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Kabar Itah

Edition 38 : October - December 2013

Editorial Reviewing Performance in 2013 and Making

The beginning of a new year is always Plans for 2014
somewhat unpredictable and 2014 is already
delivering some surprises. The biggest one is
the unexpected loss of Kalimantan Gold’s joint
venture exploration partner. Given that a large
proportion of funding for YTS comes through this
relationship, we have had to go into semi-survival
mode, as we have no idea when normal funding
will resume.
Fortunately, we were left with some legacy
funding for the remainder of the year, and we
do have other sources that we can draw upon.
However, given this new level of uncertainty, we
will have to be very careful with our spending
this year.
This situation does however underline the
precariousness of relying on funding from an
exploration company, as they are much more YTS staff take a break in front of the MSC Pendopo in Rungan Sari, after intense discussions part way through the annual
susceptible to changes coming from the political review and planning session.

and economic spheres. We have begun to think

about how we can become less dependent on
this kind of relationship. In mid-December, the entire YTS team On day two, Ridwan Lowther,
Having said all that, we did have a stellar year spent three days together reviewing Operations Manager from PT
in 2013, and have laid a good foundation for performance in 2013 and making plans Kalimantan Surya Kencana (KSK) started
continuing some of those accomplishments. for the program in 2014. It was the us off with a presentation on progress
One example is a marked improvement in longest and toughest event we ever in the exploration project and their
our relationship with the district government
held - previously we only spent two plans for next year, including their
in Gunung Mas, and this should help us in
improving delivery of government services to the days on this work. The 23 staff kept expected interaction with YTS. In 2013,
communities we are working in. Our work with actively involved throughout the event, a large part of our financial support
small scale gold miners in curtailing their use with no one remaining completely calm came from KSK, so our own planning is
of mercury is also forging ahead, and we have or silent. Everyone took the opportunity very much affected by what happens
extended our reach to the islands of Lombok and to take a critical look at things, and in the future with KSK. At this point
Sumbawa, just east of Bali. And of course we will provided thoughtful comments in time, there still is some uncertainty
continue to work with empowering communities on proposals. regarding government regulations that
in the Kahayan River area and in Bukit Batu
could have a big impact on KSK’s joint
subdistrict, close to Palangka Raya.
The first half of day one was devoted to venture partner. We should know more
Our niche in the mining sector is rather unique, and presentations from all of the projects, about this by mid-January.
we expect more opportunities to arise for us to apply
and the rest of the day, including the
our experience and expertise in this sector.
evening, was spent on open discussions After this presentation, we spend
Our thanks for your continuing interest and support, about each project. These extensive the remainder of the day in an
and may 2014 bring you peace and many blessings. discussions were highly valuable in open discussion on critical issues
preparing us for the following days arising from the presentations and
of planning. discussions on day one. One of
Bardolf Paul
Executive Director the main topics was our current
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High Expectations to Continue the Governance Project in Gunung Mas District
Hi Governance Project!
When you come, what you offer is not something new…
but it feels new.
When we work together in an ordinary way…
it feels extraordinary.
When it is time to say goodbye…please don’t go!
I still need you!

The above sentiments were expressed in a poem by Tutut

Esra (left) from Tumbang Tajungan and Tutut Madya (right) expressed their impressions and expectations
Mayda, a staff member from the Fishery and Animal Husbandry
of YTS’s further involvement with the Gunung Mas government in closing event. Agency in Gunung Mas, during the Governance Project closure
on December 4th, 2013. Drs. Yansiterson, MSi ASDA II opened
the event, which drew 60 participants from village government,
subdistrict government, government agencies, and PT.
Kalimantan Surya Kencana in Bappeda Hall, Kuala Kurun.

It was a great moment when village representatives from the

six pilot villages displayed a mural showing their vision for
the future of Gunung Mas district. “We want Gunung Mas to
become a district that is rich in fish, agar wood, clean water, and
has good roads, schools, access to capital, and health facilities:”
said Esra from the village of Tumbang Sian.

