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TCF: Complementary Solution Provider - WINNER 2015

The Complete Document Management System


Output DATA
Client Letters / Statements Mortgage / Loan / Application Forms

July 2

To Whom it maay concern,
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Sam Hubbard has completed
l a week of work experience at EFS
FSS Techno
SamHubbardhascompletedaweekofworkexperienceatEFSTechnologyLtd(7 Lttd (7th–11
Julyy 2014),
working as a Jun nior
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G hi / WebW b Designer
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d my tutelage
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During this timee he has proved himself an extremely capable young man man, who was able to fo
Duringthistimehehasprovedhimselfanextremelycapableyoungman,whowasabletofollow ollow
instruction, work to a brief and also work autonomously.

He hass sho
ho a real flair
Hehasshownarealflair Adobe Photo Shop 5.5
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& Archived by

Yours Since
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Joseph Fer
Marketingtingg & Design Manager
Marketing&DesignManager ger
EFS Technology

Supports all major

languages & character
EFS Technology Ltd, 2 Burlington Park, Station Road, Foxton, Cambridge, CB22 6SA
t: +44 (0)1223 872747 f: +44 (0)1223 873399
ReginEngland&WalesNo.2438041VATNo.GB538412153 sets

Investment Reports /
Portfolio Statements
Create, Deliver & Archive
• Colour Documents
• Language Variations
• Marketing Messages
• Customer Specific Graphs
• Letters

Archive & Retrieve TEMENOS

Print Email Fax
from TEMENOS Workflow



Print Preview PDF Email Fax XML Archive Workflow

Cut the Time to Create Documents
Personalise Improve Accuracy Enhance Corporate Image

 A single interface to manage TEMENOS output and other ancillary IT applications
 Consistently branded documents with regional variations
 Dramatic cuts in inventory management & printing costs
 Supports Asian, Arabic, Cyrillic & European character sets
 Transaction driven letters which can be quickly updated to meet new legislation
 Portfolio statements with graphical representation

Cut programming costs

AUTOFORM significantly cuts the cost & time required to convert TEMENOS output into stunning multi-language
letters, statements and other banking documents. Our intelligent distribution can push your output to any number
of communication channels simultaneously, whether it's to network/local printers, email, fax, XML, SMS or web
browsers. Intuitive drag and drop data mapping tools make it easy to build any type of document, whilst the freedom
to create and customise your own overlays in any standard DTP or graphics package (MS Publisher, PowerPoint, Adobe
InDesign, etc), means you can quickly free up technical resources for other projects by allowing your marketing
or art department to control document design and replace or reduce pre-printed inventory. Alternative language
templates can also be easily localised by native speakers without any arduous or complex program changes or coding.

Worldwide identity - regional variation

AUTOFORM LN makes it easy to maintain a consistent corporate image across all of your international documentation,
whilst conditionally managing the content to meet different language, legal and tax requirements. The results are
not only more attractive documents which enhance your corporate branding, but substantial cross company savings
by eliminating the expense and rigidity associated with pre-printed stationery or hard coded programming.

Corporate Retail Wealth Management

Performance Analysis - Monthly and yearly performance

Name: Mr Robert Branson
Branch: Royston Herts
Sort Code: 20-16-29
Number: 677344444

AUTOFORM Bank Banking Road Poundtown W1 7AR Monthly Performance

AUTOFORM Bank IBAN: C8 26 AUTO 2014 3333 7619 11 Period Start Value Net In / Outflow Eur End Value NOK Return % Cumulated return
Mr Robert Branson Banking Road SWIFTBAC: AUTOB22

