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LA400 Senior Integrative Seminar

Kaitlyn Ellsworth
I. Communication and Problem Solving

Skill Example of specific assignment or activity


Partially Met

Not Met

Use the X This skill was one that I was able to meet in my Art,
expressive arts as Music, and Movement Class (SED 235). In this course, we
a mode of inquiry had to complete a sing-a-long book that everyone
or expression presented to the students at the Child Development
Center. I am a work study there, and I knew the theme of
the week was community helpers. So, that was what my
book was about, but every person in the class had a
unique book that we sang with the students. I believe
that this assignment helped me reach this requirement
because the songs presented were written on a variety of
topics, from informational to helping children learn about
different feelings. Music can be used to help children
work with their emotions, and this project introduced me
to that and helped me feel more comfortable using the
arts to teach. I cannot sing well, but this forced me to go
up in front of a group, sing to the kids, and I ended up
having a lot of fun! Although I used the arts to help
others, I cannot think of as many examples where I used
the expressive arts to help myself.

Demonstrate X I was able to complete this in both my Western Cultural

leadership, Traditions I and II classes. I took both sections with the
negotiation, same professor, and in the class, we completed several
relational, and “Reacting to the Past” assignments. In these, we were
consensus skills assigned a character from history from the professor, and
were given a role sheet with key information. Each class,
there were certain goals and objectives we had to reach,
and we had to do this in role. The interesting part about
this assignment is that everything that happened in class
did not necessarily align with what happened in history.
During the “Reacting to the Past” assignments, I was
given a lead role several times, where I had to take
charge in my small group and in the class. There were
several times where I had to negotiate with others in this
assignment as well. Specifically, I remember one time
where we had to convince people to attend either the
parade or the tea party to advocate for women’s rights. I
had to convince some people with evidence why they
should join my side and attend the parade. However, this
required me to strategize and be realistic, because I knew
some people would not join my side based off of what
their role card said. I really had to think, plan, collaborate,
and strategize during this activity, and it required me to
go out of my comfort zone at times.

Use technological X This is something that I feel as though I have fully met in
skills to access many of my courses here, but one specifically was
information, Characteristics and Strategies II (SED 209). In this class,
organize we completed field work with a small group at Clairview,
knowledge, and and then created a unit plan based off of what we
communicate observed. We travelled with a classroom to the
Greensburg YMCA and watched the students complete
swimming lessons, which was the inspiration to our
Finding Nemo unit (ocean life). For the technology used
in the lesson, we had to find academic standards on the
PA SAS website and use an adapted reading material
using technology tools. My group also created a virtual
field trip to the PPG Aquarium at the Pittsburgh Zoo,
which was actually learned about in my Social Studies
course. Finally, all of this was compiled into a Web 2.0
tool, and my group chose to create a Weebly. Through
this one assignment, we were able to use technology for
a variety of different reasons.

Propose new X I was able to meet this requirement in the the course The
solutions to Environment: Issues and Choices (SBL 145). There was a
current issues project where we worked with students in another
course to encourage the new Environmental Studies
minor. Our role as students was to find a current
environmental problem, do research on our chosen
problem, and think of solutions for how we can help solve
this problem. Our group chose to focus on food, and how
the foods that we eat can negatively impact our
environmental footprint. We set up a table on the 1st
floor of the Administration building, and had people take
a quiz to see what their environmental footprint was. We
came up with a solution to the problem that really hit
home with the Seton Hill community, and that was to eat
locally grown foods. We explained the benefits to this,
and how one can actually do this at Seton Hill because of
our garden. We also expanded this into the local
Greensburg community, and provided visitors with a
pamphlet with the information discussed and how they
can get involved on campus.

Express X This could be seen in a class I took my first semester,

arguments or Seminar in Thinking and Writing. In this class, there was a
main points research project that we had to complete. I wrote my
clearly, in written paper on the effects of purchasing name brand products.
and oral I had to conduct research from scientific sources to use
communication as an argument and as points in my research paper. The
same information was also used for a 5-minute oral
presentation that was spoken to the class and at the
Celebration of Writing. This project allowed me to
practice this skill through both writing and public

Transfer X I met this objective in the Principles of Instructional

knowledge and Technologies class I took over J-Term my first year of
values into sound college. One of the assignments was called “Digital Self.”
decision-making First, we had to Google ourselves and see the information
that showed up and look through our social media
accounts to see what we found about ourselves. I typed it
up in a Word Document, then wrote a reflective paper on
what I found, how it made my digital footprint look (both
positive and negative), and what I could and would
change. This assignment helped me gain more knowledge
in the importance of having a positive digital footprint,
and how I want to look good online for future employers.
I was then able to transfer the knowledge I learned
through this assignment by making sure I am careful
about what I post on my social media pages and making
sure that all of my accounts are on the proper privacy
II. Historical, Cultural, and Global Awareness

Skill Example of specific assignment or activity


Partially Met

Not Met
Communicate in a X This was achieved in my Spanish class taken here at Seton
second language Hill (SSP 105). In the course, we learned different key
at the vocabulary words used in everyday language, verb tenses,
introductory question asking, and practiced having conversations with
college level one another. This was seen through the exams taken in the
course. Also, during almost every class, the professor would
ask us questions in Spanish, and we would have to reply.
Then, we would practice asking one another questions. This
skill was achieved through the hands-on practice of talking
in Spanish to our classmates during class.

