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The silt fence is mounted on the lower edge of the slope of the disturbed area, along
the same height line (parallel to the contour line). Placed behind a steeper slope foot
if possible to increase the "ponding" effect.

Preparation :
- Survey area that’s may be affected by erosion during earthwork activities
- Prepare all document requires

Installation :
- Create ponding by using existing soil/embankment
- Placed ponding at the edge of run off
- Install silt fence (geotextile) perimeter of boundary ponding as a fencing
- Install hardstands as separator/ filtering waste or any death branch near to the top
of run off

Maintenance :
- Do re-excavation when the sediment almost fulfilled ponding.
- If there are any overtopping in short term, re construct for another ones of silt fence
- Remove the silt fence after the location has been stabilized by measuring
permanent soil erosion / sediment control measurements

Monitoring :
- Periode aktif atau selama aktifitas land clearing pada area tersebut masih
berlangsung, 2-3 hari setelah hujan
- Periode tidak aktif atau selama aktifitas land clearing pada area tersebut sudah
selesai, 2 minggu sekali