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Google Code of Conduct

I. Serve Our Users c) Competitors; Former Employers

d) Outside Communications and
a) Integrity
b) Usefulness
c) Privacy, Security, and Freedom of
Expression V. Protect Google's Assets
d) Responsiveness a) Intellectual Property
e) Take Action b) Company Equipment
c) The Network
II. Support Each Other d) Physical Security
e) Use of Google's Equipment and
a) Equal Opportunity Employment
b) Harassment, Discrimination, and
f) Employee Data
c) Drugs and Alcohol
d) Safe Workplace VI. Ensure Financial Integrity and
e) Dog Policy Responsibility
a) Spending Google's Money
III. Avoid Conflicts of Interest b) Signing a Contract
c) Recording Transactions
a) Personal Investments
d) Reporting Financial or Accounting
b) Outside Employment and
e) Hiring Suppliers
c) Outside Employment, Advisory
f) Retaining Records
Roles, Board Seats, and Starting
Your Own Business
d) Business Opportunities Found VII. Obey the Law
Through Work a) Trade Controls
e) Inventions b) Competition Laws
f) Friends and Relatives; Co-Worker c) Insider trading Laws
Relationships d) Anti-Bribery Laws
g) Accepting Gifts, Entertainment, and e) Non-government relationships
Other Business Courtesies f) Dealing with government officials
h) Use of Google Products and
i) Reporting Source:
IV. Preserve Confidentiality Google Code of Conduct.(n.d.). Retrieved
a) Confidential Information
b) Google Partners