Analyze the X Just earlier this week, I attended a presentation for The
impact of history, Developing World course. The speaker was Dr. Dardery,
geography, and who was a part of the Egyptian parliament, but had to flee
socio-cultural the country. His talk focused on the relationship between
dynamics on Americans and people who are Islam, what was wrong with
global the relationship, and how we can fix it. He discussed events
interactions from that happened years ago, and how they related to the
a variety of problems seen today. The speaker also talked about the
disciplinary issue nationally and internationally. It was interesting to
perspectives hear how cultural and geographic differences affect others
who are different than myself. Also, the objective was met
through my unit plan created in my Social Studies course.
The unit was for a 2nd grade classroom on holidays around
the world. It covered holidays from a variety of countries
that were celebrated because of historical events and

Analyze current X This objective was met in my Contemporary Catholicism

and historical class, and also overlaps with the objective of applying
events through Catholic Social Teaching to the analysis of contemporary
the lens of social issues. In my Catholicism class, we had to read Pope
spirituality and Francis’ Encyclical Letter, On Care for Our Common Home
faith (Laudato Si’). This was also referenced in Senior Seminar
class and in my environment class, so I loved seeing so
much overlap between three completely different classes.
The project was to read the Encyclical Letter, and identify
relationships between the Catholic faith, the environment,
and the letter. I discussed a lot of how the environment
was created in the image of God, technology, being
ecologically sensitive, and Catholic Social Teaching’s
relationship to the environment. Our globe and going green
is a popular topic today, and I was able to look at it through
the eyes of faith.

Assess privilege X This was achieved through a floor program I hosted for my
and oppression residents in February of 2018. Since my sophomore year, I
from the have been an RA in Brownlee, Havey, and Maura halls. I co-
perspective of planned this program with all of the girl RAs in Havey, and
culture, race, we called it “Girls Run the World.” Our communities on our
class, and gender floors are made up of women from different races,
cultures, and socioeconomic statuses. We completed an
activity where we decorated diversity cupcakes. We had 4
different icing color choices, with each one meaning
something different. We asked a series of questions, and
the response would determine which color icing you put on
your cupcake. The questions started broad, such as major,
activities, and sports, but got deeper as we talked about
race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, etc. At the end, we
discussed how this all ties into being a female in 2018. At
the end, every attendee had a cupcake with rainbow icing,
and no 2 looked the same to represent how we all come
from different backgrounds and lives, but we are all here at
Seton Hill to live out our personal missions, regardless or
our past or where we came from.
III. Multiple Modes of Inquiry

Skill Example of specific assignment or activity


Partially Met

Generate and X Not Met This learning objective was fulfilled in the education course
analyze numerical Parent and Family Conferencing. This was seen through the
and scientific data Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale project. Thee
book allowed us to fill out a chart/ scale to help us rate
different components in a preschool program by answering
yes or no questions. The yes or no responses determined
the rating for each category (1-5) and the overall rating
provided by the ECERS scale. We had to write an analysis
paper explaining why we gave certain ratings to specific
categories. This project required me to analyze numerical
data gathered by evaluating the program.

Locate and X This objective can be seen in the class Characteristics and
analyze Strategies I. In the course, we had an assignment where we
expressive media had to find a resource to educate families on autism. I
to gain found the resource “Sesame Street and Autism.” The
information or website contains many different articles and videos to
comprehend the educate families about autism. The media on the site will
significance of an allow families (and myself) to learn about routines,
issue or an event awareness, the role of parents and siblings, and being
supportive. I consider this to help with different events that
are a part of everyday life because the resource allows
people to learn how people with autism are just like you
and me.

Organize and X This was met in many different classes, but the two I am
manage resources focusing on are Characteristics and Strategies II and
in a creative way Teaching English Language Learners. In Characteristics and
to achieve impact Strategies II, I completed a unit plan full of information on
my lesson. My group and I completed different lesson
plans, virtual field trips, and had online tools and resources
included. It was a lot of information, and we organized in in
a Weebly in a way that it was easy to navigate and find

Also, this was achieved through the Piktochart assignment

in Teaching English Language Learners. We had to find
assessment apps, websites, instructional strategy apps and
websites, learning apps or websites, cultural connections
apps, lesson plans, and journal articles. We needed 5 of
each. This was put into a Piktochart, which is allowed me to
organize my information in a presentation and have all of
the tools and resources in one place, where it was
organized by section and everything is easy to find.