Green Drift Poundtown

1st April 2011
31/12/2015 - 06/01/2016 886,617,305.40
Portfolio Overview
- Allocation
897,142,225.71 1.18 % 4.37 %
Royston W1 7AR Figures shown are Trade Date based
SG8 2RB Mortgage Application
Yearly Performance
Personal Details
Period Start Value Net In / Outflow EUR End Value NOK Return % Cumulated return
Dear Mr Branson Customer 1 Customer 2
Portfolio Allocation Asset Allocation
Title Mr Title Mrs 31/12/2015 - 06/01/2016 886,617,305.40 Category 24,405.23 Market value in NOK897,142,225.71 % 1.18 % 27.93 %
Thank You for Opening an Account With AUTOFORM Bank 31/12/2014 - 31/12/2015 847,016,402.44 12,956,005.40 886,617,305.40 3.15 % 26.44 %
Forename Robert Forename Roberta Cash and Deposits -303,599,316.46 -33.68 %
Middle Name James Middle Name 31/12/2013 - 31/12/2014 726,622,485.86 115,670,870.42 847,016,402.44 0.65 % 22.58 %
Thank you for choosing AUTOFORM Bank PLC, the of fset bank from the Bank Company Ltd. It’s a decision that Fixed Income / Bonds 1,147,218,905.65 127.28 %
we believe will bring you real benefits now and for many years to come. Surname Branson Surname Branson
31/12/2012 - 31/12/2013 659,721,811.18 10,230,571.10 726,622,485.86 8.59 % 21.78 %
31/12/2011 - 31/12/2012 468,147,236.34 Equities 161,847,225.33 57,696,829.12 6.40 %
659,721,811.18 6.35 % 12.15 %
Gender Male Gender Female
You certainly have a lot to look forward to: attractive rates on all our products; interest calculated on the basis of
daily balances; financial flexibility – and great service. Nationality English Nationality English Total Assets 901,316,418.31 100.00 %

Our products are great in their own right – but they can work even better together. Thanks to our unique Telephone Telephone
Home 01763 245250 Home 01763 245250 Accruals 7,134,158.24
approach to banking, you can connect all our products in any combination to get your money working even Work 01763 245222 Work 01763 245222
harder for you. Mobile 0785 106 2052 Mobile 0785 106 2052
FX -15,858,811.41
Email Email
We’re the only bank where you can offset your deposits against any kind of personal borrowing without having Total Net Asset Value 892,591,765.14
a mortgage with us. This means that, in return for forgoing interest on your current account and/or savings, you Date of Birth 23/01/2010 Date of Birth 21/01/2010
5 Years Performance 31/12/2011 - 06/01/2016 Monthly Performance 31/12/2015 - 06/01/2016
pay no interest on the equivalent amount you borrow. As your monthly payments aren’t affected, you could pay Number of dependent 1 Number of dependent 1
off your borrowings quicker. And as you aren’t receiving any interest, there’s no tax to pay. Alternatively, there is children children

the choice of maximising – this is when you can earn borrowing rates of interest on the money you have in return Marital Status Married Marital Status Married
for continuing to pay interest on your borrowings.
Do you smoke? No Do you smoke? No
To find out more about the benefits of this innovative and award-winning* approach, please visit our online Do you pay into a Yes Do you pay into a No
demonstration at our website and select ‘How It Works’ from the Demos menu. Pension? Pension?

Present accommodation details

You can manage your finances 24 hours a day through our secure website. And whenever you need us, our
Currency Exposure Currency Exposure
friendly, knowledgeable teams are ready and waiting at one of the largest call centres in Europe. Customer 1 Customer 2
Currency Value in Currency Exposure in NOK %
Yours sincerely, Current address 24 High Street Current address 24 High Street
Royston Royston
Name: Mr Robert Branson Herts Herts
NOK 561,787,460.89 561,787,460.89 63.52 %
Branch: Royston Herts SG8 5DY SG8 5DY
Sort Code: 20-16-29 Time at address From: 1993 To: 2011 Time at address From: 1993 To: 2011 USD 41,428,526.73 370,095,220.21 41.85 %
Number: 677344444
Present residential Homeowner Present residential Homeowner
status status AUD 471.85 2,959.76 0.00 %
Correspondence 24 High Street, Correspondence 24 High Street,
IBAN: C8 26 AUTO 2014 3333 7619 11 Address Royston Address Royston Return % GBP Cumulated % -28,723.50 -373,884.27 -0.04 % %
Return Cumulated %
Peter Autoform
SG8 5DY SG8 5DY EUR -4,855,942.78 -47,116,970.00 -5.33 %
Personal Banking Director 1st April 2011

