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Secrets of other creeds revealed The Digital Code

The science I am going to give you is used by all secret orders to get to the truth about how to
recognize a true Prophet from a false Prophet. I was given this science by a Sufi master who
heard me speaking about the Moorish Science Temple and our holy prophet Noble Drew Ali. He
was surprised to know that there were Moors still in existence and there was a prophet in the
He asked me what year Noble Drew Ali was born, I said 1886. He took out his pen and ask me
for a piece of paper, he then did some calculations and looked very surprised and excited at the
same time. He then looked at me and said, with certainty “NOBLE DREW ALI is a prophet.” I
then ask him how he came to that conclusion, and what school of Moslem are you. He said he
was a Sufi. I was a young man and new to Islam and did not understand at that time.
He then said all of his teaching came from the MOORS (Our ancient for-fathers). For the next
three months he showed me how to decode esoteric science, including the science of a
Prophet. This science came from our ancient for-father and can be traced back to Egypt. Dhu’n
Nun al Misri a deep Olive (Dark skin) Nubian who formulated for the first time a spiritual
knowledge of ALLAH which he called gnosis (this is where the word gnosis in the Holy Koran
came from).
The ancient Moabites received knowledge from Egypt who passed it on to their descendants
(the Moors) and we took it to the four corners of the world to all nations. Moorish Americans
are not Sufis, Masons or R.C. etc. The Moors loaned them the science’s they have today and
that is a fact. Moorish Americans have one goal and that is TRUTH.
The science I am about to give you is called the digital code: unity produces numbers according
to their known series; and the numbers in their turn sub-divide the unity. The number is not
manifested without being counted (Fusus Al-hikam) and the truth is reviled. In Islam numbers
manifest the truth because Islam is the truth. This knowledge did not come from me but from
secrets handed down from our Ancient Fathers by his Prophet. We gave this science to the
Our Holy prophet Noble Drew Ali’s number is 5. All secret orders knew that the next prophet
after the prophet Mohamed (pboh) who’s number is 3, would be 5. This is the method the Sufi
master used to decode our Holy Prophet and knew without doubt or contradiction that Noble
Drew Ali is a prophet. First let us review some facts.
Where was NOBLE DREW ALI born? In the state of North Carolina, 1886. (1/8/1886).
Where was NOBLE DREW ALI REINCARNATED born? In the state of South Carolina, 1904.
What year was the MOORISH SCIENCE TEMPLE OF AMERICA Founded? 1913 A.D.
At what age did Jesus begin to teach? At the age of 12
How long did he teach? 18 years. What is hidden in the number 18? You will SEE.

Noble Drew Ali (Timothy Drew) Noble Drew Ali Reincarnated (John Givens El)

Born 1/8/1886. 18 years Born12/6/1904

There are 18 years between 1886 and 1904. 18 days from 7/20/29 to 8/7/29. The day Noble
Drew Ali REINCARNATED. Hidden in 18 is the number 9 (1+8) = 9. 9 stands in Arabic for the
letter Ta whose hidden meaning is “secret knowledge.” Check me out, I want you to. 9 times
any number will always add up to 9 example (9x2) = 18 (1+8) = 9 (9x3) = 27 (2+7) = 9 etc. 360
decrees (3+6+0) = 9. Spiritual meaning of number 9 (from sacred numerology) ….9 is the
number of “cosmic consciousness “, it is the door way to awakening of the higher self to the
alignment to all that is was and evermore to be. Now look at the mystery and power of 5.
(1+8+8+6) = 23 (2+3) = 5 which is the number of the last Prophet in these days.
(1+9+0+4) = 14 (1+4) = 5 which is the number of the last Prophet in these day.
Now we will calculate all the numbers in the dates.
1/8/1886 (1+8+1+8+8+6) = 32 (3+2) = 5 the Prophet’s number- (1+8) = 9. (1+8+8+6) = 23 (2+3)
= 5 (9+5) =14, the same number as the sum of 1904.
Now we will calculate the Prophet after he REINCARNATED 8/7/1929. This is 18 days after he
veiled his form July 20th
Noble Drew Ali Reincarnated was born 12/6/1904 (1+2+6+1+9+0+4) = 23, the same sum as
1886. (12+6+1+9+0+4) = 32, (3+2) =5 the same sum as when you decode 1/8/1886. Take your
time and take out a calculator and study this you will be amazed at Allah’s perfection and his
hidden secrets. 12+6 = 18 1+8 = 9 …… 1+8 = 9
1913 (1+9+1+3) = 5 AD A =1 D = 4 (A+D) = 5 = LOVE, TRUTH, PEACE, FREEDOM and JUSTICE
The spirit of a Prophet is but one and it will REINCARNATE at ALLAH’s command where ever he
sends it. I don’t see two Prophets I see one Spirit who is a thought of ALLAH. Old Moors have
too much ego and false pride and a fixed belief on a closed mind and are mean. Young people
are opened and eager to learn. Plus the Prophet said you can’t put new wine in old skin it will
burst. Wine is a mystical symbol for knowledge.
My name is W. Williams Bey, I have been nationalized for over 50 years. I have a BA from the
University of Pittsburgh and a Master degree from Duquesne University. But the greatest teacher
I had was Bro. C Johnson Bey the Grand Sheik of temple # 5 Pittsburgh. He was nationalized in
1927 by Noble Drew Ali and was initiated into the Adapt Chamber by Noble Drew Ali that same
year. He could play the Cornet and marched in the Moorish costume parade at the 1928
convention. He talked many times about how he witnessed the Prophet stopping the rain.
We all have the same nationality, flag, Holy Koran, 101, and Divine Constitution and By Laws. We
have the same issues but we always down each other just as in ancient days when we were
defeated by the European and had our nationality taken away. Other nations of the world forget
all personal ideals and unite under their own vine and fig tree which is their Flag. All with the title
El or Bey, and carry a nationality card need to unify and become a political force. Moorish Science
is 360 degrees of wisdom, knowledge and understanding and no one man or woman can
understand or know it all. However, every Moor can understand the power in national unity.
We can come together in silent brotherhood and for one purpose and that is the uplifting of
falling humanity. The Moors are the first nation to go into battle waving and fighting for their flag
and we can do it again. An old Sheik said spirituality is hard to teach, but I say it is impossible to
teach because only ALLAH can give you understanding and everyone don’t have the same
portion. On the other hand, even a fool can understand nationality. The Moors are the only ones
that can truly UNITE ASIA. We must keep our differences to ourselves and unite under LOVE,
TRUTH, PEACE, and FREEDOM AND JUSTICE. Where there is unity there is POWER.
Many a Moorish American has been confused about the Aquarian Gospel. Don’t be confused
about this, THE AQUAIRAN GOSPLE IS A FAKE, created by the Masons to disqualify our Holy
Prophet. In the Aquarian Gospel Jesus said, the red man, the black man the yellow man the white
man are all equal. I examined the book years ago and these colors might not be in the exact order
but you get the idea.