Find, evaluate, X This was seen in one of my field experiences in the class
and apply Reading to Learn by using a running record. First, we had to
information find a teacher that would allow us to complete the field
experience in their classroom and a passage for the student
to read that was developmentally appropriate for them.
We also had to find out the information on how to
successfully administer a running record. Once it was
administered, we had to evaluate the results and see if the
student should move up or down a reading level, or stay
the same. If this were my own classroom, I would have
applied the information to assessments and reading
materials, but since this is not my classroom, I shared the
results with the teacher. I feel as though this objective
overlaps with several of the other assignments discussed in
this grid, such as the budgeting assignment for Child Care

Interpret X I was able to fulfill this many different ways, but the 2 I am
quantitative and focusing on are from Structures of the Number Systems II
qualitative and Child Care Administration. In the math class, we were
information to given a scenario that a question on one of our exams is
present a logical “unfair.” We had to interpret data to write a letter, from
argument based the perspective of the teacher, explaining if the question
on supporting was fair or unfair, and if it would be removed from grading.
data We had to use the math that we solved as supporting data
in our letter. Also, I met this through the budgeting
assignment in Child Care Administration. We had to use
resources available to us (books and the Internet) to create
a budget for our childcare program. This budget included
everything, from art supplies to insurance. We then had to
write an analysis paper explaining why our budget would be
effective based off of the information and materials
included in the center.
IV. Self Reflection and Assessment

Skill Example of specific assignment or activity


Partially Met

Not Met
Demonstrate X This was fully met in the course Senior Seminar. Here, we
ethical decision- completed a VoiceThread, where we reviewed the Code of
making Ethics for our chosen profession and then selected an
grounded in ethical issue that we could potentially be faced with in the
philosophical profession. We discussed how the ethical issue tied into the
inquiry Code of Ethics, questions raised due to the ethical issue,
what we would potentially do if we were in this situation,
and connected it to Catholic Social Teaching. It required a
different type of thinking from the perspective of a
professional. We also had the opportunity to listen to our
other classmate’s VoiceThreads and left comments on
theirs after listening.

Apply Catholic X Catholic Social Teaching is something that I have seen in a

social teaching to plethora of classes and experiences here at Seton Hill. First,
the analysis of through Student PSEA, I was able to attend the “Outreach
contemporary to Teach” at 3 different school in Pennsylvania. The
social issues problem was that the schools were in areas with lower
socioeconomic status, and needed updated to provide a
positive learning environment to students. So, future
educators from around the state came together to turn the
school around. This ties into Catholic Social Teaching
because it fell under many principles, including Rights and
Responsibilities and Option for the Poor and Vulnerable.

Also, this was met in the education course Learning to

Read. We had to take the themes of Catholic Social
Teaching and create a binder full of books that taught an
idea from that specific theme. We also had to come up with
an activity related to the book and Catholic Social Teaching.
There are many different social issues that are seen in the
world that I will have to educate my future students about,
so this resource can help me put social issues in relatable
terms for students.

Recognize the X This objective was fully met in my Faith, Religion, and
value of diverse Society class. Throughout the whole entire semester, we
spiritual and had guest speakers from variety of religious backgrounds.
religious Whenever the guest speakers came in, we were
encouraged to ask any questions that we wanted to. At
perspectives first, the class was more hesitant, but once we became
more comfortable, people asked more questions. We
always had to write a reflective paper on how we achieved
the skill. Also, I attended a service at the synagogue in
Greensburg for this class, and gained a stronger
appreciation for the Jewish faith. The members of this place
of worship welcomed all of us, and even invited us to their
reception after the service.

This was also achieved for my cultural experience

assignment in my Social Studies class. I attended a mass at
a Greek Orthodox church, which is different from my own
faith, and wrote a reflective paper on my experience. My
mother and her side of the family is Greek Orthodox, so I
was able to see how my mother’s side of the family
celebrates Good Friday mass from their religious

Integrate the X I was able to meet this learning objective through

practice of community service projects in classes and at Seton Hill.
charity with the First, I attended the MLK Take the Day On 3 times, and the
skill of justice Labor of Love once. I was able to volunteer at different
locations in the Greensburg area and help a community
that has given so much to me in my (almost) 4 years here.

This was also achieved throughout some of the work we did

in Dr. Harris’s Art, Music, and Movement class. We
attended the events “You’ve Got a Friend Day” and Early
Intervention Day at the Westmoreland Mall.

Exercise X There are several opportunities where I was able to

responsible exercise a right to vote in my classes. First, in Intro to
freedom and Exceptional Children and Characteristics and Strategies II,
civic we voted on presentations presented in class that were
engagement well organized and stood out to us. Also, we did this
based on an exercise in my US Cultures Class, Continental American
informed value Literature for Children. Finally, at the Student PSEA State
system Conference in 2017, I was a part of the House of Delegates,
allowing me to vote on decisions and officers for Student