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Mark Wenefred Z.

Porazo August 24, 2018

Same-Sex Marriage
The classical definition of marriage is the union between couple of opposite sex taking an oath of lifetime
responsibilities. But today, as the mindset of the society progresses over the course of the century, the once seemingly
conventional practice has deviated its path and creates itself a new sort of demarcation. The spark of the same-sex
marriage issue enforced society to remodel the old belief system. Despite this revolution, some are contemptuous and
have decided to keep hold of the old idea of marriage.

Same-sex marriage is a timely and relevant issue that needs to be addressed. Some would oppose to this
preposterous idea thinking that it would wreak havoc in the constitution of marriage while others were atypical of
embracing in reckless conformity. In my defense, same-sex marriage is one thing that needs to be accepted and should be
legalized. Why? Because if we look at our own surroundings, more and more people are becoming members of the LGBT
community. This statistics will continue to escalate during the next decade. This upsurge in number will lead to
revolutionary mayhem. Karl Marx once predicted that as more people are deprived of their rights, they resort in conflict to
get what they want and this never ending battle will slow down man’s advancement. Everyone deserves equal rights and I
think it’s time to alter the norms and reshape our marriage constitution. Everyone deserves to be happy and it’s not their
fault that they’re gay. It’s biology not environment that defines a person’s gender and sexuality.

If we consider things before, we all know that the discriminations against the black people were rampant and the
idea of the apartheid had become the norm. Because of that, Black people fought for their freedom and colossal
insurgence and revolt ended as what they wanted. Look at the society now, everything had changed. They are given now
more distinction and the line that separates the white and black ceased to exist. Things such as the Holocaust of the Jews
and Women’s Rights are other proofs that the unjust norms will be ostracized and be replaced into something more ethical
and correct.
Most people are against Same-Sex Marriage because it is against God and this act coincides with evil. They tend
to forget that the attributes of God and the definition of good and evil are just purely created by man. What if God is an
advocate of same-sex marriage but people insisted on the opposite. How can we assure that the words coming from the
bible always adhere in a literal sense but instead, it’s just an inexplicit guide to a better society? Why do we always take
into considerations the biological structure rather than gender expressions? Having male or female genitalia doesn’t
always delineate your sexual preference. What if the male and female thing cited in the bible refers to the content of your
heart rather than what’s in your body? Human beings are complex organisms wherein we are defined by either Spiritual,
Physical or mental states.
I always hate people when they say that marriage is all about procreation and Homosexual couples can’t raise
children of their own that’s why they aren’t allowed to marry. Yes! This statement is true but we should always remember
that there are also heterosexual couples that have difficulty in conceiving a child but society agreed and thinks that it’s
okay for them to marry. What is the difference? We can also remedy this child-conceiving problem by enforcing a law
about adoption or advice some homosexual couples to seek clinical trials in order for them to have a child of their own.

Society is progressing but we are still locked in an old belief system shaped by a divine dominance called
religion. The only constant in this world is change. So we must regard sensible issues that are based on today’s context. I
am no cynical about religion nor a misanthrope atheist; I’m just a rational being trying to emphasize that our past is
different from the present. The laws about now must be based on what really happens today. Let’s not stick ourselves to
an ancient text inscribed on a piece of rock. We must remake and remodel our frameworks in means that give fairness and
equality to all human beings.