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2.45pm Registration Ladies and gentlemen, our forum will start in five minutes, members of the audience are kindly reminded to
be seated and also to switch your mobile phone on silent mode throughout the session, thank you.

3pm Opening A very good evening to everyone, on behalf of the IET Uniten On Campus, I would like to welcome to all
of you to the Gears of Change Forum on Gender Equality. My name is Shri and I will be your emcee for
today. We hope you will find our forum today to be fruitful and engaging.
To kick off the event, I would like to welcome Mr Benjamin, the event organizer of the Gears of Change
Forum, to the stage to deliver his speech, please.
------- Benjamin’s speech -------
Thank you, Mr Benjamin, for his meaningful speech.
Before we proceed to our main agenda, please our speakers of the day, to introduce themselves and give a
brief introduction about their roots before they proceed to their speech about Gender equality.

First up is Dr Nafizah.Please give her a round of applause everyone.

Thank you Dr Nafizah.
Next, I present to you Dr Svenja as the second speaker to give her speech.
Thank you Dr Svenja
Dr Svenja
Up next is Datin Sunita to deliver he speech.
Thank you Datin Sunita
And finally, we have Ms Sangeeta to give her speech
Thank you, Miss Sangeeta.
I would like to thank all the speakers for coming today for this forum and hope we all can learn something
from them. Panel session(30mins) Now ladies and gentlemen, we would like to open our Q&A session to the floor. Kindly raise your hand for
any inquiries and our ushers will attend to you.
------- Q&A --------

5pm Token of appreciation I would now like to invite our event organizer, Mr Benjamin on behalf of IET Uniten On Campus to present
a token of appreciation to the speakers.
Thank you.

5.15pm Closing Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you’ll find today’s forum with all the speakers informative and useful. Once
again, thank you for spending your time with us today. Before we end, let us take a group photograph for
this memorable day.

Questions for Forum (10th November)

1.In all your years of working in your respective industries, how do you stand out among all your colleagues who are from different gender and
why is it important to do so?
2. Why is gender equality important to you?
3.What are the benefits in implementing gender equality systems in the world today and how can we improve them to better suit the current
situation in our country?
4. How can women operate in male dominated senior networks and workplaces?
5. As a woman, what are some of the challenges you have to face on a daily working basis over the past and how did it actually help you in being
where you are now?
6. Did the evolution of technology help in improving the issue of gender equality?
7.In the engineering and technology field, what can you say about the number of females in it compared to the number of males in it compared to
when it was a decade ago?
8.How can you say or when can you say that we have achieved gender equality in this country and how would you be a part of reaching its goal?
9.Can the corporate world be affected by an unbalanced ratio of male to female personnel and how does this contribute to the state of economy
of an organization and country?