. What is the empirical formula of acetic acid based on
the data?
2. The molar mass of acetic acid, as determined with a
mass spectrometer, is about 60 g/mol. What is the 197/thumbs/a-I BUP ROFEN-386 x217.j pg molecular formula of acetic acid?

Formic acid, HCOOH, is the acid


present in the defense fluids of ants. How many grams of nitrogen are
there in 7.5 g of Ca(NO3)2?
1. What is the molar mass of HCOOH?
2. If 10.06 g of formic acid is present,
how many moles of formic acid is this
equivalent to?
3. How many moles of O is present in
10.06 g of formic acid? can-st ock-photo_ csp1 17467 59.jpg


How many atoms of sulfur are The percent composition by mass of

there in 6.0 g of Fe2(SO4)3? a compound is 76.0% C, 12.8% H,
and 11.2% O. The molar mass of this
compound is 284.5 g/mol. What is
the molecular formula of the
compound? -sulfate-
heptahydrate-sample.jpg/250px-Iron%28II%29-sulfate-hep tahyd rate-sample.jpg

Stearic acid occurs in many animal

A substance has been prepared that and vegetable fats and oils. The
is composed of C,H and N. When percent composition by mass of this
0.1156 g of the compound reacted compound is 76.0% C, 12.8% H, and
with O2, 0.1638 g CO2 and 0.1676 g 11.2% O. If the molar mass of this
H2O are collected. Determine the compound is 284.5 g/mol, what is
formula of the compound. the molecular formula of stearic