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203 Human Resource Management HRM

Human Resource Management HRM MCQ

Show questions one by one I

1. The meaning of the acronym HRM is_

A. .....2.J Humanistic Resource Management

B. � Human Resourceful Management

C. � Human Resource Management

D. .....2.J Human Relations Management

2. The term used before the language of modern HRM was ___

A. .....2.J Personnel Management

B. .....2.J Labour Relations

C. � All of the above

D. .....2.J Industrial Management

3. Which of the following statements is false?

A. .....2.J Organizations are now less hierarchical in nature

B. � Organizations have been subject to a raft of organizational change programs

C. � Organizations are now generally focusing upon domestic rather than international

D. .....2.J Organizations have adopted more flexible norms

4. HRM is-----

A. .....2.J employer oriented

B. .....2.J none of the above

C. .....2.J legally oriented

D. � employee oriented

5. HRM is____
Human Resource Management HRM MCQ
A. ....2..J a staff function, line function and accounting function
B. .....:.J all of the above

C. � a staff function

D. ....2..J a line function

6. The objectives of HRM are categorized as_

A. ....2..J (b) functional objectives

B. .....:.J organisational and social objectives

C. ....2..J all of the above

D. .....2.J personal objectives

7. The meaning of the acronym 'SHRM' is_

A. .....2.J Strategic Human Resource Management

B. ....2..J Short-term Human Resource Management

C. ....2..J Strategestic Human Resource Management

D. ....2..J Strategically Humane Resource Management

8. System used to collect, record, store, analyze, & retrieve data related to an organization, is
termed as:
Select correct option:

A. ....2..J HRIS (Human Resource Information System)

B. ....2..J MIS (Management Information System)

C. ....2..J DBMS (Data Base Management System)

D. ....2..J IS (Information System)

9. ____ is the process of acquiring, training, appraising and compensating employees,

attending to their labor relations, health and safety and fairness concerns.

A. ....2..J Human Resource Management

B. ....2..J Labor Relations

C. ....2..J Organizational Behavior
Human Resource Management HRM MCQ
D. � OrganizationalHealth and Safety Management

10. In strategic human resource management, HR strategies are generally aligned with

A. � marketing strategies

B. � economic strategy

C.� business strategy

D.� finance strategy

11. Which of the following is closely associated with strategic human resource management?

A.� efficient utilization of human resources

B. � providing the best possible training

C.� attracting the best human resources

D.� All of the above

12. Treating employees as precious human resources is the basis of the ___ approach

A.� mediumHRM

B. � hardHRM

C.� softHRM

D.� None of the above

13. Strategic human resource management aims to achieve competitive advantage in the market

A.� process

B.� product

C.� price

D.� people

14. Wright and Snell made important contribution to the growth of

A. � Strategic labour allocation process model
Human Resource Management HRM MCQ
B. � Strategic fit model

C. � None of the above

D. � Business-oriented model

15. Creating an environment that facilitates a continuous and two-way exchange of information
between the superiors and the subordinates is the core of

A � High commitment management model

B. � High performance management model

C. � None of the above

D. � High involvement management model

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