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 Intertextuality means creating one text in reference to another

e.g Scary Movie which combines horror movies into one knock off film

Forms of media that use intertextuality

 Music
 Dance
 Film
 Fashion

Julia kristeva’s created the term, she argued that novels only existed in connection with other
This interrelationship took the form of different visual, spoken and written texts, which were
‘the products of linguistic, cultural and literary codes and practices’ like the novel itself,

It is more than borrowing from another text; instead it is a device by which

writers/directors/performers create lkayers of meaning that are at times hidden

1. Those of which directly quote or refer to literary or non-literary works.

2. Those which imitate or seek to parody pre-text
3. Those which apply a genre using similar codes and conventions

Intertextuality uses pop culture to communicate effectively for the audience to quickly pick
up on
Stranger things, they use references from other films to communicate with each other and
the audience

The big issue covers

The cover on brexit sheds a humorous light over the issue with references to ABBA and how
they won the EUROvision song contest. They do this by adding the politics faces on the ABBA
This creates a parody of the brexit
referendum, something that
typically annoys the general public

ABBA reference to The use of

them winning the intertextuality shows
EUROvision song how the big issue tries
contest. to take away the
seriousness of topics
that are very serious
to many people of the
general public
The use of the
Photoshop adds a
humorous sense to it,
making it more The title ‘the winner
appealing to the public takes it all’
refre3nces to a ABBA
song and the debate
on whether we leave
or stay in the EU

Including the main politics of the

referendum almost makes fun of