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I. Indicate whether each sentence is true (T) or false (F): ( 3 POINTS: 12 X 0,25 P.)

1. Hardening of the skin as a result of overproduction of collagen is called Sjogren’s syndrome.

2. Osteoporosis causes bones to be brittle.
3. Sensitivity to sunlight is a typical symptom of lupus.
4. Scleroderma is an arthritic condition.
5. Rheumatoid arthritis results from wear and tear of the joints.
6. If a person receives a “pat on the back”, he or she receives praise and encouragement.
7. If a person complains that he or she has dry eyes, dry mouth, fatigue, he or she could have ankylosing
8. Kidney stones and decreased kidney function can result from gout.
9. A “stiff-necked” is a stubborn person.
10. The idiom “a bone of contention” refers to something people agree about.
11. Discoid lupus affects organs such as brain, heart, lungs and heart.
12. People with osteoporosis will experience fractures.

II. Choose the correct answer from a, b or c : ( 3 POINTS: 12 X 0,25 P.)

1. Scleroderma is the result of: a. inflammation and bony knobs; b. overproduction of collagen and inflammation;
c. stooping.
2. Another term for scleroderma is: a. collagen; b. autoimmune disorder; c. hard skin.
3. A risk factor for developing gout is: a. excess consumption of alcohol; b. malnutrition; c. excessive urination.
4. Arthritis can lead to: a. bone infection; b. brittle bones; c. deformity of joints.
5. “I can feel it in my bones” means: a. you are having bone pain; b. you feel something will happen; c. you are
very cold.
6. Gouty arthritis causes: a. tender, swollen sensation in the big toe; b. muscle pain; c. sensitivity to light.
7. Patients with Sjogren’s syndrome experience: a. dry lips; b. hard skin; c. dry mouth.
8. People with systemic lupus have; a. the body organs seriously affected; b. a skin rash on the face and scalp; c. a
butterfly rash on their face.
9. To manage fibromyalgia, patients need to: a. quit smoking; b. get enough sleep; c. drink a lot of liquids.
10. Porous bones are: a. brittle; b. strong; c. stooped.
11. Symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis include: a. intolerable hot sensation; b. dry eyes; deformity in the joints.
12. People with osteoporosis are likely to have: a. stooped posture; b. joint deformities; c. strong bones.

III. Describe the meaning of the following terms: ( 3 POINTS: 6 X 0,50 P.)

1. gouty arthritis
2. scleroderma
3. ankylosing spondylitis
4. Siogren’s syndrome
5. arthritis
6. lupus.