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MINI-LINK Traffic Node Command Line Interface

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ShahinsharEmamPC#show ?
startup-config Current saved configuration
running-config Current running configuration
mlhch MLHCH show command
aaa Show aaa authentication configuration
aaaPolicyStatus Show aaaPolicyStatus
bruteforcethreshold Show the number of failed logins required to identify
brute forceattack
cliprotocol Show CLI protocol in use
confirm Show confirm parameters
enableLocalUsers Show the status of local users: enabled(1), disabled(2)
ftpprotocol Show default FTP protocol in use
localuseridletimer Show the idle timer (min) set for the local users
secureprotocols Show secure protocols in use
snmpv3protocol Show xfSecuritySNMPv3Protocol value
backplane Configuration information for a backplane
board Configuration information for a board
config-changed-timer Show the delay between a config change and sending the
config-validation-info Display config infomation list
file-integrity-alarm Display File Integrity Alarm Status
protection-role Display protection role
rl-license Shows configuration of RL license handling
subrack Configuration information for a subrack
sys_notes Show specific information related to site
system Configuration information for the system
temp Display actual temperature and thresholds for all
userio Display User I/O configuration and status
sfph Show SFP Handler state
arp Show ARP table
clock Show system clock
dcnpinghost Show xfpingtargethost IPAddress
ftp Show FTP configuration
ip6tables List open IPv6 firewall ports
iptables List open firewall ports
ipv6 IPv6 information
local-access Show local-access state
manmonitorperiod Show MAN Monitor period
netstat Show netstatistics
networks Show the DCN network
ntp-status Show NTP configuration and status
ospf Show OSPF configuration
ospfv3 Show OSPFv3 configuration
rsyslog Show remote syslog configuration for IPv4
rsyslog6 Show remote syslog configuration for IPv6
rsyslogsec Show remote security syslog configuration for IPv4
rsyslogsec6 Show remote security syslog configuration for IPv6
switch_mode Display status of Site Switch Mode
timezone Show time zone currently set
debugging Debugging status information
interface Interface configuration status
route-map OSPF route-map information
route-mapv3 OSPFv3 route-map information
router-id Router ID
bridge-basics Display bridge basic config
bridge-port Display bridge ports config
dcn-lan-ctag Display dcn-lan-ctag status
epl Display EPLs
ethernet Display various ethernet settings (aliases)
hqos-node Display hqos-node profiles
hqos-profile Display scheduler profiles
igmp Display IGMP Snooping
lag Display LAGs
mac-address-table Display the MAC address table
mac-whitelist Display MAC whitelists
mfib Multicast Forwarding Information Base
mld Display MLD Snooping
mst Display Spanning Tree MST config
policing-bandwidth-profile Display policing-bandwidth profiles
policing-cos-group-mapping Display policing COS group mapping configuration
policing-cos-groups Display policing COS groups configuration
policing Display policing configuration
queue-set-profile Display queu-set profiles
scheduler-profile Display scheduler profiles
spanning-tree Display Spanning Tree Protocol config, all ports
vlan Display VLANs
wred-or-color-dropping Display WRED or color dropping configuration
wred-profile Display WRED profiles
cfm Show CFM information
soam Show SOAM info
ces Display general ces information
dcn-mode Show DCN Ethernet port mode
ecps ECPS module related 'show' messages
ptp Show Precision Time Protocol related settings
tacacs-server Display TACACS+ server information
tacacs_address_Type Show the IP address type
radius-server Display RADIUS server information
radius_address_Type Show the IP address type
fintperiod Show file integrity check period
rl Display RL information
etub Show status of ETUB application
rps Show status of RPS application
hdme Show status of HDME service
ph Show PH info
port-protection Show status of ethernet port protection
copy Show status of ongoing software upgrades
notification-log Show notification-log
alarms Show alarm info
history Command history
ip IP information
processes Running processes
version Software and hardware revision information
x Show system logs