Some participants expressed their strong desire to have the

project continue. Most beneficiaries seemed to have a good
impression and felt deeply the benefits of the project. “Project
support for improving the quality of the Combined SKPD
Forum, Subdistrict Musrenbang and Village Musrenbang
A dream of development: two villagers present the group vision of what they expect to see in the has been successful. However, YTS is still needed for further
future for village development in Gunung Mas
assistance:” said Gantian Pasti, a staff member from Bappeda.

100 Investors and Developers Connect at Renewable Energy Forum

Not many people know in that in a limited-service area like said that the initiative would not work if it is only carried out by
Central Kalimantan at least 85 private companies have started one party - in this case, palm oil companies. Collaboration with
building power plants, many of which are in remote areas. other stakeholders is necessary to find better solutions and to
This fact was revealed by Halind Ardi, the local director of the get the initiative realized.
Indonesian Palm Oil Association, better known as GAPKI, in
response to one of the presentations about renewable energy As the four developers presented their renewable energy
during the Investor Forum held by The Apex Consulting Group projects, more participants engaged in an interactive panel
and New Ventures Indonesia, NVI, in Palangka Raya. discussion, exploring additional opportunities for renewable
energy projects in Indonesia.
Closing the one-year project, the Investor Forum brought
together a hundred participants from investors, local businesses Simon Bell, the Country Director of NVI, said in his speech that this
including palm oil plantations, to showcase the four renewable was the original intention of
energy project developers that NVI has been supporting. The the project from the beginning,
four developers were HYPEnergy, KIS Group, Atman Energy to get all stakeholders to meet
and Sustainable Trade Consulting. The meeting also aimed and discuss opportunities.
to connect project developers with interested investors or “And we will try our best to
project partners. support the promotion of
renewable energy, hoping
Halind further explained that the idea of renewable energy that people in Central
this project brought is in line with the current vision of palm oil Kalimantan see it as a possible
companies, in which efforts have been put forward to generate and beneficial opportunity”, Simon G. Bell, NVI Country Director, speaks
emotionally about renewable energy during his
electricity power from the company’s liquid waste. However, he Simon concluded. opening remarks for the NVI Investor Forum

2 Kabar Itah - Edition 38

Outspoken Comments during the Village Annual Review and Planning Process
A plan, however excellent it was, would be meaningless Similar comments like Badran’s were expressed over the
without an action. That’s how Badran, the head of the intensive two weeks of annual review and planning sessions
Village Management Group from Marang Village, views the that we held in all the villages and subdistricts. For us, this
development planning process, especially when the plan indicates positive progress, as the community is willing to take
involves active participation from the community. For a small the opportunity to voice their aspirations honestly.
village like Marang, the fifty year-old believes that getting the
community planning is the easy part; it is getting them to We took advantage of this honest willingness to make as
keep up with the plan that is far more difficult, and currently detailed a review as possible. In the first half of the day, all
almost impossible. the key elements of our activities in 2013 were explored. We
reviewed the local issues, achievements, work relationships and
capacity building for village institutions, what has worked and
what hasn’t, and how to improve things in the future. All these
items were looked at and reviewed carefully before moving
into planning. With more active feedback from the community,
this year’s annual review and planning has given us a different
perspective on things.

Prior to all the review sessions, all YTS facilitators gathered

together in a briefing to discuss the key elements that need to
be explored with the community. We were reminded about the
basic principles that lie behind our community development
Badran, the Head of the Village Management Group and Head of RT I in Marang, explains
and facilitation approach, and everyone left the briefing with a
the dilemma of political interest versus community participation in development
renewed perspective on the work to be done.