Now about 2000 years ago man was not discussed by colors but by NATIONS. Any time you see
the word Black that is the European trying to keep the Moorish American in mental slavery and
under their iron-hand oppression. I spent many years studying the Masons. I found an old
Masonic book from the 1920s at a yard sale but I am not going to say much more about that
because what I gave you already and what I am about to give you is dangerous.

Like I said I have studied the Masons for years and this is where I first found the term digital code
to describe the process of counting numbers to free the truth. This code is used to hide secrets
and can be use mathematically in many ways. They say the Aquarian Gospel was reviled to Levi
Dowing in 1908.
Let us now see how they come up with a fake date like 1908. What year was the Moorish Science
Temple of America founded? 1913 AD. The Masons know the Prophet’s number is 5. So he will
use 5 against him in a negative way. 1913 – 5 = 1908 the year he says Levi wrote the Aquarian
Gospel. The masons use science to hide their secrets.

Now let us look at the name Levi Dowing. What is the secret hidden in this name. The Masons
will also use the Bible to cover up their secrets. Levi was the son of Jacob who sold his half-brother
Joseph into slavery. Do this sound familiar? Take another look at 1908, (1+9+0+8) = 18 (1+8) = 9
hidden knowledge. Now do you see how important it is to understand the digital code, do you
now understand the process of how numbers can unlock secrets, the name Dowing also has a
hidden meaning, any time you put the suffix ing at the end of a noun it changes into a verb.

We all know that the European worships money. Dow Jones index of the stock market was found
by Charles Henry Dow and Edward D. Jones in 1915. The hidden meaning of Dowing is playing
the stock market is only for the elite few 1%.” In God we trust.” Do you believe me or do you
believe the European, 99.9% will believe the European because he has even the strongest
Moorish Americans brain washed even thou I have given you the science to decode his secrets
however, maybe one will believe me and pass it on.

The other chapters in the HOLY KORAN (20 to 44) can be found in a number of places, most
notable in the Rosicrucian book ‘Unto Thee I Grant.’ These chapters can be traced back to Egypt,
where Noble Drew Ali learned the duties of a Prophet and passed the hardest of test. He stayed
in the pyramid 18 years (1 = 8 = 9) He conquered the spirits of fire, water, earth and air. He also
received the science on how to control the ethers, the divine spiritual element that control’s life.

There are 9 drops of water dripping of off our Holy Prophet which is proof how what our Holy
Prophet Noble Drew Ali Reincarnated said our Holy Koran, our flag, our questionnaire and our
literature are secrets the secrets of life. I did not believe in the Reincarnation at first but I could
no longer deny the truth. I have become a Master Moorish Scientist and belong to the silent
brotherhood but I am getting old and theses secrets must be known to the young and unborn.
The magic squire show the power of 5 in the center, it is used by secret orders to send
messages to each other. They put a diagram over the squire that expose only the numbers they
want to convey to revile the message. Put the green star over the diagram and the numbers 4, 2,
I, is exposed 4+2+1 = 7 the number seven is Allah’s Number. Why is the star open?

4 9 2

3 5 7

8 1 6
No matter which way you count the numbers add up to 15.

What kind of flag is the Moorish flag? It is a red flag with a 5 pointed green star in the center.
The 5 pointed star is in fact a circle, between each of the points there are 72 degrees. 5x72=360.
I can go on and on about the Moorish flag, but not at this time.
“As one who transvers the burning sands, in search of water, so is the soul that thirtieth after
Brother C Johnson Bey said “Study that European because everything he got he got from you.” I
know I don’t have the power to change any body’s mind. Understanding must come from Allah,
All I can do is present the facts. The Devine side of the Moorish Science Temple is not hard to
teach it is impossible to teach because you must have the light before you can receive the light.