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Small Group/Individual

I did an individual tutoring with a new student in the class who is far behind grade level.

Working with him I hoped to achieve some recognition of letters and letter sounds. I will working with

him on tracing letters, writing them on his own, and applying them to words. I decided that I was going

to work with this child because he was a brand new student, but he was new to the United States and

spoke very little English. He was very behind in the 4th grade, so me and the teacher decided that it

would be best for me to pull him aside and try and catch him up the best I could.

The teacher gave me a letter tracing book for him to work on. First, the child wanted to learn

and asked me to write the ABC’s in the front of his notebook for him. As I was writing down the letters,

he would sing along to the song and I would slow him down so he would be able to recognize the letter.

He was decent at telling me the letters in alphabetical order, but if I pointed to a random letter he would

have trouble. So we would sing the alphabet song twice and then I would point at a random letter and

have him try and tell me what it is. Most of the time, he wouldn’t be able too so I would begin to make

the sound that the letter makes and he would slowly start to get it once I gave him more hints. I would

pick like three letters and then I would have him pick three letters. He still struggled with the letters that

he picked unless he picked letters that he knew like R and A.

After we went over our alphabet for a little, he would have to pick two pages to do in the letter

book. He would trace the uppercase letters and then the lowercase letters and then write them on his

own. He succeeded pretty well with tracing and telling me what the letter is while he was doing it. After

we traced them, we would have to put the letter with the word and picture that was given to us. So they

would give us “_ar” and he would have to put the “c” and make “car”. He enjoyed doing this for a little

bit, but after a while, he didn’t want to do anything. The intended outcome was that he would be able to

recognize the letters and their sounds.

My reflection on this lesson is that it was rewarding to work with a child so far behind, but it was

also difficult in this environment. The student was in the process of learning a whole new language and

making friends as well. He had been in an orphanage for his whole life so he had no structure prior to

coming to school, so that was a challenge as well because he wanted to do what he wanted to do not

what me or the teacher wanted. I really enjoyed seeing him make progress and it really made me reflect

on what I was doing and confirm that I really do want to be a teacher. It was nice to be one-on-one with

him because that was all he needed and I really enjoyed the bond I created with this student. You could

tell that he trusted me. I’m glad I had the opportunity to work with him and learn from the experience.