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Graphic Organizer

Follow the steps below in order to complete the graphic organizer. Each number is going to be in a different box.

1. Choose ONE type of function that we have gone over in class. The functions CAN NOT be the parent graphs. The options you
have to choose from are a) polynomial function b) Linear function c) quadratic equation d) cubic function or e) exponential
function. Once you have picked the type of function you want to do, type it into google and find a random function to do
numbers 2-6 with. Also, in that box explain the function, and the name of the function you gave.

2. In this box, sketch the parent graph that you think from the function. In this box, make sure to identify what the parent graph

3. Find everything you need to have in order to graph the function. This will verify between each type of function. I want to see
ALL work in this box. No work equals no credit. Things that may need to be found: a) x-intercept b) y-intercept c) slope d) Axis
of symmetry e) vertex and or f) a table of points. For the graphs you choose to do, make sure you have each of the elements
labeled and worked out to help you graph in the next box.

4. Graph the function. Make sure to label all the points that are graphed and any other information you think is important.

5. In this box, write the domain and range of the function. You can write the domain and range in any format you want.

6. In this box, please give a description of how the function you chose differs from its parent graph.
1. 2. 3.


4. 5. 6.
Domain: ____________________________ ____________________________________
Range: _____________________________ ____________________________________
Example Graphic Organizer
Scoring Rubric:

Full Credit Half Credit No Credit

à Have a Function, with proper notation. à Not having proper notation. à Not having anything in the
Box 1 (i.e 𝑓 (𝑥 )) (1.5 points) or box.
(3 Points) à The name of the function. (1.5 points) à Not giving the name of the function.

à Having a graphing grid. à Not Identifying the parent graph clearly. à Not having any type of
Box 2 à Identifying the parent graph. (1.5 points) graph in the box.
(3 points) Or
à Sketching the parent graph. (1.5 points)
à Not sketching the graph clearly.
à Getting everything needed for the type à Having more than one item missing form what à Not having any work in
Box 3 of graph you choose. (i.e a) x-intercept b) y- is needed in order to graph. this box. If you simply just
(4 Points) intercept c) slope d) Axis of symmetry e) vertex and put the answers in this
or f) a table of points)
Or box, you will get no credit
à Being organized with the information
à Not being organized with your information. for this box.
you need. (1 point)
à Labeling the points (2 points) à If you do not label your graph. à Having no graph
Box 4 à Graph (1 point)
(4 points) Or
à Correct graph from the function you
chose. (1 point) à Not having the graph/ not having the correct
à Giving the correct Domain. (1.5 points) à Miss either the domain and range and or if the à Having no domain or
Box 5 à Giving the correct Range. (1.5 points) domain or range is incorrect. range.
(3 points)

à Giving the correct reason for the à Getting the reason the graph differ wrong. à Not stating why they
Box 6 parent graph and the graph chosen differ.
(3 points) differ.