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1 4 0 C O M M O N W E A L T H A V E ● C H E S T N U T H I L L ,
M A 02467 ● FINKLEYS @ BC . EDU

• Providence College, Providence, RI
• B.A. Elementary and Special Education, May 2016

• Elementary Education Grades 1-6
• Special Education- Mild/Moderate Disabilities, Elementary/Middle Level
• First Aid/CPR


Gardner Pilot Elementary School Allston, MA
5th Grade Curriculum & Assessment intern Sept. 6- present
• Work collaboratively with classroom teacher, grade-level team, learning
specialists and other service providers to support student learning and
family collaboration.
• Contribute to co-teaching model.
• Collect and monitor data to track student progress during small group
• Work in collaboration with teachers to maintain a safe, orderly and positive
classroom environment and reinforce core values.

Alcott Elementary School Concord, MA
METCO Kindergarten Tutor Aug. 2017-Aug. 2018
• Supports Boston students academically and socially in the classroom
• Works closely with teachers to find ways to support the students’ needs
• Implements strategies that will assist students in being successful
• Communicates with parents on a regular basis regarding their children

Codman Academy Charter School Dorchester, MA
6th Grade STEM Teacher August 2016-Feb. 2017
• Facilitated student participation in interdisciplinary STEM content aligned to
Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standard
• Implemented strategies for identifying student abilities, interests, and
strengths for continued engagement in an integrated educational
• Utilized a variety of technologies in the instructional process
• Addressed learning gaps and opportunities for higher learning
• Created and taught daily lessons using manipulatives and original activities

Joseph W. Martin Jr. Elementary School North Attleboro, MA
Grade 4, Long-term Substitute Teacher April-June 2016
• Taught in an integrate classroom
• Incorporated all curriculum areas in a self-designed thematic unit that
included various learning vehicles to accommodate all students’ needs
• Designed and implemented effective classroom management techniques
• Worked with a diverse population of students focusing on individual and
class needs
• Created and taught daily lessons using manipulatives and original activities,
which resulted in increased participation and enthusiasm
• Attended and helped facilitate parent-teacher conferences, increasing
parent-teacher interactions

• Organization of Latin American Students, Relay for Life, Horizons, Catholic
• Computers: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access
• Strong verbal communication skills
• Problem analysis; use of judgment and ability to solve problems efficiently
• Self-sufficient and proactive
• Teamwork and cooperation
• Patience and compassion
• Experience working with children with disabilities