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Filipino Youth in Mission:

Beloved. Gifted. Empowered.


The Logo features 4 primary figures: a young

person and a cross (both in yellow), a dove (in
red), and a big hand, which also appears as a
footprint (in blue).

The human figure in yellow stands for YOUNG

PEOPLE conformed to Christ, the Light of the
world [cf. Mt 5:14; Jn 8:12], who is represented
by the CROSS.

The DOVE in red, being received by and

hovering over the human figure, signifies the
Holy Spirit, offered as a gift [cf. Jn 20:22; Acts
2:38; Rom 5:5] to each of the baptized.

The blue HAND, carrying the human figure in a supporting and presenting gesture, symbolizes
how young people are loved by the Father [cf. Dt 1:31; Is 40:11; 41:10; 46:4]; this same love is
mirrored by the Church (cf. PCP II, 385; KA-LAKBAY, pp. 35-41). This blue image can also be
seen as a FOOTPRINT, signifying movement for a purpose and making a mark [cf. Mt 28:19-
20]. Young people are in mission: proclaiming the Good News who is Christ, especially to their
fellow youth in the peripheries.

Filipino youth are beloved by God and His Church, especially through her youth ministry, who
raise them up and carry them lovingly through life, with all its trials and tribulations. They are
gifted with the Holy Spirit, who inflames them with faith, passion and courage. Rooted in
Christ, they are empowered to shine on a world of darkness and confusion, taking part in His
Body, the Church, for building God's Reign.

As with the two disciples of Emmaus [cf. Lk 24:13-35], Jesus constantly and faithfully
accompanies young people in the journey of life. We as Church in the Philippines are called to
take the same stance with our youth: journeying with them, listening to their doubts and
dreams, inviting them to conversion and communion, and raising them up in mission to
enlighten and inflame the country with the Spirit of Christ and to tell the world of His love.