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The Sika Systems

Complete Range Of Composite Materials

Laminate Properties
Tensile Strength
Description Tensile Strength Tensile Modulus Elongation Nominal Thickness per inch width
SikaWrap Hex Carbon fiber fabric 139,000 psi 10.60 msi 1.33% 0.040 in. (1mm) 5,560 lbs./layer
103C (wet lay-up) (960 N/mm2) (73,100 N/mm2) (24.7 KN)

SikaWrap Hex E-Glass Fabric 87,000 psi 3.79 msi 2.24% 0.040 in. (1mm) 3,480 lbs./layer
(600 N/mm2) (26,100 N/mm2)

SikaWrap Hex
(wet lay-up)

Carbon fiber fabric 139,000 psi 10.60 msi 1.33% 0.013 in. (0.33mm)
(15.5 KN)

1,807 lbs./layer
Composite Fabrics for Structural

Sika Wrap Hex

(dry lay-up)

E-Glass Fabric
(960 N/mm2)

87,000 psi
(73,100 N/mm2)

3.79 msi 2.24% 0.013 in. (0.33mm)

(8.0 KN)

1,131 lbs./layer
and Seismic Strengthening
320G (dry lay-up) (600 N/mm2) (26,100 N/mm2) (5.0 KN)

Sika CarboDur Pultruded carbon 406,000 psi 23.9 msi 1.9% 0.047 in (1.2mm) 19,082 lbs./layer
Strips (Type S) fiber laminate (2,800 N/mm2) (165,000 N/mm2) (84.8 KN)

Also available from Sika

Engineering Guidelines Strengthening of Structures Case Studies Technology and Concepts

with Carbon Fiber Rein- for Structural Strengthening
forced Polymer Strips or
Steel Plate

1-800-933-SIKA NATIONWIDE ISO 9002
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HEX EL Sika CarboDur ® Composite Strengthening Systems
A global alliance between Sika and Hexcel ®


The Case for Structural Strengthening
The reasons for strengthening External Reinforcement with Sika Sika CarboDur ® Composite
of reinforced concrete struc- CarboDur Composite Systems System Components
® tures are numerous.
Sika CarboDur ® Strips
* Unsafe conditions for current use Sika's pioneering research into carbon
Sika Worldwide
* Increased live and wheel loads fiber reinforced pultruded strips began in
A recognized world leader in specialty
* Installation of heavy machinery 1984 with our first product trials at EMPA
chemicals and products specifically
* Modifications such as elimination of (the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Mate-
engineered for the construction indus-
walls/columns or openings cut rials Testing & Research) in Switzerland.
try, Sika has been answering the needs
through slabs The first commercial application of Sika
of owners, specifiers and contractors
* Code changes CFRP strips took place at The Sins
with unmatched service since 1910. Bridge, also in Switzerland, in 1991. Just
* Seismic conditions or vibrations
With an international network of three years after that, Sika launched its
* Structural damage
research and development, production CarboDur System into the global market.
* Corrosion of steel reinforcement
and marketing companies in over 50
* Errors in planning, design or
countries around the world, Sika is
able to reach new levels of excellence
Used with increasing effectiveness
in finding and implementing innovative
External Reinforcement since their introduction in the aero-
solutions that meet the ever-changing
with Steel Plates space industry in the early 1960's,
demands of our customers.
composite materials offer a number of
SikaWrap ® Fabrics
A proven method of strengthening distinct advantages for structural
SikaWrap composite systems have been
since the 1960’s, external reinforce- strengthening.
tested under seismic load conditions at
ment with steel plates and shells In addition to their high strength and
the Charles Lee Powell Structural
offers many advantages. Sikadur flexibility, benefits include:
Research Laboratory at the University of
epoxies helped pioneer this * Lightweight
® California, San Diego as part of the Cal-
HEX EL strengthening method which is still * Non-corrosive
* Very high tensile strength
trans bridge column retrofit program.
widely used today. Still, use of steel The first commercial installation of the
plates does present a number of * Available in any laminate length
Sika CarboDur ® drawbacks. These include:
Hexcel composites was in 1991 for
strengthening columns in Los Angeles’
Hexcel Corporation A Global Partnership Comprehensive Composite Griffith Park. Since then, this remarkable
The Hexcel Corporation is the leading The special alliance formed by the Strengthening Systems * Heavy weight product has gained a rapidly growing
international developer and manufac- association of Sika and Hexcel offers Sika's systematic approach to structur- * Potential for corrosion acceptance industry-wide for its excep-
turer of advanced, lightweight, high- unique and exclusive advantages to al strengthening incorporates the latest * Limited lengths tional properties and capabilities.
performance fibers and fabrics, com- the construction industry in the vital advances in applied technology. * Difficult handling
posite materials and structures. Hex- areas of structural strengthening and Designed to meet critical requirements * High installation costs
cel products are widely used in the reinforcement. for strength and durability, Sika Carbo-
aerospace, infrastructure, space and The shared expertise of these two Dur composite strengthening systems
defense, naval transportation, recre- industry leaders provides for proven offer innovative solutions for structural
ation and general industrial markets. products and techniques that allow for upgrading, repair and protection.
Hexcel Civil Engineering and Construc- new economy, ease of application and These products include:
tion Systems were designed to help enhanced levels of performance in the * Carbon fiber strips
provide viable alternatives to tradition- field. From product availability to on- * Carbon fiber fabrics Sikadur ® Epoxy Resins
al methods through the application of the-job know-how, technical support * Glass fiber fabrics At the heart of these systems are the
composite materials science since and service, the marriage of Hexcel * Structural adhesives Sikadur epoxy resins. Proven for over 40
1991. and Sika brings you exclusive benefits * Concrete repair and protection years in critical construction applications
and unparalleled results. Shear strengthening of concrete bridge Sikadur structural adhesives are jobsite
systems such as Segmental Bridge construction,
beam with steel plates and special proven in critical applications like segmental
* Corrosion inhibitors Sikadur epoxy. bridge construction. these structural adhesives are well rec-
ognized as the best in the industry.
SikaWrap® For Seismic Upgrades of Concrete Columns and Unique Structures SikaWrap® For Structural Strengthening of Beams, Slabs and Walls
SikaWrap Fabrics ened column
buckled from
Beam/Slab Strengthening
SikaWrap carbon and glass fiber fabrics Northridge, CA
* Shear
are high strength materials that are bond- earthquake of
1994. * Flexure
ed to structures for strengthening purpos-
* Provides ductility to structural
es. Sharing the attributes of composite
strengthening as previously listed,
* Reduces deflection in members
SikaWrap also offers the additional bene-
* Limits cracking
fits of being able to conform to almost
any complex or geometric shape.

