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Driving IP-based physical security through global standardization

Declaration of Conformance – Device

This Declaration of Conformance is issued by the indicated Member which is solely responsible for declared
conformance. Conformance is valid ONLY for the device identified when used in a manner consistent with the
intent of the referenced documents.

Responsible member:
Member name: Dahua Technology

Member address: 1199 Bin'An Road. Binjiang District.Hangzhou.China

Product type: Fixed Camera

Product name: DH-IPC-HFW2231T-ZS

Product firmware version: 2.622.0000000.23.R, Build Date 2018-03-30

Profile S features: PTZ: Yes

Audio: NO

Profile G features: Recording from local source (Video Input): Yes

Recording from remote source (separate IP Device): NO
Audio Recording and Replay: NO
Reverse Replay: NO
PTZ Position Search: NO

The device identified above conforms to the following specifications:

Profile: Profile S; Profile G

ONVIF Device Test Tool 17.12 rev. 3102


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Driving IP-based physical security through global standardization

Technical support contact information:

General international support 1199 Bin'An Road. Binjiang District.Hangzhou.China
mailing address:

Regional support contact none


Technical support website URL:

Technical support email:

Technical support phone: +86-571-87688883

By signing this document the Member acknowledges that the device conforms to the requirements related to the
mandatory and applicable conditional features as stated in the specification(s) of the claimed profile(s).

Signature of Authorized Representative:

Signature: ___________________________________________________________

Hugh Xu
Name: ___________________________________________________________

Project Manager
Title and department: ___________________________________________________________
Date: ___________________________________________________________
This Declaration of Conformance MUST be accompanied by the Feature List generated by the ONVIF Device Test Tool

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