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101 Facebook Hacks You Never Knew About

Facebook users, take note: this is the ultimate list for multitasking,
productivity and shortcuts. Read below to find out all the cool things
you can do with Facebook that you never knew about — saving you
time and letting you combine all of your address books, contacts and
calendars, advertise, and of course, meet new people and reconnect
with old friends.

Facebook and…

Use these hacks to combine your Facebook account with your other
social media accounts or online organizers, like Google calendar,
Twitter and others.

1. Facebook events to Google calendar: This Greasemonkey

hack lets you quickly add a Facebook event to your Google calendar
with one click.
2. AIM Plugin: When you're signed on to AIM, this plugin also
lets you know whenever you've been tagged, poked or messaged on
3. Digsby: Digsby is another tool that combines your Facebook,
Google Talk, AIM, MSN, and other accounts.
4. Flock: This web browser works with Windows, Mac and Linux,
and it features a sidebar that "pulls in your friends from Facebook
(and Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube) so you can keep them with you as
you surf the Web."
5. OutSync: Microsoft Outlook users who have this Facebook app
will find that their friends' profile pictures also appear in their Outlook
address book entries.
6. My Photo Index: Easily organize and manage photos on
Facebook and Flickr with this joint hack.
7. Timegram: Send pre-set Skype and Chat messages with this
8. Twitter2FB: Update your status only once with this tool,
which displays the same status on Twitter as it does on Facebook.
9. FeedBurner Facebook: This popular app displays headlines
from your FeedBurner blogs and feeds on Facebook.
10. ma.gnolia: Display your latest ma.gnolia bookmarks on
Facebook for maximum social media.

Access Hacks

Get around privacy settings and annoying Facebook updates with

these all-access hacks.

11. Facebook View Photo in Album: Use this script to view a

photo in the original album, even if you're not friends with the person
who made the album.
12. Cleaner: Get rid of some of the Facebook advertising and
"sponsored by" sections with this tool.
13. FB People Redirect: If you're logged in, you can view real
profiles from the Facebook people pages.
14. Undo New Facebook Redesign: If you hate some or all of
the new Facebook changes, undo them with these scripts.
15. View All Photos: Search for pictures of a Facebook member
who has tight privacy settings with this hack.
16. More Friends: This smart hack goes through your list of
friends to find more friends you may have forgotten about or didn't
know were on Facebook.
17. box: With this box widget, you can share files from your
computer through Facebook.
18. Jobster: This application gives Facebook users unique access
to job information, networking opportunities and other career
19. Private Wall: The Private Wall combines the best of both
worlds of Facebook: online convenience and communication with
more serious privacy settings.

Hacks with a Cause

Give your Facebook experience a little more meaning when you try
out these applications.
20. (Lil) Green Patch: Invite your friends to save the rainforest
with this patch, which shows a running count of the square feet
preserved from this app.
21. iThink: iThink is a more focused networking portal for
Facebook users, letting you vote on opinions, start discussions and

Finding Facebook

Make it easier to find and access Facebook from your toolbar,

desktop or anywhere else on the Web and in your computer.

22. fbquick: Get notifications for friend requests, event invites,

group invites, messages, shares, wall posts and more on your
23. Dashboard Widget: Mac users get a constantly updated
Facebook widget in their dashboard that gives a preview of your
inbox, friend requests and more.
24. friend photos: This app automatically designs a screen saver
slideshow of your friends' Facebook pictures.
25. Friend Explorer: This hack offers a new way to view your
friends. You can organize the list by picture, first name, last name,
birthday and other cell choices.
26. EventSync: Link up your Facebook events with your iCal with
this hack.
27. Synchronizer: This is another Outlook - Facebook hack that
lets you import and export birthday, contact and work information.
28. FizzBoost: This niftly little box sits on your desktop and alerts
you every time you get a poke, friend request or anything else on
29. Fosimo: This desktop client for Windows users lets you keep
track of all of your account changes while syncing up Facebook
friends and your Outlook contacts.
30. The Social Bar: Internet Explorer users can view Facebook
features and notifications in a special toolbar with this app.
31. DeskBook: Access Facebok features like friend lists, friend
searches, profile information and more with DeskBook.
32. Facebook Photos Plugin for Wordpress: Easily blog your
Facebook pictures with this smart hack.

