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ESPERENZA EN ESCALANTE (EEE) MISCONDUCT AFFIDAVIT OF ROY WARDEN I Roy Warden, under penalty if perjury, do herein declare, swear and affirm the following facts are true and correct to the best of my information and belief: 1. In July 2013, shortly after I entered the two year EEE Grant-Per-Diem (GPD) Veterans in Transition program for homeless veterans (located at 3700 South Calle Po- lar, Tucson Arizona 85730), I came to an agreement with EEE Program Director Phyllis Russell to (1) inspire and encourage community spirit within an otherwise dependent and lethargic community, (2) refurbish an abandoned garden area including three raised garden structures! and the space enclosed therein, (3) recruit, instruct and employ jobless veteran volunteers residing at EEE to grow organic vegetables for EEE community use, and (4) create a meaningful surplus which might be provided to enrich the diet for veterans residing at the Veterans Hospital in Tucson Arizona, and else- where. 2. Inreturn for my effort Director Russell granted me per- mission to create, establish and direct an independent, ongoing, EEE located, veteran directed, veteran run 1 The three raised garden areas are referred to as the “north” garden, the “south” garden and the “west” garden. program which | would continue to organize, promote and direct after concluding my two year EEE residency program, Director Russell instructed me to consult and to develop a specific garden plan with EEE employee Clark Dyer, who managed a substance abuse program in Building Three, adjacent to the north side of the designated gar- den area. In July 2013, after consultation with and directions given by EEE employee Clark Dyer, | developed a spe- cific plan for the utilization of the three abandoned raised garden structures, and the common space en- closed therein, which had fallen into disuse and lay bar- ren after years of neglect. The plan required me to (1) clean out, refurbish, and establish a viable garden in the three abandoned raised garden structures and the common area enclosed therein, (2) maintain wheelchair access to all sides of the raised garden structures, and all new structures to be created therein, (3) recruit and employ volunteer gar- deners from EEE residents, and (4) grow and distribute organic produce to EEE residents. In July 2013 I established a Facebook site titled “Vets Feeding Vets” where I (1) posted a “Mission Statement” setting forth the general objectives of Vets Feeding Vets, (2) posted articles intended to inspire self-reliance and community spirit within an otherwise dependent and lethargic community, (3) solicited interest in the pro- gram from a variety of off-site Pima County veteran? and garden enthusiasts, and (4) posted articles relevant to organic gardening, aquaponics, the use of “key hole” gardens to promote water conservation, etc. 7. InJuly 20131 shared the details, and the objectives, of the Vets Feeding Vets project, with my “Case Manager” (CM) Andrea McCammon, and continued to so advise her during subsequent EEE program quarterly reviews. 8. Additionally; 1. shared with CM McCammon my desire to modify my diet and engage in exercise in order to re- duce my intake of prescribed medications to treat stress and depression. 9. In August 2013 I began removing trash, debris and weeds from the garden site. 10. In the fall of 2013, even though I was confined to a wheelchair due to a broken hip caused by a bicycle ac- cident I suffered in late August 2013, I continued pre- paring the soil and removing debris from the site, thus confirming the feasibility of volunteer wheelchair gar- deners performing significant gardening functions. 11. In the spring of 2014 Director Russell and CM McCam- mon failed to take action after | informed them an EEE employee, not connected to the garden project, was 2 (Ret.) Colonel Martha McSally was the first outside veteran to befriend the program.