“We villagers are simple people. We believe when we see the “This regular annual meeting is a good opportunity for us. If
proof. And if the evidence is beneficial for us, we would want only we had the same structure for the Musrenbang, that would
to replicate it over and over, it is an automatic process”, Badran be good. Because we get to review what we have done in
elaborated as he spoke in front of thirty Village Management the previous year, before submitting our planning. Otherwise,
Group members during the annual subdistrict review and we would just throw in proposals and would have no way of
planning session in Bukit Batu. Badran had expressed a similar tracking if any of them have been realized or not, let alone
notion when he led the annual review meeting in Marang knowing what was the reason for the ones that weren’t realized,”
village, a week earlier. Badran closed, as we moved into the second half of the day for
the planning session.
“I am just speaking about how the community feels”, he
continued, which was agreed by most participants as he spoke. This intensive process led to a lot of reflection for us. Feedback
He explained that communities in general have now started from the villagers makes us realize that we need to adjust our
losing faith in any kind of development planning. People approach and methodology to respond to dynamic changes
don’t want to waste their time doing planning that has no taking place inside and outside the community. For us, nothing
follow up afterwards. Today, Badran said, the realization of any remains static, and therefore we must remain flexible in how we
development plans is based more on current political interests work with the development process in these communities.
rather than participatory proposals from the community.

Continued from page 1 On day three, the project teams and YTS service units presented
approach, including support for the Musrenbang, the Village their plans for 2014. Three projects will continue this year - the
Development Fund mechanism, and the position of the Kahayan Project, the Bukit Batu Project and the Artisanal and
Village Management Group in the village, as well as other Small-scale Gold Mining Project. The Governance Project in
community-based organizations. Strengthening the capacity of Gunung Mas is still waiting approval for funding, but we will go
village government in administration and planning is another ahead with some important activities in January anyway. The three
important consideration, and there is a high demand to learn service units - Information & Communication, Human Resources
computer skills. There was a lot of enthusiastic discussion on Development & Training, and Finances & Administration - will
these issues. adjust their plans to support each of the projects.

Kabar Itah - Edition 38 3

Gold Miners Pay for Community Development

David Gottlieb and Neil McCulloch from DFAT/AusAID inspect tapioca flour produced by the Sustainable Business Development Unit at Gosowong gold mine in Halmahera.

YTS recently completed a detailed study of the social and Next we visited the ‘Martabe’ gold mine in North Sumatra and
economic benefits that flow from the Indonesian mining sector. the ‘Gosowong’ gold mine in North Maluku, where we met
This research assignment was done on behalf of the Overseas with their community development, community relations,
Development Institute. ODI chose YTS to serve as their local and government relations teams; before interviewing a wide
partner in this study because of our experience in community array of local stakeholders. We investigated the nature of the
development, as well as our knowledge of the mining industry. benefits provided by the mines; how the CSR programs were
implemented; and how they were perceived to be of benefit, by
First, we undertook a desk study of the formal mining sector the community and the local government.
in Indonesia, and of the social benefits that result from CSR
programs. In addition to examining all of the major mines in Taken together, the desk study and the field study provided a
Indonesia, the study included small-scale mining of gold and detailed dataset, from which we were able to make a broad set
tin. For the artisanal mining sector’s contribution to the national of recommendations as to how the donor community can best
economy is often overlooked in development thinking due to engage with the mining sector in Indonesia.
its informal status.
For our own benefit, we have also deepened our working
We detailed the nature of the benefits provided by large knowledge of the various approaches taken by professional
mines through taxes, employment, local purchasing and CSR community development managers trying to achieve
contributions. From this, we got the big picture about how sustainable development outcomes within the communities
CSR programs are usually performed in the mining sector. We affected by large-scale mining operations.
studied gold, copper, coal, nickel, and bauxite and found that
most large mines put a lot of effort and expertise into their
community development programs, providing large budgets Agenda
and employing professional teams to run them. January
- Monitoring the Musrenbang at village level
- Visit to seven Government Agencies in Gunung Mas District

- Monitoring the Musrenbang at subdistrict level
- Monitoring the SKPD Forum Meeting in Palangka Raya
- Visit to Government Agencies in Gunung Mas District

- Monitoring the SKPD Forum Meeting in Gunung Mas District
- Monitoring the Musrenbang at district level in Gunung Mas

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