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UH COE Lesson Plan Template (Direct Instruction)

Note: Suggestions for each section are provided in blue text. Delete all blue text and replace it with your own.

Name of Teacher Candidate Eddy A. Martinez

Lesson Overview
Grade Level 5th grade
Estimated Time Needed One 45-minute class period
Lesson Description Fact and Opinion
5.11(B). Determine the facts in text and verify them through established
5.12 (A). Identify the author’s viewpoint or position and explain the basic
relationships among ideas.
Content Area Standards 5.12 (B). Recognize exaggerated, contradictory, or misleading statements
in text.
5.13 (A). Interpret details from procedural text to complete a task, solve a
problem, or perform procedures.

Technology Standards
● I can tell the difference between a Fact and an Opinion using text
Objectives ● I can create and anchor chart over Fact and Opinion.
● I can use what I have learned to create or change Facts and

● Fact
● Opinion
● Comparison
● Influence
● Proven

Technology Resources PowerPoint

Per student:
Interactive notebooks
Other Resources Index cards
Per group:
Expo markers
Cleaning cloth.

Lesson Procedures

1. Pass out index In presenting the
UH COE Lesson Plan Template (Direct Instruction)
(Engage student thinking, 1. Handout index cards to cards. lesson with a
access prior knowledge) each student. 2. Instruct the PowerPoint,
10 minutes 2. Instruct the students to students to write students are visually
write their name and their name and and auditorily
number at the top. number at the engaged.
3. Pre-assess the student’s top.
prior knowledge by having 3. Pre-assess the A pre assessment is
the students 1st student’s prior a good way to gauge
individually think about knowledge by how much prior
what the definition is for a having the knowledge of fact
Fact and Opinion. students and opinion the
4. Instruct the students to independently students have.
write their definition on think about the
the index card. definitions for
5. Present the student’s with Fact and Turn and talks are a
3 statements to assess Opinion are. good way for
what they know about 4. Instruct the students to share
Facts and Opinions. students to write their thought with
6. Instruct the students to their definition their peers and
answer these questions on the index receive feedback. It
as best as they can. card. also provides
7. Have the student’s turn 5. Walk around the opportunities for
and talk with their room checking on students to solidify
neighbors and share what students progress. their understanding.
they think the definitions 6. Instruct the
for a Fact and Opinion students to answer
are. the 3 question as
8. Ask a couple of students best as they can.
to share their definitions 7. Instruct the
for Fact and Opinion. students to turn
9. With the whole class, and talk with their
create an anchor chart partner about their
defining Fact and responses.
Opinion. 8. Walk around the
10. Ask for the students to room and listen to
stack up their index cards the student’s
at the edge of the table discussions
when complete. making a note of
specific ideas
being shared by
the students.
9. Call on students to
share their
10. Lead the class in
creating an anchor
chart for Fact and
UH COE Lesson Plan Template (Direct Instruction)
11. Ask the students
to stack up their
index cards at the
edge of the table
when complete.
12. Have a student
pick up the index

1. Take an index card and 1. Take an index
put their name and card and write
number at the top. their name at the
2. Think about what the top.
definitions are for Fact 2. Independently
and Opinion. think about what
3. Answer the rest of the their definition of a
pre-assessment Fact and Opinion
questions as best as they are.
can. 3. Answer the rest
4. Turn and talk with their of the pre-
neighbors about what assessment
they think the definition of questions as
Fact and Opinion are. best as they can.
5. Share their definitions for 4. Participate in a
Fact and Opinion. turn and talk with
6. Work as a class to create their neighbors to
an anchor chart defining share their
Fact and Opinion. definitions of a
7. When finished with the Fact and an
index card, the student Opinion.
will stack them together 5. Share their
on one edge of the table. definitions with the
6. Raising their hand,
create an anchor
chart for Fact and
7. When finished
with the index
card, the student
will stack them
together on one
edge of the

Giving the students a
UH COE Lesson Plan Template (Direct Instruction)
(Collaborative and hands- 1st part work with teacher: 1st part work with chance to practice
on) teacher: what they have
20 minutes 1. Hand each group 1 learned with the
whiteboard, 1 Expo 1) Pass out to each teacher will aid in the
marker, and 1 Cleaning group: 1 whiteboard, 1 understanding how
cloth. Expo marker, and 1 to distinguish the
2. Instruct the students to Cleaning cloth. difference between
not touch anything until 2) Instruct the fact and opinion.
the directions are given. students to not touch
3. Work 6 question with the anything until the Having the student
class, modeling how to directions are given. use whiteboards is a
read, think, and highlight 3) Model how to find quick way for the
or circle keywords that tell and highlight/circle teacher to assess
if the statement is a Fact keywords that tell if the students
or Opinion. the statement is a understanding.
4. Have the students think fact or opinion.
about the statement first. 4) Instruct students to Turn and talks are a
5. Have the students turn and talk with their good way for
discuss the questions with peers and discuss why students to share
the group in a turn and they chose what they their thought with
talk. did. their peers and
6. Ask the students to write 5) Have the students receive feedback. It
and share their answers. write the answer on also provides
the whiteboard. opportunities for
6) Be prepared to students to solidify
share with the class. their understanding.

