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Jamie Breault
(519) 500-3779

– Advanced knowledge of Python – Dean’s Honours List, all academic terms
– Basic knowledge of SQL, C++, Java, and LaTeX – Xerox Research Center of Canada Award, in
– Well-versed in Linux, Windows, and OS X recognition of writing one of the three top work
– Proficient physics, mathematics, and problem- term reports in the Faculty of Science in Winter
solving skills 2016

Software Developer May – Aug 2017 London, ON, Canada
Mutual Concept Computer Group
– Configured a reporting server for LDAP authentication
– Migrated existing reports to the reporting server using open source reporting tools, which required
writing basic SQL scripts
– Developed prototypes of advanced reporting features such as executing Java code within a report
and OLAP views
– Developed an auto insurance pink slip prototype to be used in web apps, using Java

Research Associate Sept – Dec 2016 Waterloo, ON, Canada

Perimeter Institute
– Ran simulations of fast radio bursts as they would be observed by CHIME, a radio telescope
– Used Python to properly format the simulated data in binary so it could be used with SIGPROC, a
software package that searches for fast radio bursts in radio astronomy data
– Used Python to plot and display the useful information from SIGPROC’s output
– Tested the efficiency and accuracy of SIGPROC, and determined it is far too slow for our purposes

Research Assistant Sept 2015 – Apr 2016 Sudbury, ON, Canada

– Used C++ to analyze simulated data of background events within SNO+, an underground neutrino
detector, in order to identify background events
– Wrote a Python script to monitor and analyze data from fluid level sensors, identifying a leak in the
– Tested the experiment’s calibration hardware to determine its accuracy and improve its design
– Assisted with hands-on projects in the underground laboratory

Product Engineer Jan – Apr 2015 Kitchener, ON, Canada

– Optimized the process of coating large thin plastic films for the purpose of frost prevention and
impact resistance of vehicle windshields
– Aided in the design and construction of an oven capable of heating large films as part of the
coating process
– Designed and built devices for accelerated durability testing

Volunteer Research Assistant May – Aug 2014 Waterloo, ON, Canada

University of Waterloo
– Aided in the design of parts of a spectrometer for the purpose of Coulomb explosion imaging
– Assembled and tested high vacuum chambers

Bachelor of Science, Honours Physics Sept 2013 – Apr 2018 Waterloo, ON, Canada
University of Waterloo
– Astrophysics specialization
– Completed 2 computational physics courses