The perfect high-tech answer to structur-

Wall Strengthening
al strengthening under these conditions, * In-plane shear/flexural retrofit
SikaWrap's unique benefits include: * Out-of-plane flexural retrofit
* Concrete shear walls
* Ease of handling * Unreinforced masonry (URM) walls
* High strength, lightweight * Compressive load increases
Column Wrapping
* Non-corrosive
* Significant gain in load-bearing capacity * Seismic strengthening
* Minimal change to structures weight, * Confinement Substrates
shape and appearance * Flexural Strengthening
* Concrete
* Minimum structure downtime * Increased ductility up to tenfold
* Steel
* Economical to use * Increased axial load carrying capacity Shear strengthening of spandrel beam with CFRP fabric.
* Masonry
* Effective for both wet and dry lay-up * Shear strengthening
* Timber
* Conform to irregular shapes and surfaces
* Minimal clearance needed to install
Tank Strengthening
* Confinement (bursting stress)
* Minimizes crack propagation
Other Structures * Seismic stabilization

* Chimneys/silos
* Piles
* Pipes
* Tunnels
* Poles

Bridge column tested

for ductility at the
Charles Lee Powell Tanks, pipes or chimneys can be strengthened
Structural Research from the inside or outside depending on the
Sika’s wide range of composite materials can meet all your strengthening needs
Laboratory - UCSD. jobsite requirements and logistics.
Selection Chart for Sika CarboDur ® and SikaWrap® Composites

For Large Projects

For Small Projects
SikaWrap Hex
SikaWrap Hex
SikaWrap Hex
SikaWrap Hex
CarboDur Strips
(Type S)
1 Priming the ▲
1 Priming and Beam Strengthening
concrete with saturating the con-
Sikadur epoxy crete with Sikadur Flexure ✔✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔✔✔
resin epoxy resin
Shear ✔✔✔ ✔✔ ✔✔ ✔✔
• seals the con- • seals the con-
crete and pro- crete and pro- Limited Access ✔ ✔ ✔✔ ✔✔ ✔✔✔
motes adhesion. motes adhesion. Slab Strengthening

Small Scale ✔✔✔ ✔✔ ✔

Large Scale ✔✔✔ ✔✔ ✔✔
Limited Access ✔ ✔ ✔✔ ✔✔ ✔✔✔
Column Wrapping

2 Impregnation ▲
2 Dry fabric is Seismic (passive) ✔✔ ✔✔✔ ✔ ✔
of fabric using sat- layed-up directly General Strengthening (active) ✔✔✔ ✔✔ ✔✔ ✔✔
urator machine onto the saturated
• controls resin concrete surface Small Scale ✔ ✔✔ ✔✔ ✔✔✔
distribution and • quick installation
Wall Strengthening
increases produc- on small-scale pro-
tivity on large- jects. Seismic (passive) ✔✔ ✔✔✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
scale projects.
General Strengthening (active) ✔✔✔ ✔✔ ✔✔ ✔ ✔
Small Scale ✔ ✔✔ ✔✔✔ ✔✔ ✔
Tanks/Chimneys/Pipes/Silos ✔✔ ✔✔✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
Cost Performance

Tensile strength per inch 5,560 lbs. 3,480 lbs. 1,807 lbs. 1,131 lbs. 16,356 lbs.

3 Wet fabric is ▲
3 Fabric width per layer (24.7 KN) (15.5 KN) (8.0 KN) (5.0 KN) (72.7 KN)
layed-up onto smoothed with $$
Relative Cost $ $$ $ $$$
primed concrete sur- plastic roller
face • air voids elimi- ✔ better methods available ✔ ✔ acceptable method ✔✔✔ best method
• flexible to accomo- nated and fabric
date the shape of saturated.
any structure. Contractor Training and Quality Control
Make your Specification Complete - Specify Sika-
approved CarboDur Composite System Contractors.

As of part of Sika’s ongoing

commitment to total customer

4 Topcoat ▲
4 Topcoat satisfaction, we maintain a
applied over fabric applied over fabric
national network of Approved
• Sika’s wide • Sika’s wide
Contractors. These carefully-
range of coatings range of coatings
can be applied for can be applied for selected professionals are
protective or aes- protective or aes- CarboDur System training includes: available to ensure that
thetic purposes. thetic purposes. Sika’s exclusive CarboDur
▲ Objectives of the repair system
Composite Systems are prop-
▲ Surface preparation requirements
erly specified, and applied to
▲ Epoxy mixing and application
▲ Wet and Dry lay-up procedures meet the critical demands of
▲ Hands-on applications to structural a challenging marketplace.
concrete members
▲ Quality Control on-site
* These two methods of application give the contractor maximum flexibility, quality control, and productivity for large or small jobs. ▲ Bills of Quantities/Estimating