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Evaluation Rubric for Video Project

Performance Level Needs Improvement Satisfactory Excellent

Group Cooperation Students needed to be reminded to stay on task All students contributed a fair share to the project, All students contributed equally to the video.
frequently. One or two people did all the work. though some workloads varied. Students had to be Students stayed on task at all times. Students
Students argued with one another or left some reminded occasionally to stay on task. Students worked with each other in a friendly manner.
students out of the process. made an effort to include all group members in the 11-15 points
0-4 points process.
5-10 points

Storyboard Students did not complete a storyboard or Students completed the storyboard on time, but Students completed storyboard on time.
storyboard did not match video. some items are not thoroughly described. Storyboard is thorough and matches the video.
0-2 points Storyboard matches the video. 6-10 points
3-5 points

Documentation There is no documentation. Most of the elements taken from other sources are All elements from other sources are accurately
0 points documented; however, some documentation may be documented.
inaccurate or missing. 4-5 points
1-3 points

Subject Content Subject knowledge is not evident. Information Subject knowledge is evident in much of the video. Subject knowledge is evident throughout the
is confusing, incorrect, or flawed. Most information is clear, appropriate, and correct. video. All information is clear, appropriate and
0-9 points 10-20 points correct.
21-30 points
Video content and The video lacks a central theme, clear point of Information is connected to a theme. Details are Video includes a clear statement of purpose.
organization view, and logical sequence of information. logical and information is relevant throughout most Events and messages are presented in a logical
Much of the information is irrelevant to the of the video order, with relevant information that supports
overall message 3-5 points the video’s main ideas.
0-2 points 6-10 points
Introduction The introduction does not orient the viewer to The introduction is clear and coherent and evokes The introduction is motivating, and hooks the
what will follow. moderate interest/response from the viewer. viewer from the beginning.
0-1 points 2-3 points 4-5 points

Mechanics The text and audio have 4 or more grammar or The text and audio have 1-2 grammar or spelling The text and audio have no grammar or spelling
spelling errors. errors. errors
0-2 3-4 5 points
Production Video is of poor quality and is unedited. There Tape is edited. A variety of transitions are used and Tape is edited. Video runs smoothly from shot
are no transitions added or transitions are used most transitions help tell the story. Most of video to shot. A variety of transitions are used to
so frequently that they detract from the video. has good pacing and timing. Graphics are used assist in communicating the main idea. Shots
There are no graphics. appropriately. and scenes work well together. Graphics
0-10 11-15 points explain and reinforce key points in the video.
16-20 points

Project Grade