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Founded in 1943, UCO Bank is a commercial bank and a Government of India Undertaking. Its
Board of Directors consists of government representatives from the Government of India and
Reserve Bank of India as well as eminent professionals like accountants, management experts,
economists, businessmen, etc.

➢ Shri Arun Kaul

Chairman &
Managing Director

➢ Shri Ajai Kumar

Executive Director

➢ Shri N. R.
Executive Director

Our Vision Statement

To emerge as the most trusted, admired and sought-after world class financial institution and to
be the most preferred destination for every customer and investor and a place of pride for its

Our Mission Statement

To be a Top-class Bank to achieve sustained growth of business and profitability, fulfilling

socio-economic obligations, excellence in customer service; through upgradation of skills of staff
and their effective participation making use of state-of-the-art technology.

Global banking has changed rapidly and UCO Bank has worked hard to adapt to these changes.
The bank looks forward to the future with excitement and a commitment to bring greater benefits
to you.

UCO Bank, with years of dedicated service to the Nation through active financial participation in
all segments of the economy - Agriculture, Industry, Trade & Commerce, Service Sector,
Infrastructure Sector etc., is keeping pace with the changing environment. With a countrywide
network of more than 2000 service units which includes specialised and computerised branches
in India and overseas, UCO Bank has marched into the 21st Century matched with dynamism
and growth!


• We are in the Service of Community since 1943.

• We have nearly 2000 Service Units spread all over India.

• We also operate in two Major International Financial Centres namely Hongkong and

• We have our Correspondents/Agency arrangements all over the world.

• We undertake Foreign Exchange Business in more than 50 Centres in India.

• We have Foreign Exchange Dealing Operations at 4 Centres.

Our Strengths

• Country-wide presence

• Overseas Presence with Profitable Overseas Operations

• Strong Capital Base

• High Proportion of Long Term Liabilities

• A Well Diversified Asset Portfolio

• A Large and Diversified Client Base

• Fully Computerised Branches at Major Centres

• Branch representation in Top 100 Centres (as per deposits) in the country

Organisation Structure

Headquartered in Kolkata, the Bank has 35 Regional Offices spread all over India. Branches
located in a geographical area report to the Regional Office having jurisdiction over that area.
These Regional Offices are headed by Senior Executives ranging upto the rank of General
Manager, depending on size of business and importance of location. The Regional Offices report
to General Managers functioning at Head Office in Kolkata.
Shri Arun Kaul
Chairman & Managing Director

Shri Ajai Kumar

Executive Director

Shri N. R. Badrinarayanan
Executive Director

Shri S.K. Sinha Smt. Uma Shankar

Director Director

Shri J. C. Shandil Shri Sanjeev Jain

Director Director

Shri R.N. Jain Shri S.C. Gupta

Director Director

Shri Jai Dev Gupta Shri Ram Avtar Sharma

Director Director

Prof. Sebastian Luckose Morris Md. Akhruzzaman

Director Director
Reviewed Financial Result for the quarter ended 30th June 2010

( Lakhs)

Particulars Quarter Ended

30.06.2010 30.06.2009 31.03.2010

(Reviewed) (Reviewed) (Audited)

1. Interest Earned (a)+(b)+(c)+(d) 267285 233146 952632

(a) Interest/discount on advances / bills 198230 178410 710685

(b) Income on investments 63805 49527 218898

(c) Interest on balances with R.B.I & other inter-bank funds 4793 4960 19887

(d) Others 457 249 3162

2. Other Income 18988 25222 96593

3. Total Income (1+2) 286273 258368 1049225

4. Interest Expended 173588 190435 720220

5. Operating Expenses (i) + (ii) 48126 36906 158442

(i) Employees Cost 34765 25341 105762

(ii) Other Operating Expenses 13361 11565 52680

6. Total Expenditure (4+5) (excluding Provisions and

Contingencies) 221714 227341 878662

7. Operating Profit (Before Provisions and Contingencies) (3-6) 64559 31027 170563

8. Provisions (other than tax) and Contingencies 37391 12690 65647

...of which provision for NPA 31842 6011 35380

9. Exceptional Items 0 0 0

10. Profit(+)/Loss(-) from Ordinary Activities before tax (7-8-

9) 27168 18337 104916
11. Tax Expenses 1147 452 3698

… of which provision for FBT 0 0 0

12. Net Profit(+)/Loss(-) from Ordinary Activities after tax

(10-11) 26021 17885 101218

13. Extraordinary items 0 0 0

14. Net Profit/(Loss) for the period (12-13) 26021 17885 101218

15. Paid-up Equity Share Capital (Face Value Rs.10/- each) 54936 54936 54936

16. Reserves excluding Revaluation Reserves 306212 224571 306212

(As per balance sheet of previous accounting year)

17. Analytical Ratios

(i) Percentage of shares held by Govt. of India 63.59% 63.59% 63.59%

(ii) Capital Adequacy Ratio: Basel-I 11.91% 10.11% 11.35%

Basel-II 13.61% 11.67% 13.21%

(iii) Earning Per Share (EPS) (in Rs.) (Not Annualised)

