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Projectile motion – an object that is initially Potential Energy – the type of energy possessed

thrown into the air and continuous to move on its by an object because of its position.
trajectory acted upon by gravity.
*Gravitational Energy - energy stored in an
Time of flight – the entire duration while the object’s position.
projectile is in its trajectory.
*Chemical Energy - energy stored in the bonds of
Range – the maximum horizontal distance atoms and molecules.
travelled by the projectile.
*Nuclear Energy – energy that holds nucleus
Maximum Height – the maximum vertical together and is stored in the nucleus of an atom.
displacement travelled by the projectile in its
*Mechanical Energy – objects by tension.
Kinetic Energy – the type of energy possessed by
Momentum – involves motion & mass.
an object by the virtue of its motion.
Newton’s Law of Inertia - defines what happens
*Motion Energy – energy stored in the
to the motion of a body when force is absent on
movement of objects.
the body.
*Heat (thermal) energy – the energy due to
Impulse – the force needed to produce a change
vibration and movement of the atoms and
in the body’s momentum through a combination
molecules within substances.
of changes in its mass and/or velocity.
*Radiant Energy – electromagnetic energy that
Energy - the ability to do work
travels in transverse waves.
*Sound Energy - the movement of energy
through substances in longitudinal waves.

*Electrical Energy - tiny charged particles called

electrons, typically moving through a wire.

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