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Elderly 101

Independent Study Mentorship Fall-2018

Aesha Desai
Mrs. Kristi Click
Dr. Vipulkumar Patel

– Private clinic located at 3828 Hughes Court,

Suite 105. Dickinson, Texas, 77539.
– Primary Care Physician / Internist.
– Board certified in internal medicine.
– Day to day Dr.Patel works mostly with geriatric
and elderly patients.
Mentorship Site
What is ISM?

– ISM (Independent Study Mentorship), an advanced

academic (AA) course for students to mentor an adult in
chosen career path, to help them gain a deeper perspective
on a specific profession they are interested in.
– With the mentor and the teacher-facilitator, each student
will create a unique plan of study and receive individual
– Mentees are required to complete a series of requirements
that showcase their experience during the mentorship.
Elderly 101 ?

– The way geriatric patients are cared for in a way that can help
them deal with diseases and illnesses. Covers some of the
generic problems that occur and what steps an elderly patient
can take to treat those problems.
– I chose this topic because I was interested in seeing what
steps are taken for geriatric patients before, during, and after
a diagnosis or problem arises with their health as their age
Common Problems

1. Joint Pain
2. Sensory Impairments
Common Problems (cont.)

3. Wrinkled Skin/Sagging
Diseases Found In Elderly

1. Heart Disease
Diseases Found In Elderly (cont.)

2. Alzheimer’s Disease
Diseases Found In Elderly (cont.)

3. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Various types of treatments

– Most common ways of treating those 3 main

diseases/ illnesses mentioned in the common
illnesses and diseases
What happens after diagnosis?

– Steps taken after diagnosis is determined

– Referrals?/Surgery? Medication?
Diagnostics Procedures/Tests

– Performed on patients to help diagnose

– Easy ways to identify problems in patients
– What a Doctor will do to come to conclusion
of what is happening with a patient
How To Perform Diagnostics on Patients?

– What are the different ways that someone

can treat their diseases and illnesses,
some that cover majority of diseases or
are ways to help limit it in some diseases.
What do Medicare and Medicaid Cover?

– Difference between the two

– What do they each cover?
Ways to Prevent Common Signs of Aging
Current Event

– Demonstration video

– From this mentorship I hope to learn how different

things work out in the medical field, weather it be the
patients, face to face interactions, behind the scenes
work that get the patient to a place where they can fix a
problem with their health and eventually prevent it from
happening again.
– I also hope to learn about the different ways a doctor can
asses a situation and what goes on in hi/her mind that
helps them deicide what happens next in a patient’s
Thank You!

– My parents, for providing transport to and from my mentorship and being 100% supportive of anything I
wanted to do in life
– My mentor for helping me understand information and guiding me
– Mrs. Click for pushing us to our limits and being understanding and supportive of anything we decided
to go further with in the class
– Friends for supporting me during the whole process
– Medical professionals at the private clinic for helping me along the way and serving as a second
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