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NAI YI XUAN I15009134

Comparison between PWD Form 203A (2010) and PAM Form 2006
No Item PWD 203A (2010) PAM FORM 2006
1 Variation order The S.O. may issue instructions All variation work must be instruction
requiring a Variation in a form of a and propose permit to the Architect and
Variation Order. No variation after Architect receives the notice, he
required by the S.O. shall vitiate will issue an Architect’s Instruction to
this Contract. Upon the issuance of the Contractor to carry out the
such Variation Order, the Variation Order according to Clause
Contractor shall forthwith comply 11.2. During the Variation Order,
with the Variation Order issued by contractor should need extra money
the S.O. and time to carry out the alternative
changes which mention in the AI. To
issue a VO, based on clause11.3, the
Architect may issue instructions in
writing requiring a Variation at any
time before the issuance of the
Certificate of Practical Completion.
2 Completion of Contractor to notify S.O that work Contractor is required to give written
Works is completed within notice that the works are practically
14 days, S.O to inspect and issue completed.
CPC.  Within 14 days of such a notice,
the Architect has to carry out
either of the following :
 If it his opinion that the works are
not practically completed, the
Architect has to reply by written
notice, informing of the reasons
why the works are not practically
NAI YI XUAN I15009134

 If it his opinion that the works are

practically completed, the
Architect shall issue the Certificate
of Practical Completion (CPC).

3 Defects Within 3 months after the expiry S.O.: issue instructions requiring any
Liability Period of the defects liability period for defects, shrinkages or other faults
the whole of the works or 3 month appearing within DLP due to materials
after the issue of the certificate of or workmanship not in accordance with
completion of making good the Contract. Contractor: obliged and
defects under clause 48, SO shall liable to rectify defects that appear
issue the final certificate that between the period the Certificate of
consists of supported documents, Practical Completion (CPC) is issued
full particulars complete with and the expiry of the DLP.
receipt, vouchers, final valuation,
any amount determined in clause
4 Delay and Clause. 43(c) Suspension of work EOT claim is initiated by the
Extension of under Clause. 50 Contractor. This is because,
time Delay is not brought about by contractually, the Contractor is
delay of non- performing NSC. responsible to programmed, execute
Contractor has proven he has and complete the Works by the
mitigated the delays. Completion Date. As such, the
Does not constitute failure on part contractor should, or have to know,
of contractor. when the completion of the works will
Clause 50.2: Extension of Time be delayed. The Contractor is obliged
Contractor can apply for EOT to give a “written notice” to the
Clause. 43(c).If suspension exceed Architect informing him of the
12 months mutual termination can Contractor’s “intention to claim such
be considered. extension of time”. The written notice
must contain 3 elements:-
NAI YI XUAN I15009134

1. An initial estimate of the extension

of time he may require” duly
supported with
2. All particulars of the cause of
3. The notice must reach the Architect
“within twenty eight (28) days from
the date of the AI, CAI or the
commencement of the Relevant
Event, whichever is the earlier”.
5 Advance No advance payment No advance payment
6 Payment 1. After six month after practical 1. Within 3 month after the issuance
completion of the works, the of the certificate of practical
contractor shall send all completion, the contractor shall
documents necessary for submit application to enable the
preparing the final count to final account prepared by the SO. If
Architect and Quantity contractor failed, SO shall forthwith
Surveyor make the assessment based on
2. If the parties are agree in final available document for the final
account, then architect shall account
issues penultimate certificate 2. Within 3 months after the expiry of
for the release of the retention the defects liability period for the
sums and any other whole of the works or 3 month after
outstanding sum the issue of the certificate of
3. Within 21 days after the period completion of making good defects
honoring certificates for the under clause 48 hereof, SO shall
payment of the penultimate issue the final certificate that
certificate and within 21 days consists of supported documents,
after the certificate of making full particulars complete with
good defects has been issued, receipt, vouchers, final valuation,
NAI YI XUAN I15009134

in the event no penultimate any amount determined in clause

certificate has been issued; the 31.1
final certificate shall be issued 3. Final payment is paid by the
by architect government to the contractor. Final
4. Final certificate are issued payment will not be paid unless the
which consists of final account contractor satisfied the SO in his
and the total sums certified in obligation due to the workmen
previous payment certificates

7 Final Account 3 months after CPC, all claims Contractor shall send to Architect and
complete with details/supporting Quantity Surveyor all documents with
documents must be submitted to supporting of the draft final statement
the S.O. Otherwise the S.O. will within 6 months after practical
proceed with the preparation of completion of the work.
Final Account using current info
and its issuance 3 months after
Contractor to submit Statutory
Declaration to the