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Assessment Timeline

Entry Level

Prior Knowledge Quiz- "What do we know about the Civil Rights Movement?

Ranking- The most important elements in the Civil Critcal Thinking Questions- Compare events from
Rights Movement. Civil Rights Movement to events in 21st Century.
Timeline- important dates in Civil Rights Graphic Organizer- Compare/ Contrast events


Group Presentation- Presentation on "I Have a

Letter addressed to MLK.
Dream" or "Letter From Birmingham Jail"
1. Prior Knowledge Quiz= With this entry-level assignment the quiz I generated will allow
students to dig into their prior knowledge about stuff they know about the Civil Rights
Movement and Martin Luther King JR. Students will be tested on how well they
complete each question. Some of the questions are quick write answers, so the students
will need to answer in complete sentences. Students will be able to receive 10 possible
points on this quiz.
2. The first formative assessment I can do in the middle of our unit plan is have students
rank/map out the most important things to know about MLK and the Civil Rights
Movement. This will help assess how well the students narrow down the most
important points needed to understand the Civil Rights Movement and what MLK was
fighting for.
3. The second formative assessment is a timeline. On this timeline I can ask for students to
map out the most important dates of the Civil Rights Movement and MLK’s historical
documents and speeches. This will help assess students with organizing the events
talked about in class in a chronological order. It will help them remember key dates
important to the unit plan.
4. The third formative assessment is having the students answer critical thinking questions.
In these questions I will ask for students to compare what they have learned about the
Civil Rights Movement and compare it to current issues going on in the 21st century in
regard to racism and mistreatment of people of color. This will help students deepen
their understanding of the content and relate these events to current events happening
in modern day society.
5. The fourth formative assessment will be to create a graphic organizer where students
will use to compare and contrast events that occurred in the Civil Rights Movement,
showing how they are similar and how they differ from one another.
6. The first summative assessment is a group presentation where students will team up to
create a 2-3-minute presentation on what they found most intriguing about either “I
Have A Dream” or “Letter from Birmingham Jail”. Students will be assessed on how well
they collaborate with their classmates, and how well they alternate sharing their ideas
in front of the class.
7. The second summative assessment I will use in my unit plan is actually handwriting a
letter to MLK. The students will be asked to handwrite a letter addressed to MLK if he
were still alive today. In this letter they can express their gratitude, respect, and share
anything they would have told MLK if he was living today. They will be tested on their
grammar, sentence structure, and the overall structure of the letter.