By having the
2nd part work in students work in
2nd part work in groups: groups: groups to answer
questions is a good
7. Pass out index cards, 1 7) Pass out index way to have the
per student. cards, 1 per student. student discuss and
8. Instruct the students to 8) Instruct the see others point of
write their name on the students to write view.
top line and number the their name on the
lined side 1-10. top line and number 2nd part work in
9. Instruct the students that the lined side 1-10. groups:
they will be working in 9) Instruct the
groups to answer the next students that they In allowing the
10 questions. will be working in students to
10. Inform the students to groups to answer the collaborate with one
answer the next questions next 10 questions. another, different
as either a Fact or an 10) Inform the points of views are
Opinion along with a students to answer provided.
keyword that would the next questions
suggest that the answer is as either a Fact or
correct. an Opinion along
UH COE Lesson Plan Template (Direct Instruction)
11. Show each question on with a keyword that
the board and time the would suggest that
students. the answer is
12. Have the students 1st, correct.
think of their answer 11) Walk around the
individually, then room ensuring that
collaborate with their the students are on
group members, and task.
finally, write the answer 12) Show each
on the whiteboard. question on the
13. Ask each group to show board and time the
their answers for each students.
question. 13) Have the
14. Repeat 9 more times. students 1st, think of
their answer
individually, then
collaborate with their
group members, and
finally, write the
answer on the
14) Ask each group
to show their
answers for each
15) Repeat 9 more


1st part work with teacher: 1st part work with

1. Get 1 Expo marker, 1
whiteboard, and 1 1) Get 1 Expo
cleaning cloth. marker, 1
2. Not touch the materials whiteboard, and 1
until all the directions are cleaning cloth.
given. 2) Not touch the
3. Listen for instructions. materials until all the
4. When shown the directions are given.
question: 3) Listen for
a. 1st think about it. instructions.
b. 2nd discuss with 4) When shown the
their group. question:
c. 3rd agree on an ● 1st think
answer and about it.
UH COE Lesson Plan Template (Direct Instruction)
keyword to write ● 2nd discuss
on the with their
whiteboard. group.
5. Show the teacher their ● 3rd agree on
whiteboard. an answer
6. Repeat this process 5 and keyword
more times. to write on
2nd work in groups: whiteboard.
5) Show the teacher
7. Get 1 index card each. their whiteboard.
8. Write their name on the 6) Repeat this
top line. process 5 more
9. Number the card 1-10. times.
10. Work with their group to
answer the next 10 2nd work in
statements. groups:
11. Each put the answer on
their own cards. 7) Get 1 index card
12. Have one student write each.
their answer on the 8) Write their name
whiteboard. on the top line.
13. Show the teacher. 9) Number the card
14. Discuss why they chose 1-10.
that answer. 10) Work with their
group to answer the
next 10 statements.
11) Each put the
answer on their own
12) Have one
student write their
answer on the
13) Show the
14) Discuss why
they chose that

1. Write a Having a class
(student and teacher
1. Throughout the guiding discussion allows
discourse, teacher
lesson have different question on students to see the
modeling, vocabulary
points in which the the anchor different viewpoints
instruction, clarify
will have class chart. of their peers.
discussions. 2. Lead the
10 minutes
2. Lead class students in Modeling the
UH COE Lesson Plan Template (Direct Instruction)
discussions after classroom process will allow the
each practice discussion. students to learn a
question to ensure 3. Provide a beneficial skill.
the students guided
understand the question.
concept of Facts and 4. Give examples
Opinions. of relative
3. Model how to circle or statements
highlight the that are fact
keyword(s) that and opinions.
indicate the statement 5. Ensure that
is either a Fact or the students
Opinion. know that
TSW: some facts are
1. Participate in a class seen as
discussion throughout opinions by
the lesson as well as others.
after each practice
question. TSW:
2. Make note of how the 1. Listen to the
teacher is modeling answers being
the strategies being given.
used. 2. Provide
feedback on
their thoughts
and ideas.

