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Task 3: Literacy Strategies

Link to: EPR 2503 Language Arts C (Reading/Writing/Literature) and

Task Description
Observe your MST’s classroom and general practices you see around the school. Discuss the
areas below in context of what you observe in school and support with photos to show
evidence of your observations, and a reference to reading when possible.

Describe the classroom environment. (Photo)

Consider how the class is a print rich environment. What print can you see around the room?
(Labels, captions, flashcards, headings, rules, instructions, timetable, flash cards, etc.). For each
one you mention insert pictures and state the purpose of each one.

This is Miss Fawzia class grade 3-

ABC for English and Science class.
It shows me have good
environments for example
teacher display in the wall
students worked which its great
ideas. And its show students are
comfortable in these learning

Teacher display in the wall the flash cards of manners for

behaviorism, rules of the class and managements.
The teacher have put headings and labels the words for the students
because it have learned and to remember the students when they

This is independent students work about (Read all about me).

Students will write small sentences about what they like in general
and they drawing what they like.
This is a time table for grade 3 –
This is reading area and it have different ABC for English and science.
level of the students also the story book
is fiction because picture on every page.

Describe the reading area in your classroom. What genres of books are there and how are they
displayed? (Photo)

Teacher have fiction and nonfiction story’s for the students in different level
because it easy for them to read and see the pictures to understand what happen.
Describe a phonics lesson you observed. How does the teacher teach word attack skills to
children? Mention how the children are scaffold to recognize the word and get the meaning?

Firstly teacher teach students the sounds of letters then teacher Spalding method for
students and last she teach them the blends and digraphs also teacher support the low and
the students who need help by reviewing the sounds.

Consider different reading approaches have you observed? (Guided reading, Shared Reading,
Sustained Silent Reading).
Choose 2 and describe how the teacher implements these approaches in the class in detail.
(Photos, and refer to EPR 2603)
Consider seating arrangement, participation, comprehension, reading strategies in your

1- Teacher gives the different stories by their levels and they sit in the group and read
the story independence sustained silent reading. And teacher goes around each student
and she testing their reading and she ask them to point to specific words to assess
student’s ability.

2- Teacher let students to set in the carpet and she display in the smart board the
blending words like (bl, st) and its shared reading because teacher read and then
students repeat after the teacher.

3- In guided reading teacher let students to sit in the carpet and she read with them
story about we are painting and she discussing the pictures with the students.
Describe some types of writing activities or the method the teacher uses for writing – e.g.
emergent writing, copy writing, dictations, etc.

* In English lesson it about family tree teacher first explain for them the family tree after that
in their group they should to open not book and draw family tree and copying from the

*Students they draw the characters that they like it after that they should to write sentences
to describe their characters.
* In English lesson every Thursday students have spelling test. The teacher tell them the
words and students are listening and writ it in their spelling notebooks. And of students have
mistakes they should to write the words five times.

EPR 2603 Language Arts D (Teaching Methods for the Primary School Teacher)
After the Task - Reflection
Choose 3 best practices you observed during your time in school. Reflect on these and consider
why you would implement these in a UAE primary classroom in the future. Explain how these
practices will affect student learning and reading levels in a primary class.

* I choose reading stories. Every Thursday teacher give student’s different stories depend on
the level of the students. It’s very important to devote time to reading the stories because
will help learners improve their speech such as grammar. Also educate them to improve
their knowledge and help students’ brain, social skills and communication skills develop.
And I choose the good classroom environment learning. Teacher display in the wall students
works to show us that she educates the students in best way. Also she display in the wall
vocabulary words to help students when they writing or when they speaking to look at the wall
to remember. This means teacher and students working hard and they have the evidences of
their works.

And I choose writing activity. Teacher first model for the students about family tree, after that
they give students the note books to copy from the smart board and write it in the note book.
To encourage and develop students their spelling and grammar.