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Language has very important part and absolute existence in a communication.

Language becomes a tool in

communication which language and communication have inseparable relationship. Language is interpretation
of what someone want to say to other people. Language based on gorys keraf(2004) is a communication tool
that used by component of society in teh form of symbol produced by human utensil. When the human will
to communicate each other, so he will use a language that usually used to deliver information. There are
some functions of language as a communication tool among them to deliver information, to express ourselves
that is interpret our ideas to other people, language becomes a capital for humans to adapt with everything
that is in the environment, language can used to influence attitude and also opinion of other people. With
learn language as a communication tool, we can know that language in using as a communication tool has
different varieties depends on communication is done.

English has been considered the first foreign language in Indonesia. English in Indonesia is generally taught as
a foreign language. Foreign language is a language that is not used as a communication tool in certain
countries where the language is taught. Foreign languages are usually taught as one of the subjects in school
with the aim of basic communication and mastering four skills (listening, reading, writing, speaking) in that
language certain limits.

Writing skills in english especially for Indonesian people are the most difficult skills to master. Writing skills
may be more difficult than speaking english or listening english because we have to master some things like
grammar and spelling. Besides speaking, writing is also a way for a person to express himself through his
writing to interact with others and writing is also a creative act. According to Henry Guntur Tarigan (1986: 15)
states that writing can be interpreted as an activity of expressing ideas by using written language as a
conveying medium and according to Eric Gould, Robert DiYanni, dan William Smith (1989: 18) states that
writing is a creative act, the act of writing is creative because its requires to interpret or make sense of
something: a experience, a text, an event. In English there are four skills that are very important, but in
various conditions, writing skills play a very important role, such as when conducting an English test and
writing a paper or thesis.

In this research, the acquisition of writing skills was done by group work methods. By applying every material
to the group work method to build student motivation in learning English and students can help each other
by giving advice. In group work methods will encourage students to actively exchange ideas with each other
and develop their creative ideas. Alwasilah (2007: 25) states that, the notion of collaboration is a writing
teaching technique involving colleagues to correct each other. Collaboration is a place to meet and stay in
touch with knowledge. In addition, there is social learning. One principle is that everyone has its own

The problems which faced by some EFL students in writing argumenta essay. Results of the data indicated that
students faced the problems in three categories, those are linguistics problems, cognitive problems, and
psychological problems. Mostly, students faced problems in linguistics related to the grammatical structure
(23.2%), formatting words (30.2%), words classes (16,3%), error in using words (9,3), and thr use of article
(21%). Second, cognitive problems related to organizing paragraph, getting lost the generic structure, making
a conclusion, and putting punctuation. Last, psychological problems which included laziness, egoism, bad
mood, and difficulties to start writing are also faced by EFL students.

The problems found above needs a solution, as speaking is an important skill to acquire for EFL learners. In
this research, we use small group work to maximize the learning process of students. Because, every students
has different understanding and abilities, in a small group work they can share their ideas to each other,
giving motivation, and doing evaluation. This research observed the small group work in writing
argumentative essay to fill the gap.

Group is as a part of cooperative learning method. According to Richards and Rodgers

(2001:192) argued that Cooperative learning is an approach to teach that makes maximum use
cooperative activities involving pairs and small groups of learners in the classroom. So learning
process with using group activity is as a part of cooperative learning method. This strategy can
help students work cooperatively, make their work be easier, and maximize their understanding.

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