Mortgage & loan letters direct from TEMENOS Individual customer investment portfolio
with interchangeable paragraphs statements with pie or bar charts
Print Preview Function
Print to any device on your network

Internet Banking - TEMENOS T24 print preview Print locally

print anywhere window of the finished document in branch

Giving you back control

Whether it's in-branch or at home, staff and customers will instantly benefit from our easy to use and seamlessly
integrated print preview function, giving them sharp, clear and perfectly formatted documents for review before printing.

„„ Instant PDF preview of the finished document

„„ Maintain your corporate branding and style across all your documentation
„„ Generate dynamic statements for printing online

Always adding value

The advantages of our print preview function extend into the back office as well,
cutting down on resource overheads and administration by allowing you to:
is the ultimate
„„ Print locally in branch sophistication'
„„ Restore local print function when upgrading from desktop to the browser Leonardo da Vinci
„„ Maintain branch level control over printers

Developed and tested in conjunction with TEMENOS software engineers, our solutions are used extensively by banks
across the world. With AUTOFORM LN you know you are in safe hands.
Printing & Broadcasting from T24
Intelligent broadcasting from your banking network

broadcast channels
T24 output
secure pdf
email / xml / sms / fax
high volume

print schedule & sort

on demand internal external

generate, prinng to sent to

view & print
high print out-
volume sourcing
printers company
in branch

„„ Automated email and fax delivery, in addition to pre-sorted post
„„ Automated T24 to PDF conversion and PDF combining, allowing printing & mailing to be outsourced
„„ Eliminates multiple, same address, deliveries
„„ The opportunity to exchange document information using XML, PDF and the web

Intelligent digital distribution

AUTOFORM LN can convert TEMENOS printed output to a range of file types which can then be delivered via the
recipient's chosen method, such as email, fax or XML. Other advantages include:

„„ Delivery 'To' & 'From' staff specific email addresses, for better customer relations and ease of response
„„ Inserts subject header line e.g. 'STATEMENT May 2012 From Your Bank Name.'
„„ Automatically attaches documents held in AUTOFORM Archive e.g. statements with copies of redeemed cheques
„„ Provide 'statement ready' email and SMS alerts for internet banking customers

Automates Mail Room Tasks

In addition to automating digital distribution, AUTOFORM LN also offers a range of mail collation & print scheduling
facilities for COB requirements and outsourced printing.

„„ Print documents in name order, so that multiple account holders can receive statements in one envelope

„„ Prioritize time-critical documents for printing over non-urgent documents, regardless of when they were produced

„„ File copies can be held and printed in filing order at a convenient time. This prevents document loss when staff
are sharing printers

„„ Converts TEMENOS output to PDF ZIPPED files, ready for outsourced mailing houses
TEMENOS T24 Integrated Archive
Everything you need at the touch of a button

AUTOFORM DM Archive provides:

 On-screen TEMENOS T24 integrated document, photo and signature retrieval

 Sophisticated automatic indexing and cross referencing facilities

 Fast access to document copies for reprinting or emailing

 A document vault for customer's finance related documents

Instant TEMENOS T24 Document Retrieval

When answering customer or audit queries, it is often necessary to refer to supporting documentation, but hard
copies are simply too slow to retrieve and too cumbersome to store, especially in a modern banking environment.
AUTOFORM DM Archive integrates seamlessly with TEMENOS T24 to overcome these difficulties, allowing any
document to be viewed instantly from within a standard TEMENOS T24 enquiry screen.