1. Divide the class in 1. Divide the
half and instruct 1 class in half.
side of the room to 2. Instruct each Having the students
write a fact and the side to write participate in the
other side to write an either a fact or “Snowball” fight, will
opinion on a sheet of opinion on a get the students up
paper with their sheet of paper and moving, keeping
names at the top. with their the students
(Extend or apply the
2. Walk around the name at the engaged.
learning to a new setting;
room to check that top.
active and collaborative)
students are on task 3. Walk around This activity will help
5 minutes
and are not writing the the students apply
inappropriate room to what they have
things. check that learned in an active
3. Facilitate the students are and collaborative
“Snowball fight” from on task and way.
the edge of the class are not
making sure no one is writing
aiming for inappropriat
UH COE Lesson Plan Template (Direct Instruction)
the other students e
heads. things.
4. Have the student’s 4. Instruct the
pick up a “Snowball” student to,
and return to their without
seat. aiming for
5. Instruct the students peoples
to open their sheets faces, have
of paper and to put a “Snowball
their name at the fight.”
bottom in a different 5. Walk around
color ink. the
6. Have the students room to
read their sheets of facilitate the
paper and determine activity and
if the statement they ensure that
have is a Fact or an no one is
Opinion. being
7. Have the students harmed.
highlight the 6. Ask the
keywords that would student to
support their answer. pick up the
8. Pick a couple of “Snowball”
students to share closest to
their answers and them.
keywords. 7. Ask the
student to
TSW: open the
1. Work individually to paper and to
either write 1 Fact or write their
1 Opinion on their name at the
sheet of paper bottom.
depending on what 8. Instruct the
side of the the room students to
they are on. read and
2. Write their name at highlight/circ
the top of the paper to le keywords
show that statement and to
is theirs. answer if the
3. Crumple up their statement is
papers and a fact or an
participate in a opinion.
“Snowball fight” TSW:
making sure not to 1. On a sheet of
aim at anyone’s face. paper, write
4. Pick up a “Snowball” either a fact or
closest to them and opinion and to
return to their seat. write their
UH COE Lesson Plan Template (Direct Instruction)
5. Open the sheet of name at the
paper and write their top.
name at the bottom in 2. crumple it up
a different color ink. and participate
6. Read the statement in a “Snowball”
on the sheet of paper fight.
and state if the 3. Get the
sentence is either a closest
Fact or Opinion. “Snowball”,
7. Highlight or circle the open it and
keyword that would write their
indicate that the name.
statement is either a 4. Then
Fact or Opinion. highlight/circle
8. Share their answers keywords and
with the class. answer if the
statement if a
fact or an
1. Show the students 3 1. Show the
statements on the students 3
board. statements on
2. Instruct the student to the
write on a the sheet PowerPoint.
of paper and answer 2. Instruct the
if each statement on students to
the board is a Fact or write answers
Opinion. on a sheet of
3. Instruct the students paper.
By evaluating the
Evaluate to turn in their sheet 3. Reiterate to
students at the end
(Students demonstrate of papers with their circle facts
of the lesson the
their understanding. How name and number on and highlight
teacher can see
will you know what they’ve it. key words
which students need
learned?) TSW: TSW:
small group
5 minutes 1. Will read the 1. Will read the
statements on the statements on
board. the
2. answer if the powerpoint.
statement is either a 2. Answer if the
Fact or Opinion on statement is
the back of the sheep fact or opinion.
of paper with the Writing down
students statement. specific
3. turn in their sheets to keywords.
the teacher. 3. When they are
finished, they
UH COE Lesson Plan Template (Direct Instruction)
turn in sheets
to the teacher.

Plans for Differentiated Instruction/Accommodations

Hard copy of the notes will be provided to allow more participation in class,
Special Education
peer discussions and activities.
Hard copy of the notes will be provided to allow more participation in class and
English Language
peer discussions.
Provide a more challenging text which would require critical analysis.
Gifted and Talented


Potential Challenges/Plan B
If the PowerPoint does not work, the teacher can provide the hard copy of the statements for the student to
If the students look as if they do not understand, try another approach.
If the lesson ends early, the students can be challenged to change the statement they have to a fact or opinion.

Notes and Credits

There are many lesson plan ideas available, from other teachers, curriculum guides, and online. You are
free to use whatever information you find to inspire your lesson planning, provided:
1. You properly cite your sources;
2. You fit the information into this required lesson format, meaning you will need to add additional
information to complete the lesson; and
3. You modify the lesson to fit your objectives and student needs (You will almost never teach any
lesson as is – even those found in your teacher’s guides. You will always know best what the
individual learners in your classroom will respond to.)