Basic and Diluted EPS before and after Extraordinary

items for the period, for the year to date and for the previous
year. 4.74 3.26 18.42

(iv) NPA Ratios

a) Amount of Gross NPA 192909 155549 166643

b) Amount of Net NPA 91908 77612 96628

c) % of Gross NPA 2.36% 2.27% 1.99%

d) % of Net NPA 1.14% 1.15% 1.17%

e) Return on Assets (Annualised) (%) 0.79% 0.64% 0.87%

18. Public Shareholding

- No. of Shares (in lakh) 2000.00 2000.00 2000.00

- Percentage of Shareholding 36.41% 36.41% 36.41%

19. Promoters and Promoter Group Shareholding

a) Pledged/Encumbered

Number of Shares

Percentage of Shares (as a % of the total shareholding of

promoter and promoter group) Nil

Percentage of Shares (as a % of the total share capital of the


b) Non-Encumbered

Number of Shares (in lakh) 3493.60 3493.60 3493.60

Percentage of Shares (as a % of the total shareholding of

100% 100% 100%
promoter and promoter group)

Percentage of Shares (as a % of the total share capital of the

Company) 63.59% 63.59% 63.59%


( Lakhs)


Sl. Quarter Ended Year Ended

No. Particulars
30.06.2010 30.06.2009 31.03.2010
(Reviewed) (Reviewed) (Audited)

1) Segment Revenue

i) Treasury Operations 73890 65816 271084

ii) Corporate/Wholesale Banking 135659 94827 490588

iii) Retail Banking 75276 96693 281274

iv) Other Banking Operations 1448 1032 6279

Total Income from operation 286273 258368 1049225

2) Segment Results

i) Treasury Operations 11723 6682 (3471)

ii) Corporate/Wholesale Banking 7431 4128 54514

iii) Retail Banking 6566 6495 47594

iv) Other Banking Operations 1448 1032 6279

Total Profit Before Tax 27168 18337 104916

3) Capital Employed

(Segment Assets - Segment Liabilities)

i) Treasury Operations 103591 77223 92831

ii) Corporate/Wholesale Banking 310189 167685 279069

iii) Retail Banking 165785 166557 149153

iv) Other Banking Operations 0 0 0

Total Capital Employed 579565 411465 521054


Quarter Ended Year Ended

Particulars 30.06.2010 30.06.2009 31.03.2010

(Reviewed) (Reviewed) (Audited)

i) Revenue 280664 251875 1026458

ii) Assets 12577001 10719671 12950493


i) Revenue 5609 6493 22767

ii) Assets 826020 598189 781456


i) Revenue 286273 258368 1049225

ii) Assets 13403021 11317860 13731949

1. The financial results for the quarter ended 30.06.2010 have been subjected to limited
review by the Statutory Central Auditors and have been approved by the Board of
Directors at its meeting held on 23rd July 2010.

2. The working results for the quarter ended 30.06.2010 have been arrived at after
considering the provision for non-performing assets, standard assets, diminution in
fair value and investment depreciation on the basis of prudential norms issued by the
Reserve Bank of India (RBI). In respect of Income Tax, Depreciation on Fixed
Assets, etc., provision has been made on estimated basis.

3. In terms of the Revised Accounting Standard (AS)-15 notified by the Central

Government provision has been made for Employee Benefits viz. pension, gratuity,
leave encashment, LFC/LTC, sick leave etc., on estimated and proportionate basis.
The provision charged to Profit & Loss Account includes Rs. 22.17 crore (Rs. 22.17
crore) towards amortization of the increase in transitional liability over the pre-
revised AS-15 liability and Rs. 61.11 crore (Rs. 24.03 crore) towards current liability
for the current quarter. The unamortized portion of the increase in liability on
account of Revised AS-15 is Rs. 155.21 crore (Rs. 243.90 crore) as on 30.06.2010.

4. Revised salary having being disbursed from May 2010, provision of Rs.13.00 crore
(Rs.30.00 crore in Q1 of last year) has been made for April 2010 over and above Rs.
284.06 crore held as provision for salary revision as on 31.03.2010. For
consequential increase in liability towards other Employee Benefits such as Pension,
Gratuity, etc., ad-hoc provision of Rs. 31.34 crore (Rs. 30.58 crore) has been made
for the current quarter.

5. The Observation of Auditor

The consequential effect of
(a) Reconciliation / adjustment of pending outstanding entries in the Inter-Office and
Inter-Bank transactions, (b) Accounting of income from commission earned on
Letters of Credit and Guarantees issued, on cash basis, not being in accordance with
AS 9 on Revenue Recognition reportedly not material and (c) Classification of
Credit Linked Notes (CLNs) as Loans and Advances instead of Investments, on the
financial results could not be ascertained.

Our Reply

Reconciliation of outstanding entries in Suspense Accounts, Inter Branch/Office

Accounts and accounts with RBI and accounts with other Banks have been
completed upto 30.06.2010 and elimination of outstanding entries is in progress. The
impact of such reconciliation and the recognition of above referred Income on cash
basis on the accounts will not be material. Bank has sought clarification from RBI on
classification of CLNs which is still awaited.