AUTOFORM DM for TEMENOS Outgoing Documentation: As TEMENOS T24 generates a statement, investment
report, letter or any other document, AUTOFORM DM automatically stores a copy in a fully indexed online archive.
Searchable index keys can include the customer's name, date, account number, branch code or any other indices
that TEMENOS T24 uses.

AUTOFORM DM for Incoming Mail: AUTOFORM LN can capture documents from scanners, email & fax servers.
Alternatively, they can be dragged and dropped into the archive, from any desktop. AUTOFORM then uses data
from TEMENOS T24 to index and link the document to any screen, for immediate retrieval with TEMENOS T24.

Technical Specification
 Web services integration technology
 API integration with TCIB and TCMB
 Web-browser viewing from TEMENOS T24 enquiry screens
 LDAP access control
 Archive is held on a central server allowing for remote or branch access

Accelerated business processing

AUTOFORM DM gives all your staff instant access to the information they need, when they need it, at branch,
regional, national and international level, saving you precious time and money on printing, circulating and storing
hard copy documents.

  services: Customer queries can be immediately resolved with onscreen viewing of statements,
correspondence and mortgage/loan agreements. Copy documents can also be e-mailed or faxed while the
customer is still on the phone.

 accounts and loan decisions: documents are automatically circulated so that decisions can be made
more quickly.

AML compliance: scans of supporting documents such as passports, signatures and photographs can be
integrated into TEMENOS screens, for immediate viewing in the event of a query, audit or security check.
Control Everything from TEMENOS T24
On-Boarding & ID Capture for New & Existing Customers

Easily capture customer photos & View any document in TEMENOS

signatures and view them in any T24 or TCIB, quickly and
branch, at the touch of a button. effortlessly.

Searching & Viewing

AUTOFORM LN's TEMENOS T24 suite adds 'drill down' document search & viewing facilities to any TEMENOS enquiry screen,
so that banking staff can instantly access document copies. The documents are returned from the AUTOFORM DM Archive
and presented on screen and can be printed, emailed or faxed.

Signature Capture
Any type of banking form can be generated and printed on-demand, for subsequent signing, scanning and archiving.
Alternatively, forms can be electronically generated and signed using a windows surface tablet or digital signature pad and
then automatically archived. Whether physically scanned, or digitally hand signed, AUTOFORM can extract the signature
from the document for reference purposes and automatically present it back through the single customer view screen in T24.

Ad-Hoc & Batch Scanning - In Branch or Head Office

AUTOFORM DM's ad hoc scanning solutions for T24 are perfect for quickly capturing ID documents such as passports, driving
licences and utility bills during the customer on-boarding process and other customer facing situations. AUTOFORM DM also
provides batch scanning of documents (multi-page mortgage or loan application forms, contracts, deeds and letters) with
automated indexing for head office, regional hubs or in-branch. These documents typically need to be actioned / approved
and replied to and AUTOFORM integrates with Temenos' workflow products, thereby enabling a complete document handling

Photo Capture
AUTOFORM also enables customer photographs to be incorporated into any TEMENOS enquiry screen. This allows for
new or existing customer's visual and personal identity documents to be captured and viewed alongside other details and
documentation. Photographs can be taken easily via a high resolution web-cam during account or loan application interviews.
We have worked in conjunction with TEMENOS to
develop a document management solution which
is fully integrated with T24, attaining full approval
for use in banks across the world. Our award
winning software makes it easy to work with
T24 data and quickly produce perfectly designed
and branded documentation, from customer
statements to investment summaries and financial
reports. With clients across the world operating
in every banking sector, AUTOFORM is a tried and
trusted solution for retail banking, microfinance,
private wealth management, universal banking,
credit unions, insurance, corporate banking,
Islamic banking and trade finance.

EFS Technology Ltd, 2 Burlington Park, Station Road, Foxton, Cambridge, CB22 6SA, England
Tel: +44 (0)1223 872747