Facebook Apps

We've searched through Facebook's developer apps and official hacks

to bring you the best shortcuts and add-ons around, making it easier
for you to get in touch with friends, make your references more
available or explore your family tree.

33. Facebook Toolbar for Firefox: This toolbar lets you do a

Facebook search wherever you are online, get instant notifications
whenever you get a friend request, poke or invitation, and you can
easily post an interesting link or page to your profile from the page
34. Sparkey: Sparkey is sort of like an online dating app for
Facebook. Users can find out who's interested in their profile and rate
other members.
35. Hatching Egg: This "gift" hatches over a period of four days,
so your friends get to guess what you sent them. There are over 200
animals to send, including penguins.
36. Testimonials: Testimonials can be used for business or school
purposes, letting you organize references from friends, co-workers
and teachers.
37. Meet New People: If you're having trouble making new
friends with your standard Facebook profile, use this app tofind
friends in your area and bolster your business contacts.
38. Sticky!: Design your own sticky notes to tack onto your
friends' walls with this app.
39. We're Related: This family tree organizer lets you keep track
of your relatives through Facebook.
40. U.S. Politics: Get involved in the presidential campaigns by
networking with other activists, getting updated on political news and
even participating in debate groups.
41. Who is your neighbor?: Learn about your neighbors with this
hack, which shows you where your friends are on a map.
42. Translations: Use this hack to translate a page or lend your
language skills to edit translations for other countries.
43. Facebook Exporter for iPhoto: Mac users can more easily
switch their photos back and forth between Facebook and their
iPhoto library by using this shortcut.
44. Lost Mobile: If you've ever lost your cell phone, you know
how frustrating it can be to track down all your friends and contacts
to trade numbers again. Use this very secure hack as a shortcut over
45. Shots and Drinks: If you can't make it to a friend's birthday
party or happy hour, send them a virtual drink with this app.
46. Reviews: Get feedback from your friends, colleagues, students
or customers with this hack.

Cleaning up Facebook

Eliminate bogus adds and distracting accessories with these no-

nonsense hacks.

47. BBC Ad Remover: This script specifically removes ads from

the BBC news website.
48. Remove All Facebook Ads: Ignore Facebook ads by totally
removing them from your pages with this hack.
49. UnFuck Facebook: Clean up Facebook with this hack, which
removes third party apps and spam.
50. Facebook: This simple hack makes your Facebook pages a
little wider and cleaner looking.
51. Re-Title: This neat hack makes titles of websites that you
share or post shorter and less messy.
52. Bearable Facebook Wallpost: Increase the size of wall post
text boxes with this app.

Games and Multimedia

Turn to this list for help embedding videos, sharing music and
combining your Facebook and online gamingexperiences.

53. iLike: Add music, music videos and concert listings to your
profile with iLike.
54. Facebook Video: Download, convert and embed videos from
other sites with this script.
55. Facebook Monsters Enhancer: Monsters players can add
their favorite actions and applications to Facebook with this script.
Features include auto-attack, player organization, auto-feed monsters
and more.
56. Texas Hold'Em Poker: Invite your friends to play Texas
Hold'Em on Facebook.
57. Birthday Greeting Cards: Design or browse birthday
greeting cards with this easy hack that helps you remember and
celebrate your friends' birthdays with minimal effort.
58. MindJolt Games: This simple hack hides over 300 different
games to play on Facebook.
59. Nations: Set up your own nations in this simulation game via
60. Scramble: Play this addicting word game on Facebook.
61. Pandora: Pandora for Facebook lets you share and search new
music, create your own radio stations and organize your musical and
artist favorites on Facebook.
62. Watch This Video: This tool lets you quickly share, search
and comment on videos from around the web. Get friends to rank
your videos so it will appear in the top ten list.
63. Scrapblog: Pull videos, audio clips and photos from around
the web to create a scrapbook blog on Facebook.
64. Facebook Music Player: Upload your own music or tracks
from your favorite artists to share and listen to music directly from
65. urPics - myPics: Quickly pull all photos that you're tagged in
on Facebook and save them in a .zip file on your computer with this
hack. It'll save you all the time you would spend searching for and
saving each one.
66. Mixlister: Give yourself a personal theme song with Mixlister.

