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Audit Express

Audit Express improves both the speed and

quality of undertaking an audit engagement.

It updates you technically with local support.

Malaysia . Singapore
Audit Express - Professional Audit Module
Achieve more with our Audit Express - Professional Audit Module. This module is designed not only to help
reduce costs and increase operational efficiency, it also assists you to address the major elements of a good system
of quality control as required by the quality control standards.

The system captures and analyses client financial data, transforming it into a ready platform so that you can concen-
trate on the ‘real audit’. It smartly links audit working papers to annual reports, and thereby improves both the speed
and quality of undertaking an audit engagement. Our solution takes advantage of many Microsoft Office features,
such as arithmetic calculations of Microsoft Excel and word processing of Microsoft Word.

This is the major application

interface which guides you
through the major processes
in an audit engagement.

Audit Planning
Start off with a well-planned audit engagement. This module
helps you to understand your client’s business and identify
critical areas so you can set overall audit strategy way

Audit planning covers:-

Preliminary engagement activities, such as assessing client

acceptance or retention, understanding the business,
establishing the engagement terms including ascertaining
time cost and audit fee, and reviewing client service; and

Setting overall audit strategy and develop audit plan, such A set of standard planning documents, developed by our
as determining materiality level, assessing engagement Technical Unit, are readily available in this module for audit
risk, performing preliminary analytical review and docu- planning purpose. Nevertheless, as they are not cast in
menting necessary audit steps. You can also assess the stone, you can further customize them to suit your firm’s
control risks in respect of your client’s major operation preference.
The application of standard documentations enable you to
establish consistency in the quality of engagement perfor-
mance as required by the quality control standards.
This module also supports easy copy and paste functions You can complete your audit engagement with added assur-
where you can import the client’s trial balance into the ance. The system will guide you through with:
system very quickly.
Summary of audit differences;
Post-balance sheet review;
Contingent liabilities and commitments;
Audit completion report;
FRS, PERS and MASB disclosure checklists;
Notes to next year's engagement;
Listed entities compliance checklist;
Interim report requirements;
Review of financial statements; and
Review of statement of internal control.

Other value-added reports that can be automatically gener-

ated include but not limited to the list of audit adjustments,
opening balance for next financial year, movement of
accounts, analysis of major expenses and final trial balance.

Performing the Audit

Perform the audit engagement more effectively and
efficiently, in compliance with the prevailing financial report-
ing and auditing requirements. With minimal input, viz. your
client’s trial balance, the system helps maximize your output
automatically with just a click of a button:

Audit programmes, covering assets, liabilities, equity &

reserves, income statement and others, which set out the
objectives and procedures which will ensure consistency
and standardization of work performed.

Lead schedules of all Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss

items, duly grouped and compiled;
Compiling the Annual Report
At a mouse click, the system will generate financial state-
ments (Balance sheet, income statement, statement of
changes in equity, cash flow statement & detailed profit and
loss account), together with the relevant disclosure items.
These financial statements can be further customized to your
firm’s format.

A set of standard sub-lead schedules in MS Excel and other

working papers, such as cash count sheet, inventory count
sheet, sighting of documents and questionnaires are also
available for use in the system.

To provide flexibility, you may even incorporate your firm’s

standard guidelines and worksheets into the system.

During the audit, you can also utilise the letter generating Our one-step formatting and notes library ensure that you
centre to produce, amongst others, the bank confirmation can compile the whole set of Annual Report in a shorter time
letters, stock take observation reminder, debtor and creditor and the first draft of the Annual Report is as good as the final.
confirmations, director confirmations, cash certificates and
etc. It is also easy to change the various standard letters at
your end, as and when the need arises.
Other Modules - SERP
To further increase the operational efficiency of audit engagement, Professional Audit module is enhanced by
Client Management and Management Information System modules, collectively called the SERP (Service
Enterprise Resource Planning). Together, they are able to create a synergy effect and achieve a good system
of quality control effortlessly. These two modules mainly provide effective job assignments, work progress monitor-
ing, staff performance evaluation and fee collection control.

At AXP, our aim is to provide user friendly, customizable, and comprehensive software packages which accommo-
date all of our clients’ needs. We believe our three modules will assist your audit practice to increase both the
operational effectiveness and efficiency of audit assignments.

So, act now to unlock the true value of an integrated auditing software. To arrange a demonstration, kindly contact
us today.

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