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Clarifying Questions – Gerunds and Infinitives Version

Your partner will ask you a question. If the question has an error, clarify it using one of the
strategies below combined with reported speech (i.e. move the verb tense back). If the
question is error-free, then just answer the question.

Example. A: Do you enjoy to go to concerts?

B: I’m sorry. Did you ask me if I enjoyed going to concerts?
A: Yes.
B: Oh. Yes… I saw Justin Bieber last year and…

------ (fold or cut paper here) ----------------

Student A

1. What is something that you have recently avoided to do? (wrong – avoid doing)
2. What didn’t your parents allow you to do? (correct)
3. Is your hometown worth to visit? (wrong – worth visiting)
4. Would you agree to pay more taxes if it meant that university education would be free?
5. What chore do you detest to do the most? (wrong – detest doing)
6. When is someone old enough to get married? (correct)
7. What age is too soon having children? (wrong – to have)

------------- (fold paper here) –----------------------------------

Student B

1. Did you accidentally forget doing anything on the weekend? (wrong – to do)
2. What do you like to do at the end of the day when you finish working? (correct)
3. When do you expect getting a job? (wrong – to get)
4. What are you looking forward to doing tonight? (correct)
5. Are you interested to go to a ballet performance? (wrong – in going)
6. If you saw an accident at the side of the road, would you keep to drive? (wrong – keep
on driving)
7. What is something you miss doing? (correct)

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