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EDUHSDFA Executive Board Meeting

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018 - 4pm

Ponderosa High School - room F15

Executive Board Members present: Jina Jumper, Stephanie Davis, David Conrad, Jeff
Zeller, Marci Brown, Tobias Gautschi, Lance Gunnersen, Jon Owens, Natalie Fletterick, Eric
Moeller, Jennifer Tomei
Absent: none
Bargaining Team Members present: none
Guests: none

1. Call to order
a. Stephanie calls the meeting to order at 4:02pm
2. Officers’ Reports
a. Presidents:
i. Had first training with CTA’s Karmen Ortloff on September 6th, will
continue to host trainings first Thursdays of each month. These are
open to all teachers, not just Ex Board reps.
ii. Next month’s meeting will be focused on Special Education
responsibilities, will take place in room B3 at Oak Ridge October 4th.
iii. To support our expanded site rep council, Karmen has offered to hold
another training especially for site reps in January.
b. Secretary
i. Review of 9-4 minutes. Lance moves that we approve the minutes. All
c. Treasurer
i. No report in addition to the budget item (below)
d. Membership Chair
i. Status of new member applications
e. School Board Report (Stephanie)
i. Status of solar power installation proposals
ii. Budget is “healthy” according to CBO, projected enrollment steady
iii. Teacher Leadership continues to be a topic of discussion from the
3. Old Business
a. ByLaws Template
i. Stephanie is awaiting feedback from CTA in order to submit and
finalize our revised bylaws.
b. T-shirt reorders
i. New deadline of Tuesday, September 25th to submit t-shirt orders to
c. School Board candidate interview process
i. Interviews will take place from 4-6pm in the Ponderosa Library on
Wednesday, September 26th.
ii. Review of proposed interview questions
4. New Business
a. Know your contract: Article 11
i. Review and discussion of Article 11: Staffing
b. Budget 2018-19
i. Review and discussion of budget
ii. Redistribution of site rep stipends to account for our expanded site
rep council next semester
iii. Marci will make adjustments and bring a proposed budget next
meeting for our approval.
c. SSA/AP Aeries Reporting
i. Discussion of information available to teachers on students with
discipline records
d. Social Event debrief
i. Discussion of first quarterly social at Relish in EDH
5. Site Rep Reports
a. Alt Ed
b. El Dorado
c. Ponderosa
d. Oak Ridge
e. Union Mine
6. Talking Points
a. October 4th special ed training
b. November 2nd social at The Breakroom, 3:30pm
c. CTA New Teacher Conference
7. Adjournment
a. Stephanie adjourns the meeting at 6:29pm

Respectfully submitted by:

Your humble servant - David Conrad

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