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SSN # 1130683878

ID :1130683878

Print Date :10/11/2018, 03:42:32

Patient Name: AREVALO, YASMIN DoB:10/11/1989 Sex: Female

Age 29y 0m 0d

Ethnicity: Indian American Marital Status : Single Occupation : Administrator

Evaluation date: 10/11/2018, 02:00:18 Information Source: Self / Reliability : Seems reliable

Chief Complaint

History of Present Illness

paciente con dolor en el dorso derecho su dolor es interno y pasa a la espalda y se pregunta al pacienta
cuanto califica usted el dolor que siente de una escala de 1 a 10 responde que 8 .

Medication History

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Personal History
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Family History and Genetic Information

Family Information

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Socioeconomic Status :
Housing conditions :
Educational Level : University


Sexuality : . .

Physical Examination
Vital Signs

Temperature Systolic
Blood Pressure
Heart rate Respiratory Oxygen
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Height Waist BMI

Weight Hip WHR

Level of Conciousness / Glasgow Scale

Eyes 4/4 Verbal 5/5 Motor 6/6 Total 15 / 15


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