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Funanya Uchemefuna

Dance Module

Dance Activity Plan

Name of Activity Tarantella Folk Dance

Learning Objective Music Grade 3 Standard: 2.8 Create, memorize, and perform original
movement sequences with a partner or a small group

Objective: Students will learn that movement can be organized to

create dance.
Materials Needed Tarantella music (CD or ipod)
Movable clothing
Tambourine (Instead of clapping if possible)

Summary of How Activity Students will stand and be grouped up by 3. I will explain that dance
Unfolds can be created by combining different movements together. I will then
(Be specific!) proceed to teach them 3 individual movements through steps that will
be combined together at the end. As I model the movements students
will be encouraged to do the movements along with me. Movement
number one: I will skip clockwise for 8 steps and then skip
counterclockwise for another 8 steps. Movement number two: I will
place my right leg forward, then place it back. This motion will be done
twice. The second portion will be me taping my right foot for 8 steps as
I rotate clockwise with my hand clapping to the steps. Once I have fully
rotated I will do the same routine, but with my left leg rotating
counterclockwise. Movement number three: I will proceed with my
arms in the air then lift up my bended right knee and clap my hands on
it. This will be done for 8 counts. I will then do the same routine, but
with my left knee and for 6 counts. Then I will repeat the same routine
for my right knee again, but for another 8 counts. Once my modeling is
done I will then start the entire dance over again and have the
students follow my exact movements. Once each group has
memorized the movements separately I will instruct them to do all 3
movements together. At the end of the lesson students will reflect on
what they learned by discussing with an elbow partner about what
dance is.