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Which transformer side has low cross sectional area

a) primary
b) secondary
c) high voltage
d) low voltage
2. When two dices are thrown What is the probability of not appearing the same number on the
dices ?
A. 5/6
B. 1/6
C. 2/3
D. 1/3
3. linear differential transformer is which type of transformer electromechanical
4. Stranded conductors in TX lines are used for ease In handling
5. The field last as long as current flowing in the wire
(A) Electric field
(B) Magnetic field
Ans Magnetic field
6. Data travel fastest in?
a) fibre optics
7. The self inductance of solenoid depends on :
cross sectional area,
thickness of conductor,
8. Power transformer tranforms??
9. If the input capacitor of a power supply is shorted, it will result in No voltage output
10. If 360c stored for time period of 30min what will be the current 200mA]
11. Unit of potential difference volt
12. Find Q when current is 0.2A in period of 2 minutes 24c
13. 25 percent is 150 then for full cycle then valve will be 600
14. The potential difference between two similar charges zero
15. Ideal transformer no losses
16. In DC motor which loss decreases with increase in load
a)friction and windage loss
c)brush contact loss
Ans d
17. Constant current transformer should not have
a)moveable secondary winding
b)high resistance
c)primary and secondary winding surrounding core
d)high resistance
Ans b
18. In piston maximum temperature is at:
a)ring set b)Gudgeon pin c)topsides d)top centre
Ans d
19. P = 3000KW, d = 30km transmission line voltage will be:
a)11KV b)66kV c)33KV d)132KV
Ans c
20. Coal which has lowest calorific value:
a)Steam coal b)Bituminous c)lignite d)Anthracite
Ans c
21. Graphic representation between discharge and time is called:
a)monograph b)Hectograph c)Topograph d)Hydrograph
Ans d
22. Coal from storage to boiler is taken through:

a)Buckets b)V-ballets c)Trolleys d)Manually

Ans B
23. Main drawback of feedback system is:
a)Inaccuracy b)Inefficiency c)Insensitivity d)Instability
Ans d
24. phase margin specifies
a)Absolute Stability b)Relative Stability c)frequency response d)
Ans b
25. Non-linearity caused by servomotor is due to:
a)coulomb friction b)Dead space c)Saturation d)dissemination
Ans c
26. In force-voltage analogy Inertia is analogous to:
a)Capacitance b)Inductance c)Inverse of capacitance d)Inverse of Inductance
Ans b
27. Pole shoes of DC machine fastened to pole core by
a)welding b)soldering c)steal clamp d)counter sunk
Ans d
28. Brushes on commutator are shifted from GNP to
a)obtain highest generated voltage b)Avoid sparking c)to increase generated efficiency d)to
produce sparking
Ans b
29. admittance is reciprocal of:
Ans Impedance
30. Power in AC is consumed by
a)inductor b)Capacitor c)Resistance d)All
Ans c
31. Negative maximum of cosine waveform is
ans 180 degree
32. RF chokes are air cored to
33. a)keep frequency low b)keep inductive reactance low c) to keep frequency high d)to keep
inductive reactance high
Ans b
34. Instantenous of sinusoidal AC current at 45 degree is called
a)Peak-peak b)RMS c)Peak current d)average
Ans b
35. In common base amplifier output voltage is taken from
a)collector b)Emitter c)Base d)both A & C
Ans a
36. Form factor is ratio of
a)avg to rms b)peak to rms c)rms to avg
37. The process of AC to Dc conversion is called ______
Ans Rectification
38. A.C. servomotor resembles
(a) two phase induction motor
(b) Three phase induction motor
(c) direct current series motor
(d) universal motor
Ans: a
39. Transfer function of a system is used to calculate which of the following ?
(a) The order of the system
(b) The time constant
(c) The output for any given input
(d) The steady state gain
Ans: c
40. For constant voltage transmission the voltage drop is compensated by installing
a) Synchronous motor
ans a
41. Hydrogen is used for Cooling of large size generator s,because
a) It has high thermal conductivity
b) It is light
c) It offers reduced fire risk
d) All of the above
42. In a transmission line following arc the distributed constrants
A) resistance and inductance
B) resistance , inductance and capacitance
C) resistance , inductance and capacitance and short conductance
ans c
43. FSK most commonly used in
Ans telephony or telegraph (confirm)
44. Which of the following TV system is adopted in pak
45. Differential transformer is device
a) electromagnetic
b) electromechanical
c) electrostatic
46. the parabolic antenna is used in satellite tracking becaouse it has
a) good maneuverability
b) good front to back ratio...
c) high bandwidth
47. headphone and speaker are
Ans audio output
48. heterodyne frequency shifter is also called.
a) mixer
b) frequency translator.
Ans mixer
49. Which relay is used in long distance transmission lines.....?
A) Mho relay
B) Impedance relay
C) Admittance relay
D) None of these.
Ans a
50. When signal is first compressed before modulation and decompressed after demodulation in order
to acheive same quantization level is called
b)Pre emphasis
c)De emphasis
Ans a
51. Magnetizing component of transformer has
A) .8 laging pf
B) leading pf
C)unity pf
Ans d
52. In radio reciever squelch circuit is used to
1. Reduce RF interference
2. Catch weak signals
3. Reduce noise
4. Cutt off and to amplify between stations
53. the auto correlation function is
a)an odd function in to
b)an even function in to
c)an exponential function in to
54. Probability density function of thermal noise is
A) Binomial
B) Gaussian
c) Poisson
d) None
Ans B
55. Correct for three term controller?
56. Top loading is used with antenna to? Increase height.
57. Rhombic antenna is a? Non resonant.
58. radiation pattern of pRABOLIC antenna is HIGH DIRECTIONAL
59. Soda acid and co2are type of portable? Fire extinguisher
60. if the carrier of a 100% modulated AM wave is suppressed the percentage of Power
A) 50
b) 66.66
c) 100
D) 150
Ans b
61. Burning material such as wood, paper and textile constitute a
a) class A
b) class b
c) class c
d) class d
62. Radiation pattern of parabolic antenna?
63. Execution of program instruction in computer take place in
a) Ram
b) memory
c) CPU
64. Individual protected against electrostatic build up by