Advertising Hacks

Facebook offers a multitude of advertising opportunities for big

businesses, entrepreneurs and even independent artists and
freelancers. Use this list to discover advertising hacks for every
67. ShopCreator: This ecommerce software works with Facebook
68. viagogo: Buy and sell tickets to events through Facebook with
this tool. Artists can also advertise their gigs by maintaining a list of
events to share with friends.
69. Sponsored Groups: Attract friends, put up photos and videos,
and advertise special events or sales by creating your own sponsored
group on Facebook.
70. Facebook Ads: Design ads just for Facebook members and
target very specific niche audiences with this system.
71. Marketplace: The Facebook Marketplace lets anyone sell and
search for apartments, furniture, or anything else, kind of like
Craigslist or another classifieds site.
72. Events: Create an event on Facebook, and then invite all of
your friends or people in your network to advertise a sale, business
opening or concert.
73. Badges: With this feature, you can send Facebook friends and
followers to other websites, including your company site.
74. Share Partners: This hack makes it easier to share content
from other sites on Facebook. That way, you can broadcast press
releases, news stories, product reviews and more.
75. Facebook Insight: Learn more about Facebook
demographics, your target audience and the success of your
Facebook advertising campaign with this tracking tool.
76. Gydget: Gydget is a widget that lets "bands, teams and other
organizations…connect with fans." You can embed one on Facebook
to reach even more people.
77. Groups: Start your own Facebook group to invite people to
browse pictures of your band, products or staff and start a following.
78. FunWall: Send mass announcements and greetings to all of
your friends at once with this hack.

Productivity Hacks

This productivity hacks can let you manage phone calls, stocks,
meetings, and more from your Facebook account. Other productivity
tools included in this list make it easier to navigate through Facebook
thanks to larger imaging, faster refresh times and more.
79. Facebook Refresh 2 Alpha: This in-the-works script
refreshes your Facebook page every 30 seconds.
80. Facebook Mini-Feed Collapser: Get around the annoying
mini-feed display by collapsing it with this script.
81. inYOf4aceBook: This hack brings up larger images of
thumbnails when you mouse over them.
82. Shoes!: Make shopping for shoes more fun and productive by
browsing styles from your Facebook account.
83. Notes QuickEdit: This hack adds a styling and formatting bar
to your messages so that you can quickly italicize, boldface, insert a
link, insert an image or change font size.
84. Birthday Calendar: This customizable birthday notification
hack lets you export and import dates from other platforms, select
holidays from 200 countries and more.
85. Forbes and Facebook: Trade stocks and track companies
through Facebook through this Forbes hack, making it easier to take
care of business whenever you log on.
86. ether: Have friends and business associates call you by clicking
on this button that can appear on your profile.
87. QuikProfile: If you just want to quickly scan someone's
profile, you can utilize this hack, which lets you get a quick preview
while hovering over the profile link.
88. Discussion Boards: Educators and business professionals can
use discussion boards for easy and remote collaboration, homework
help, class projects and more.
89. Interactive Friend Thing: Find contacts and understand how
to approach new clients or customers by using the Interactive Friend
Thing, which shows you how friends of friends are connected.
90. Studicious: Studicious is a shortcut study aid that lets you
share and edit class notes with other students.

Just for Fun

These hacks are just-for-fun timewasters that let you tap into all of
the games, networking and frivolity of Facebook.

91. Transfer and Add Friend Invites: If you've used different e-

mail addresses over your Facebook lifetime, you may have lost some
friend requests or notifications along the way. This hack will help you
92. Superlatives: This is Facebook's version of your high school
yearbook's "Most likely to…" awards, but you'll find edgier and sillier
categories here.
93. Texas 1: View your Facebook account in a Texas theme with
this hack.
94. Bathroom Wall: Post anything and everything from poems to
secrets to confessions on the Bathroom Wall without revealing your
95. Pieces of Flair: Make like Jennifer Aniston in Office Space and
show off your pieces of flair via Facebook with these buttons.
96. Sketch Me: This neat little hack constructs a sketch version of
your profile picture.
97. Make a Baby: Fill in your hair color and other traits to see
what your baby would like if you had it with different friends.
98. UK Friends Plotter: Figure out where your UK friends live or
work by viewing them on a map with this hack.
99. EZPoke: Start using this script to set up automatic pokes for
different friends.
100. Facebook Autologin v2: Get on Facebook faster with this
autologin hack.
101. Matchcookbook: If your school or office has Facebook
blocked, you can get around the firewall or blocked page with this