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Institute of Hotel Management, Catering & Nutrition, Pusa, New Delhi -12

B. Sc. (HHA) – Semester V

Front Office Management
Student Handout No – FOM/V/2018-19/01


Management Functions

1. Planning:
 It requires Decision Making i.e. choosing the future courses of action
from among alternatives.
 In planning, the front office manager shall determine the department’s
goals. Then use these goals as a guide for planning more specific and
measurable objectives. Lastly, the front office manager shall determine
the strategies and tactics to reach these objectives.

2. Organizing:
 It involves establishing an intentional structure of roles for people to fill.
 Design an effective organization structure.
 The front office manager shall organize the work to be done through
dividing it among staff members. While doing so, the work shall be
distributed fairly and shall be completed in a timely manner.

3. Staffing:
 It involves filling, and keeping filled, the positions in the organization
 This is done by identifying work-force requirement, inventory of man
power available, recruiting, selecting, placing, appraising, promoting,
training etc.

4. Leading:
 It involves influencing people so that they will contribute organization
and group goals
 It involves overseeing, motivating, disciplining, and setting an example
for the front office.

5. Controlling:
 It involves measuring and correcting of activities to ensure that the
actual results of operations closely match planned results.

6. Coordinating:
 It involves bringing together and using the available resources to attain
planned goals.

7. Evaluating:
 It determines the extent to which planned goals are, in fact, attained.
 It involves reviewing and, when necessary, revising or helping to revise
front office goals.
Overview of the Management Process

Front Office Planning Functions

Major Front Office planning functions can be identified as-

 Establishing Room Rates
 Forecasting Room Availability
 Budgeting for Operations

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(Kasavana & Brooks, 2009)


Complied by Dr R K Gupta, HoD, IHM Pusa, New Delhi