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Hondling doto mock test 1 E1

Shop opening times

Mondoy 8:30 - 7:OO
Tuesdoy 9:00 - 7:OO
Wednesdoy 9:00 - 12:OO
Thursdoy 9:00 - 7:OO
Friday 8:30 - 7:OO
Soturdoy 8:30 - 5:00

When does the shop open on Wednesdoy?

The shop hos a delivery.
boked beans x 72 lettuce (box)
breod x 10 milk x 24
cheesex3 soupx 6
curry (tins) x 2 tea (pocks) x 5
g?apes (bogs) x 6 yogurt (pocks) x 8

2 circle the word thot best describes how the list is ordered.
numerically olphobeticolly by dote
3 How mony pocks of yogurt are there?
4 How mony boxes of lettuc e are there?

5 There ore 72 of one item. Which is this?

6 Some of the items need to go in the f ridge. oooo

List the items f or the f ridge.

Handling doto mock tests 87


The shop keeper mokes o list of oll the items in the fridge with their
sell-by dotes.

creom t?th Sep yogurt 27st Sep yogurt 18th Sep

milk 17th Sep hom 16th Sep pat6,19th Sep
cheese llth Sep milk 13th Sep chicken 20th Sep

7 Rewrite the list in dote order.

8 ft is t4th Septemb er. Circle oll the items thot ore post their sell-by
A delivery of ready meols comes to the shop.

vegetoble losogne x 5 chicken curry x 3 vegetable curry x 2

roost lomb x 2 bocon guiche x 1 beon cosserole x 4

88 Hondling doto mock fests

9 Complete the pictogrom of the ready meol delivery.
Reodv meols
E =1meot

roost lomb
- bocon guiche
vegetable curry
chicken curry

beon casserole
vegetable lasagne

10 Some of the meols are vegetorion ond some are not.

Moke o list of the meols thot arevegetorion.

Vegetorion meols

11 Below is o plon of the shop.

Tins ore to the right of the breod. Label the counter T.
Vegetobles ore opposite the door. Lobel the counter V.
The f rid ge f or ready meols is between the vegetables ond the
f ridge 2. Label it F3.
The milk f ridge is on the left of the door. Lobel it Fl.




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