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RC NO; 1390614

07031161099, 08120977967

The Regus Centre

4th floor Church gate Towers

Central Business District

Abuja FCT.

29th October, 2018

Arch. Oliver

Road safety round about,


Imo State.


Job Description

1. Iron rod or wire mesh will be later on the floor. Spacing of 60cm by 60cm.
2. A concrete mixture ratio of 1:4:6 which represents cement, gravel and sharp sand
respectively will be poured on the ground.
3. A thickness of 12.5cm to 15cm or 5inches to 6inches will be casted for driveway
area and a thickness of 5cm to 7.5cm or 2inches to 3inches will be cashed for the
4. The casting shall follow a well fine slop in order to allow the flow of water.
5. Colour hardener which is based on the client’s choice will be applied to the fresh
6. Release agent will later be applied on the colour hardner.
7. Stamps shall be encrypted on the concrete.
8. Expansion joints will be made on the concrete.

9. The concrete is then washed with diluted acid and water after it has been dried
in order to remove excess release agents on the encrypted floor.
10. AZ acrylic super sealer will be applied i.e application on the concrete to give it
polish and beautiful finish.

Time duration for the job

The job shall start after 3 days of first mobilization this is so because of the arrival of
the various materials needed for the job on site. And it will be completed within space
of 1 weeks maximum upon commencement.

List of Materials needed for the job

1. Iron rod of 8mm (200-220pieces)

2. Cement (300-350bags)
3. Gravel (60-80tonnes)
4. Sharp sand (5trucks of 12tyres)
5. Stone dust (60tonnes)
6. Colour hardner (98buckets of PAVcrete colour hardner)
7. Release agents (14buckets of PAVcrete release agent)
8. Stamps.
9. Acrylic sealer. (220 litres)
10. Water
11. Electricity.

Please note: the client agreed on supplying the materials needed for casting while
Stapex will handle colour hardener, release agents, sealer and labour cost.


1. We charge N6500 (Six thousand and Five hundred naira) only per sqm area
for 5-6inches (12.5-15cm) thickness for driveway and 2-3inches (5-

Total Area to be covered

i. The Driveway area is 775.04sqm,

the total cost is;

775.04sqm * N6,500 = N5,038,000

therefore the amount in words is;

Five million and Thirty Eight thousand naira only.

ii. The over head water tank area is 12.1sqm

The total cost is;

12.1sqm * N6500 = N78,650

Therefore the amount in words is;

Seventy Eight thousand, Six Hundred and Fifty Naira only.

iii. The backyard elevation area is 71.55sqm

The total cost is;

71.55sqm * N6500 = N465,075

Therefore the amount in words is;

Four Hundred and Sixty Five thousand, Seventy Five Naira only.

iv. The gazebo walkway elevation area is 40.74sqm

The total cost is;

40.74sqm * N6500 = N265,810

Therefore the amount in words is;

Two Hundred and Sixty Five Thousand, Eight Hundred and Ten Naira only.

v. The parking space outside area is 80.6sqm

The total cost is;

80.6sqm * N6500 = N523,900

Therefore the amount in words is;

Five Hundred and twenty Three Thousand, Nine Hundred Naira only.

vi. The Grand total area is 980.03sqm

The total cost is;

980.03sqm * N6500 = N6,370,195

Therefore the amount in words is;

Six million, Three Hundred and Seventy Thousand, One Hundred and Ninety
Five Naira only.

Mode of payment

We have three mode of payments;
i. First mobilization; 70% of the total cost of the project should be paid before
commencement of the job and it covers 60% of the casting..
ii. Second mobilization; 25% of the total cost of the project should be paid after
60% completion of the job.
iii. Final mobilization; 5% of the total cost of the project should be paid on the
day of total completion of the casting and this covers the polishing of the job.

Please note:

a. There is room for re-negotiation on price but it should be done before first
mobilization or project commencement.
b. Water supply on site for the job should be provided by the client.
c. There is always room for re-measurement and this should be done before
commencement of the project.
d. There is always room for redesigning but it should be done before payment of
first mobilization.
e. Any additional space added to the agreed total square meter area shall attract
extra charges.
f. Underground piping systems should be done before commencement of the
project and this is solely the priority of the client.
g. Any Delay in Due Payments Will Result in Stapex De-mobilization From Site.
Re-mobilization Will Be Charged at N100,000.
h. Sealing the surface of the concrete is compulsory immediately after casting the
i. The materials for landscaping is solely the responsibility of the client.

Mr. Stephen Apeh.
Stapex Integrated Services Ltd.