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Karl Storz, Endoskope, Germany


Cystoscope-Urethroscope-Sheath, 22 Fr., 1pc.
with cut out and obturator 27026 BO,
with 2 LEUR-lock adaptors, Color code:
Telescope bridge with 2 lockable 1pc
instrument channels
Grasping Forceps for removal of foreign 1pc
bodies, 7 Fr., double action jaws, flexible,
length 40 cm.
Biopsy forceps, 7 Fr., double action jaws, 1pc
flexible, length 40cm
Scissors, 7 Fr., single action jaws, flexible, 1pc
length 40cm
Stone crushing forceps 1pc
Working element, Set consisting of: 1pc
27050 E 1 Working element (also for use
with optical urethrotome) 27050 2
Cutting loops 27050 2 coagulating
electrodes 277 2 high frequency cords
280 1 protection tube motion by means
of a spring. The thumb support is
movable. In rest position the electrode is
inside the sheath.
Resectoscope sheath, including 2pcs
connecting tubes for in- and outflow, 26
Fr., oblique beak, rotating inner sheath
with ceramic insulation, quick release
lock, color code: yellow
Deflecting obturator, for 24/26 Fr. 1pc
Sheaths 27040 BO, 27241 BO, 27240 BO,
27040 SD/SL, 27050 SL/SC, color code:
HOPKINS II forward-oblique Telescope 2pcs
30 Degrees, enlarged view, diameter
4mm, length 30cm., autoclavable, fiber
optic light transmission incorporated,
color code: red
SACHSE, Urethrotome sheath, 21 Fr., 1pc
with channel for Filiform-Bougies and 2
LUER-lock adaptors
Obturator, for urethrotome sheath, 21 1pc
Fr., 27068 D
Telescope bridge, with channel for 1pc
instruments 5Fr.
SACHSE Cold Knife straight, not to be 1pc
used with HF current. This article is only
available in units of 6
Cold knife hook-shaped, not to be used 1pc
with HF current. This article is only
available in units of 6
Cold knife round, not to be used with HF 1pc
current. This article is only available in
units of 6
Cutting loop, angled 27050 5pcs
Cutting loop longitudinal 27050 J 2pcs
Coagulation Electrode, barrel-shaped, 3pcs
diameter 5mm 27050 NW
Coagulation electrode, pointed 27050 L 2pcs
Lithotrite 27076A 1pc
IMAGE 1S 1pc
Cold light fountain XENON 175SCB 1pc
Monitor 19inch 9619NB 1pc

Note: Please consult me when purchasing the said instruments.

Prepared by:

Josef B. Ibarra M.D.