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Job Safety Analysis Sheet

Job: Manual Excavation(Slit Trench) JSA Ref. No. JSA: 005 1st week 2nd week 3rd week 4th week

Permit No.
Facility: WPMP Work Area / Equipment:
Note: If JSA Revised, updated JSA shall be used
Personal protective equipment’s and tools:
Hard Hat, Safety Shoes, Safety Goggles/ Glasses, Hand Gloves, Overall, Dust Mask, Hand Shovel,, Hand Tools, Shoring and barricading
Pre - work Presence of Unexploded  Ensure area to be excavated has EOD Clearance Certificates.
Ordnance (UXO)  Ensure all site personnel have attended the EOD Awareness prior
to deployment.

Location of  Locate AG/UG services referring to the site map/drawing.

Aboveground (AG) or  Endorsements in excavation notification from the concerned
Underground (UG) teams for the services in the area to be excavated.
Services  Hold pre-job safety meeting.

Non-Compliance to KOC  Obtain excavation notification and cold work permit.

HSEMS Procedures or  All entrants shall have “Confined Space Entry Authorization
Engineering Standards & Training” to ensure that they are aware of the hazards inside
Specifications confined space.
 If the soil condition is hard we will maintain 1.2m vertical depth
from bottom and for the remaining portion will be in benching.
 If the soil condition is soft we will maintain slope 1:1 (it will be
applicable only on the soft side area)
 Designate a trained “Watchman” to assist entry and exit
monitoring, including recording of entrants.
 Conduct toolbox talk.

Manual Excavation Damage to AG/UG  Locate AG/UG services using a calibrated metal detector.
services  Identify the services found and provide markers.
 Isolate services as needed through authorized permit.
 Expose manually the AG/UG services.
Cave-in of excavation  Utilize sloping, benching & shoring as needed.
Injury to Workers  Ensure that excavation was properly controlled by sloping to
protect entrants from cave-in.
 Adequate access ladder is provided every 8 meters along the
excavated trench.

Collapse of excavated  Keep excavated material at least 1 meter away from the edge of
materials the trench.
 Inspect soil condition before starting excavation work.

Fall of equipment,  Install barricades, warning signs and lights.

materials, tools or  Keep equipment/materials/tools/personnel away from the edge of
personnel inside the the trench.
excavation  Wear appropriate PPE.

Presence of flammable,  Carry out gas test before excavating in hazardous area.
toxic, or explosive gas

Blocked access to  Ensure the approach to emergency equipment is not blocked due
emergency equipment to open trenches.

005-JSA- Rev 0 Manual excavation. 10/3/2018 “Do it Safely or Not at All”

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Post Work Personnel injury due to  Ensure the work place is maintained clear of debris, waste and
poor house keeping other rubbish & make the place clean & tidy.
Injury/ Accident due to  Back fill / barricade the excavated pits at the end of each day’s
improper marking/ work. Provide adequate warning signage’s and Flash lights

 Additional hazards  Live System  Ensure there is full time supervision and control.
  Ensure workers are informed of live system
 Manual handling  Provide trained flagman during working and moving near facility
 Hand Injury/Body area
Injury  Flagman gives proper signal to operator during operation
 Operator do not operate without signal by flagman
 Avoid awkward posture
 Do not put hands between materials
 Seek the Help if object is heavy
 Ensure work area kept clear
 Use appropriate PPE snd tools if required
 Giving a balanced position of feet
 Feet apart ,giving a balanced and stable base
 Donot use knee ,keep straight
 When turning to the side ,move the feet do not twist the trunk
 Keep close to the load materials
 Heat Stress,  Drink plenty of water, and electrolyte drinks as needed.
Sunburn,  Wear light-colored, cotton clothing.
Dehydration,  Slow down work rate and increase breaks in hot weather.
  Use sunscreen.

Worksite Supervisor Permit Applicant Permit Issuer

Name: Name: Name:

Company: Company: Company:
Designation: Designation: Designation:
Signature: Signature: Signature:

005-JSA- Rev 0 Manual excavation. 10/3/2018 “Do it Safely or Not at All”

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