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CELLD 300 Product

Evolution of TPS rack system
• Universal, modular shelf power systems for
indoor and outdoor application
• Form factor – 19IN or 21IN panel
• Max output current – 250 A
• Controller – ORION or ORION Eco
• Rectifiers – max. 6x DPR 2900
• Load protections – 15-24x MCB (18 mm ) up to
DPS 2900B-48-n CELLD 300
63 A (1P), 100 A (2P) or 150A (3P)
P/N: 3799624700
• Battery protections - 2-6x MCB (27 mm) up to
125A (1P), 200A (2P) or 300A (3P)
• Low voltage battery/ load dis-connector (LVD/
LVLD) - optional
• Low priority load dis-connector (PLD) – 150 A/
250 A (option)
• Optional top and rear cover (IP 20 protection
Components Rear view

ORION backplane AC input

New concept of bus bar &

rectifier connector
Power configurations

DPS 2900B-48-3 DPS 2900B-48-5 DPS 2900B-48-6 DPS 2900B-48-3 DPS 2900B-48-6

Size 19IN 5U Size 19IN 5U Size 19IN 6U Size 21IN 4U Size 21IN 5U
Up to 3 rectifiers Up to 5 rectifiers Up to 6 rectifiers Up to 3 rectifiers Up to 6 rectifiers
Battery MCB’s Battery MCB’s Battery MCB’s Battery MCB’s Battery MCB’s
2-6 x2 7mm 2-6 x27mm 2-6 x 27mm 2-6 x 27mm 2-6 x 27mm
Load MCB’s Load MCB’s Load MCB’s Load MCB’s Load MCB’s
15-21 x 18mm 15-21 x 18mm 15-21 x 18mm 18-24 x 18mm 18-24 x 18mm
Input / Output interface
DC Output
• Battery protections – space for 2, 4 or 6x MCB (27 mm),
up to 125 A (1P), 200 A (2P), 300 A (3P)
• Battery LVD (150 A, 250 A or 300 A)
• Load protections – space for 15-24 MCB (18 mm),
up to 63 A (1P), 100 A (2P) or 150 A (3P)
• Partial load dis-connector (150 A or 250 A) optional
• Battery cable terminals – cable lugs (M6 on 1P/2P and M8 on 3P MCB’s)
• Load cable terminals – screw clamps neg., cable lug (M5) pos., max. cable
size up to 35 mm2
• 6x Alarm relays – free potential contact (C, NO, NC)
• Improved access, spring terminals,18 pins, cable size up to 1,5 mm2
AC Input
• Standard - 3 phase AC input Line TN-S (L1,L2, L3, N, PE)
• Optional – 1-2 x (1x3ph / 3x1ph configurable)

DC output
Alarm terminals

1x3ph 1x3ph 1x3ph/3x1ph 2x(1x3ph/3x1ph)

Improved sliding mechanism

• Robust 212 mm sliding mechanism

• Two options for different depths of rear
mounting rails (InD SC, OutD)
• CabD rear support TBD
New Delta HE 97+ Rectifiers

• High Efficiency: >97% at 30%~50% load

• Output: -48V/57A, Max. Power 2900W
• Wide Input Voltage Range (90V~300V)
• Power Factor Correction (>0,99)
• Hot-pluggable, All Connectors are at the rear
• Compact Size
36.5W/in3 (48V) Power Density
Dimension: 42mm/1U(W) x 125,5mm/3U(H) x
• Light weight: ~2 Kg (4,4 lb)H
• Fan cooling and easy replaceable fan design
• Operation temp.: -40 …+75 °C (+45…+75 °C
• UL/CUL,TUV/CE Certificated
• Full mechanical and electrical compatibility with
the existing ESR-48/56B Fc and both would be
mixed in one system
Orion Controller

Delta’s ORION Programmable

Integration of
controller supporting PLC logic
sustainable hybrid energy
operations to save sources. Control and
energy management
functions who saves Remote
energy and costs
communication via
Hot pluggable
design Extensive Modbus and iPhone
battery (Pb/LI) app
Control and supervision and
management of all control features Easy configuration
power system management ,
features Inventory reporting,
Energy smart language support
metering to provide and configurable
Full site control easy overview about data logging
and managing energy consumption features