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 Full name: Nguyen Thi Hoang Phu

 Date of birth: January, 1st, 1991.
 Gender: Female
 Marital status: Single
 Nationality: Vietnam
 Address: 15/1 street 15, Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward, Thu Duc district, HCM city.
 Cellphone: 0975 945 524
 Email:


 Graduated from Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh city with English bachelor.
 Have been completed Import-Export course at Ho Chi Minh city of Economics
 Have been awarded the certificate for completing the training of Teaching English to
Speakers of other Languages (TESOL) by the Oxford centre for Leadership, United
 Teaching certificate at University of Social Sciences and Humanities.
 Have been level A Chinese at Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh city.
 GPA: 7.5


 Learn more useful knowledge from talented people.

 Have a good environment to promote and develop myself skills.
 Be more creative and flexible in a higher education.
 Have a chance to go abroad to be got open-minded.
 Be trained more working training, especially in a foreign working environment.



 Looking after Vietnamese and foreign Customers as well as introducing Ho Chi Minh
office for lease.
 Composing and replying e-mails in English.
 Supporting the office works.
 Making meeting plans and compiling contracts.
 Translating English documents into Vietnamese well.
 Good communication both in English and Vietnamese.
 Prioritize work and meet deadline.
 Used to be an English teacher as the Asian International school.
 Have experienced in tutoring children and secondary students for 3 years.
 Through the years, the students accomplish high English grades, specifically, there are 3
students acquiring over 9.
 Teaching a student of grade 9th for Ho Chi Minh city entrance exam of grade 10 and the
student got 8.5 mark in English subject.
 Be an English teacher at American International school with the main teaching for


 Translating English documents, office advertisement for office Ho Chi Minh company,
and replying customers’ letters.
 Used to translate technical machine documents for Kubota company.
 Taking part in volunteer program 2009 at Industrial university of Ho Chi Minh city to
support new student of house and guiding roads.
 Used to be an amateur playwright of an English play called “Frog Prince” at English club
of Industrial university of Ho Chi Minh city.
 Take part in English group work activities at class such as game show of translating and
interpreting English, presenting famous Vietnamese dishes in English, etc.


 Be patient to listen to other people’s opinions and be willing to learn more.

 Be able to present in front of crowded people.
 Prioritize attached works and meet deadlines well.
 Proficiency in Microsoft office (Word, Power point, Excel).
 Be able to work independently and group work.
 Arrange work in order and suitably and ensure the work smoothly.
 Problem-solving abilities with high responsibilities.
 Make working plans effective.


 Watching TV, cartoon and listening to English music.

 Playing badminton, swimming and cooking.
 Reading English newspapers.
 Like playing with children in all activities.

Thanks for your time and consideration!

Yours faithfully,
Nguyen Thi Hoang Phu