65. Most effective agent for fire extinguishing involving liquid, gas and electrical equipment?
Ans powder
66. Silican atomic number is 14 its valency is
Ans 4
67. conductor excess of
a) Free electron
b) Electron
68. In frequency modulation, modulation index varies as_________
69. Regenerative repeaters are placed along communication path to control
70. Which one of the following parameter is not useful for comparing noise performance of
Input voltage
71. Ac power is used for transmission line to....
A.To minimize losses b. to minimize cost get maximum power d. none of these
72. A 0.05 MW is equal to...KW
A.5kw b.50 kw c.500 kw d.5000kw
73. A 800 mv is equal to...Volts
A.0.008 v, b.0.08 v, c.0.8 v, d 8 v
74. A=(B-C)/(D-E) THEN C= B-AD+AE
75. The speed of a dc motor can be controlled by
76. If the scale of a voltmeteris uniform then it is type of
Permanent magnet moving coil
77. If current and voltage are out of phase by 90 degree then power is ZERO
78. In ac circuit power is consumed by RESISTANCE
79. Regenerator in gas turbine is used to improve thermal efficiency
80. parameters not useful for comparing noise performance?
81. In carrier a 100% modulated AM wave is suppressed the % of P?
82. Individual protected against electrostatic build up by?
83. ________ Command with the design of whole system ensuring the time?ARCHITECTURE
84. 1.First slave who embrace Islam.
85. (HAZRAT Zaid)
86. First wife of Hazrat Mohammed (PBUH) was Hazrat Bibi khadeeja
87. Quran paak (7 stages)
88. Prophethood (40 years)
89. Lyallpur (Faisalabad)
90. Ameer khusro (hindvi)
91. ICC Champion trophy (ENGLAND)
92. Tariq Fatmi allegation (Dawn leaks)
93. Turkey referendum (constitutional government )
94. Pakistan Islamic state (1956)
95. Suggestion to ditch a dig (Hazrat Salman)
96. Capital of Australia (Canberra)
97. Pakistan's membership opposed in UNO by (Afghanistan)
98. National animal (Markhor)
99. Statement about Pakistan and Muslim (M ali jinnah)
100. sajan Jandal business tycoon VISITED PAK IN APRIL 2017