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Thomas B Miller

Objective: A position as a Professional Aircraft Maintenance

Technician, Project Manager where I can utilize my knowledge
and experience to help an organization meet its overall objectives.

Summary of Qualifications:
 25 years in Aviation as a licensed A&P technician with I.A.
Preformed as Director of Maintenance / Chief Inspector on 145 Repair
Station, and Director of Maintenance on 135 Operations.
 20 years Project Management experience: Managed complex and
multiple projects. Coordinate and forecast of maintenance
requirements, project performance, quality assurance, and meeting
customer, regulatory, and company requirements.
 Embry-Riddle University: Associate Degree in Aviation Maintenance
 Ability to independently inspect, modify, overhaul, repair, test, and
troubleshoot complex aircraft systems including: apu, avionics,
composites, electrical, engines, environmental, hydraulic, sheet metal.
 Advanced knowledge in the use of aircraft technical manuals
including, MM, HMM, IPC, OHM, ATA codes.
 Extensive working relationship with the FAA, able to interpret and
perform to the requirements of the FARs, while meeting customer,
and company requirements.

Employment History:

2014-2015 Granite Mountain Aviation

Inspector, Prescott AZ
Part 141, 135, 91 GA Corporate

2013- 2014 Solid Edge Aviation

Inspector, DOM Cottonwood AZ
Part 135, 91
Inspector, GA, Corporate

2011-2013 Granite Mountain Aviation
Inspector / Prescott AZ
Part 141, 135, 91, GA, Corporate

2010-2011 Embry Riddle Univ RS

Inspector/ Supervisor Prescott AZ
Part 145, 141, 135, 91 GA

2008- 2010 Solid Edge Aviation

Inspector-DOM Sedona AZ
Part 135,91, GA, Corporate

2005-2008 Prescott Repair/ Air Grand Canyon

DOM Air Grand Canyon- Prescott AZ
Part 141,135, 91, GA, Light Corporate

2004-2005 Consolidated Turbine Support RS

Supervisor/Inspector Glendale AZ
Part 145, Corporate AS907, PT6, 331, 731

2002-2004 Air Grand Canyon/ Sky School

DOM Air Grand Canyon Prescott AZ
Part 141, 135, 91, GA, Light Corporate

2001-2002 Millair Inc RS – Prescott AZ

DOM of RS and CEO of Milliar Inc
Part 145, 135, 91GA and Corporate

1997-2001 Embry-Riddle Univ. RS

Supervisor/ Inspector Prescott AZ
Part 145,135, 91, GA

1990-1997 Aero Mechanics RS

Supervisor/ Inspector Prescott AZ
Part 145,135, 91, GA, and Corporate

1986-1990 CO-OP Aircraft Service RS

Mechanic/ CSR Agent Cincinnati Ohio
Part 145,135, 91, GA and Corporate

1982-1986 USAF Holloman AFB NM

Dedicated Crew Chief / Sergeant
F-5, F-16B, T-38B, A-7D, T-33

Ratings, Factory Schools, and Equipment List
 Airframe and Power Plant A&P 3134002.
 Inspector Authorized A&P3134002IA.
 Private Pilot 3134002.

Factory schooling:
 Cessna, HPSE Qualified.
 Challenger 300 Familiarize course.
 FAA Digital Ops Specs-Metaframe Qualification course.
 Honeywell, HTF7000 /AS907A Familiarize course.
 Honeywell, HTF 7000/ AS907A Heavy Maintenance Manual Horizontal
teardown and buildup course.
 Honeywell HTF 7000/ AS 907A Heavy Maintenance Manual Vertical
teardown and buildup course.
 Honeywell HTF7000/AS907A Heavy Maintenance Manual Technical
 Thielert Turbo Diesel Familiarize and Heavy Maintenance course.

Make and Model list of Aircraft:

 General Aviation: Extensive experience in all the Aircraft Manufactures
listed, all makes and models, singles and twins. Beechcraft, Bell 206, Cessna,
Cirrus, Diamond, Extra 300, American General, Mooney, Piper, Stearman,
Waco, Lycoming, Teledyne/Continental, P/W, Jacobs, Hartzell, and
 Corporate Aviation: Experienced in the Aircraft Manufactures listed,
only make and models listed. Allison: 250. Beechcraft: KingAir, all 90 series,
100, and 200, and 1900. Bell: 206. Bombardier: Challenger 300, 602, 604,
CRJ. Cessna: Caravan, Cititation. Douglas: DC3. Falcon: 900. General
Electric: 331, 731. Gulfstream III, IV, V. Honeywell HTF7000/AS907A.
Learjet: 35, 65. Piper: Cheyenne. P/W: PT6-most series.
 Military: Experienced in the Aircraft Manufactures listed, only make and
model listed. General Dynamics: F-16B, GE: GE100-200, GE J-85, GE
CJ610. Grumman: A-7D, Norththorp: F-5, T-38B, P/W: P/W-100.

References available on request:

Special Skills:

 Advanced knowledgeable in the use of precision

calibrated aircraft test equipment.
 Experienced with all hand tools, most machine tools,
welding equipment, sheet metal tools, and GSE
 Knowledge of aircraft computing systems, and aircraft
loadable software.
 Tow truck operations, fuel truck operations. General
airport operations and maintenance.