6. During the quarter Government of India has subscribed to bank's Tier I Capital
instrument, viz. Perpetual non-cumulative Preference Shares PNCPS of Rs.300 crore
(Nil) on 04.06.2010 carrying an annual floating coupon benchmarked to Repo rate
with a spread of 100 basis points to be reset annually.

7. The Bank has recognized, MAT Credit to the extent of Rs. 106.87 crore (Rs. 33.99
crore) for the current quarter as MAT Credit Entitlement under Section 115JAA of
the Income Tax Act, 1961 and treated the same as an Asset.

8. Number of Investor Complaints:- (i) Outstanding at the beginning of the quarter- 02,
(ii) Received during the quarter- 408, (iii) Disposed of during the quarter- 408 and
(iv) Outstanding at the end of the quarter- 02.
9. The previous period figures have been regrouped /rearranged wherever necessary.

UCO Wealth Maximiser Fixed Deposit Scheme


1. Title of the Scheme UCO Wealth Maximiser Fixed Deposit Scheme

Period of operation
2. 9th August, 2010 to 15th November, 2010
of the Scheme

Eligible Depositors under the Scheme would be same as

Eligibility to Open eligible depositors under Fixed Deposit Scheme currently
Account available in the Bank.

4. Period of Deposit 999 days

Minimum Amount: '5,000/- and thereafter in multiples of

5. Amount of Deposit '1,000/-.
Maximum Amount: Less than '1crore.

6. Rate of Interest • 7.50% per annum compounded quarterly.

• The quarterly compounding would be done for the
eleven quarters and simple rate of interest would
be paid on the compounded amount after the
eleven quarters for the remaining days of the
above deposit period.

Withdrawals may be allowed prematurely, but in such a

case the depositor would not be eligible to receive interest
at the special rate.
7. Premature Withdrawal In case of premature withdrawal, the interest would be
payable at 1% below the applicable rate under the normal
fixed deposits for the period for which the deposit has
remained with the Bank as on the date of deposit or
present rate, whichever is lower.

Facility for availing loan/overdraft against Deposits under

Loan/Overdraft the Scheme would be available as per existing guidelines
against the Deposits for availing loan/overdraft against Bank’s own Fixed

The facility of nomination would be available under the

9. Nomination

All branches of the Bank would be authorised to open the

10. Participating Branches
Deposit Accounts under the Scheme.

Since the scheme would be in operation for a limited

11. Automatic Renewals duration, no automatic renewals would be allowed
under the scheme.

12. Tax Implications Tax would be deductible at source as per the prevailing
Income Tax rules.

Transfer of Fixed Deposit under the Scheme within any

13. Transferability branch of the Bank would be permissible without any
charge as per the existing procedure.

14. Special benefits for Senior Deposits from these categories of depositors shall be
Citizen/ Staff / Ex- allowed incentive as per the existing norms. Accordingly,
Staff/Senior Citizen & Ex- the applicable rates for these categories of depositors
Staff would be as under:
• Senior Citizen : Additional 0.50% or @ 8.00%
• Staff : Additional 1.00% or @ 8.50%
• Ex-Staff : Additional 1.00% or @ 8.50%
• Ex-Staff Sr. Citizen : Additional 1.25% or @
The overall amount ceiling for Ex-Staff/Ex-Staff Senior
Citizen for being eligible for higher rate under the scheme
shall be equal to the terminal benefits plus `10 lacs, as

Deposits under the Scheme would be accepted only

when accruing as a fresh Fixed Deposit for the Bank.
In other words, the existing Fixed Deposits cannot be
directly renewed under the scheme and the existing
Fixed Depositors who wish to convert into the scheme
Acceptance of Deposits would have to compulsorily take premature payment
under the Scheme of their existing deposits and pay the usual penal
charges for the premature closure.
However, any existing Fixed Deposit maturing during the
scheme period would be eligible to enter into the scheme
as it would be a fresh deposit for the Bank under the

Other than the special terms and conditions of the

Applicability of normal scheme, the deposits under the scheme would be
Fixed Deposit Rules governed as per the normal Fixed Deposit Rules of the


Being a Commercial Bank, giving Loans and Advances is among our primary activities. Apart
from our participation in meeting both Term Loan and Working Capital requirements of
Agriculture sector, Trade and Service sector, Large/Medium and Small Scale Industries sector,
Infrastructure sector etc. including taking care of their Export/Import and non-fund based needs
like Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantee etc., we have a fairly large basket of loan products
specially designed to suit your personal needs. Salient features of some of the more attractive
Personal Loan Schemes are described below.

UCO Shelter UCO Car UCO Trader

Education Loan UCO Cash UCO Rent
UCO Mortgage UCO Securities UCO Real Estate
UCO Nari Shakti UCO Shopper UCO Pensioner
UCO Emd Loan UCO Swabhiman – Interest Subsidy
Reverse Mortgage Scheme for Housing
Loan Scheme for the Urban Poor
Senior Citizen (ISHUP)